V for Vic Arious

Rugby league fans got to see the best that the game has to offer in round 22 of the NRL, with more stunning tries in a weekend than Souths fans can remember from the entire 1990's. Everywhere you looked some beefy bloke was zigzagging the length of the field diving and regathering balls like Superman after 5 Red Bulls...it was magic stuff. Tempering this brilliance however was the utter capitulation of some football teams, namely the blow outs and the blow-ups by teams who will be kicking off mad-Monday in a few weeks time.

Whilst it's often a cheap media gag to make light of rugby league players' intelligence (not helping this stereotype by the way Mr Carney) anyone who doubts that there is a psychological component to the game only has to look as far as the defending team's in-goals to know different. The NRL season is a long, hard, grinding slog. Very rarely do the teams that trot out fresh faced for round 1 make it unscathed to the pointy end of the season. Coaches come and go, injuries rear their ugly head and the fickle mistress of