Union lays down the challenge to

Rivalry at New river to celebrate 110 Year War..

110 years of verbal jousting, back biting and spilled blood will again rear its head as rivalries and old feuds between the two rugby codes come to a head this weekend at the MX9s.

The two codes are, vastly different by nature and class, have been seperated since 1895. Each year rugby union teams are invited to take part and play rugby league teams at their own game and this years MX9's is no different.

League success come first with the successes of Bradford and Wigan at rugby unions equivalent tournament, the Middlesex 7s. However this year the 'kick and clap' rugby union teams see their chance for revenge at the MX9s.

Finchley Rugby Union and Middlesex University Rugby Union Club are the two union representatives at this years competition. Both sides fancy their chances of causing an upset.

Hughton Campbell, Finchley aficionado, really wants to see the rugby union succeed. He said 'Rugby union has caught up with rugby league since it has gone professional. I would even argue that union has to some extent passed league due to this. The staunch supporter of the 15 man code has high hopes for his side and believes that the basic skills of union players are far in excess of their league counterparts. He continued 'Union legend Brian Moore hit the nail on the head on Skys programme 'Sporting Legends' where he feels that England RU would beat Great Britain RL now. I want Finchley to fly the flag and the MX9s gives a chance to do this. It's a great competition and we expect to enjoy the day. It would be great to see a union clubs name on this years trophy!'

In order to witness the battle of the codes and to see some top class oval ball talent, the gates open at 10am 16th July at New River Stadium, Harringey. For more info call 0208888488.