Vatuvei feasts on luckless Sharks

The New Zealand Warriors have lit up Mount Smart Stadium tonight running in six tries to two to extend the Sharks losing streak to twelve.

The match started off by a drop-ball from the kick off allowing the Sharks for the first attacking chance of the game but it would be the Warriors who posted the first points after six minutes, with Aarom Heremaia throwing the dummy and going in under the sticks. The attacking raid continued after a Lewis Brown bust and a dozen offloads allowed Manu Vatuvei to grab his first of three tries. It didn't take long for the Warriors to post their third try after a Lance Hohaia grubber was pounced upon by Simon Mannering taking the lead to 16-0.

Cronulla showed some razzle dazzle themselves when they kept the ball alive and threw it long to Pomeroy who touched down in the corner, with Scott Porter taking the kicking duties off Luke Covell and converting. They continued their comeback with a try to a leaping Blake Ferguson and a penalty goal to Scott Porter took us to 16-14 at halftime.

The Sharks continued their roll on after halftime, taking another penalty from Scott Porter being taken out to even the scores. From that point, New Zealand continued their roll from first half scoring three tries with two of them going to Manu Vatuvei who terrorised the Sharks defence with his strength and power. The Sharks put up a gallant fight but it wasn't enough to overcome the Warriors at home.

Match Details New Zealand Warriors 30 defeated Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 16 National Rugby League - NRL - Round 2 - Saturday March 20, 2010 5:30pm Venue: Mt Smart Stadium Referee: Jason Robinson and Bernard Sutton Video Referee: Sean Hampstead Touch Judges: Luke Potter and Adam Reid Crowd: 15,314 Halftime: New Zealand Warriors New Zealand Warriors 16 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks Cronulla Sharks 14 players of the match:

3 Points - Manu Vatuvei (3 Tries)

2 Points - Lance Hohaia

1 Point - Scott Porter (2 Conversions, 2 Penalty Goals)

Tries: Simon Mannering, Manu Vatuvei (3), Sam Rapira, Aaron Heremaia
Conversions: James Maloney (1/1), Aaron Heremaia (0/1), Kevin Locke (2/4)

Tries: Luke Covell, Blake Ferguson
Conversions: Scott Porter (2/2)
Penalty Goals: Scott Porter (2/2) Live Commentary Welcome to Mt. Smart for today's game between the Cronulla Sharks and the New Zealand Warriors. Some late changes for the Warriors, with Brett Seymour out with a broken thumb, replaced by Joel Moon and Jesse Royal starting in place of Sam Rapira. On the flipside, Cronulla are named 1-17.
Earlier in the u20 was an entertaining contest, which came down to a Warriors penalty kick to draw the game 30 all.
1 min: Cronulla get us underway here and will get an early chance for points when James Maloney drops the kick-off.
1 min: First hit-up of the set and Blake Ferguson drops the ball in a Joel Moon tackle who seems a bit dusty.
5 min: Manu Vatuvei gets an arm free and offloads to Hohaia who gains 30 metres and recieves a penalty after a second effort to get him into touch.
6 min: TRY
From the preceeding penalty, Aaron Heremaia throws a dummy and goes through a gaping hole to score the Warriors first points. Conversion attempt by Kevin Locke unsuccessful.
New Zealand Warriors 4-0
9 min: Sharks get their first penalty of the game after Aaron Heremaia holds onto the ball not allowing Scott Porter to play the ball. Sharks going onto the attack.
9 min: Sharks get repeat penalties after Tupou is lifted and dumped by three Warriors and then followed up by another simple penalty.
10 min: Repeat set to the Sharks after a knockdown by a Warriors player then in the following play Brent Tate knocks down another pass which Kevin Locke picks up unaware that a scrum is to be packed.
11 min: Nathan Stapleton drops the ball trying to put on a play from the scrum and the Warriors get a reprieve.
13 min: Going up to the video referee for a Warriors try.
13 min: TRY
Brilliant passage of play by the Warriors, started off by Lewis Brown and goes through a dozen sets of hands and Manu finishes the movement by crashing over for a try. Conversion attempt by Kevin Locke successful.
New Zealand Warriors 10-0
15 min: Stupid penalty by the Sharks, going on with a tackle after it was finished, allowing the Warriors to kick themselves out of their own territory.
16 min: Maloney uses the crossfield kick to the beast but Covell jumps higher and knocks the ball on to save a try.
17 min: Going up for another Warriors try...
18 min: TRY
Lance Hohaia puts in a deft grubber, seized upon by Simon Mannering who scores the try. Conversion attempt by Kevin Locke successful.
New Zealand Warriors 16-0
20 min: The Sharks drop the ball coming out of their own territory, which is capitalized by the Warriors who keep it alive and throw the ball to Manu who strolls over but the ball was forward. Bad end to a good play.
21 min: Brent Tate makes a break and is streaking away but is pulled in by Issac Gordon and proceeds to drop the ball.
24 min: TRY
Sharks put on some razzle dazzle football of their own and throw it down to Ben Pomeroy who draws in defenders and gives it to Luke Covell to finish it off. Conversion attempt by Scott Porter successful.
New Zealand Warriors 16-6
26 min: Some mis-communication by Ben Pomeroy and Luke Covell who tries an inside pass but it's dropped by Pomeroy.
28 min: Warriors try to offload the ball close to the sharks line and drop the pill.
29 min: Sharks try to throw it wide from their own end but it's dropped again to give Warriors some great possession in the Sharks half.
30 min: Warriors get a repeat set after trapping the Sharks back in their in-goal.
32 min: Joel Moon drops a long looping pass from Maloney to give the Sharks a breather
33 min: Cutherbertson recieves a penalty when the Warriors defenders take too long to get off.
34 min: TRY
Off the penalty Sharks march down the field and in the end of the set Porter puts on a crossfield bomb for Ferguson who leaps high and dots down. Conversion attempt by Porter is successful to bring it back to within six.
New Zealand Warriors 16-12
36 min: Grant Millington is looking stunned after taking a hit-up and stays down for a few seconds before getting back up.
37 min: Sharks will have another chance for points after the Warriors conceed another penalty.
39 min: Gallen inches closer to the line and gets his side another penalty for the markers not being square.
39 min: Albert Kelly tries a low percentage play and the ball is spilled.
Back to back penalties to the Sharks who on the second opt for the penalty goal. Porter kicks the penalty and takes us to halftime.
New Zealand Warriors 16-14
40 min: HALFTIME - The Warriors started off like a house on fire, scoring three tries but clocked off in the last twenty minutes allowing the Sharks to come back into the match to make the margin two at halftime.
41 min: The Warriors kick the ball off to start off this second half.
42 min: Scott Porter gets a penalty for the Sharks after being taken out after he kicked the ball.
Scott Porter continues his perfect night so far with the boot to even up the scores.
16 all
45 min: Warriors get the first penalty after halftime when Manu was being worked by the Cronulla defenders.
46 min: Hohaia gets his side another crack at the Sharks line after grubbering through and tackling Ferguson in his in-goal.
48 min: TRY
James Maloney goes close after breaking free from some tackles but hitting into the post. Next play, the ball gets spread wide to Manu Vatuvei who overpowers Albert Kelly to give the Warriors the lead. Conversion attempt by Kevin Locke unsuccessful.
New Zealand Warriors 20-16
51 min: Heremaia gets the quick play the ball and catches Kade Snowden offside and gets the Warriors another penalty.
52 min: Cronulla scramble after another grubber by Hohaia but manage to grab it before the Warriors to concede a dropout.
53 min: Vatuvei leaps again and bats it back straight to Luke Covell who then gets rolled over into touch. Warriors are mounting some pressure.
55 min: TRY
The Warriors keep piling on the pressure and throw a long pass which hits Vatuvei on the chest and he breezes past Covell to score his third. Conversion attempt by Aaron Heremaia unsuccessful.
New Zealand Warriors 24-16
59 min: Barrett kicks the ball deep and Wade McKinnon allows the ball to go through his legs and roll dead.
61 min: A simple loose carry by Heremaia who drops the ball and then gives the referee a spray and gets marched down the field with a penalty.
64 min: Manu Vatuvei gets his team on a roll with some damaging runs and they continue that roll by recieving a penalty to go deep into Shark territory.
65 min: Lance Hohaia who has been grubber happy tonight, tries it once again but this time it'll just roll dead.
66 min: Paul Gallen makes some in-roads into Warriors territory and passes it to Ben Pomeroy who spills the ball trying to offload.
68 min: Brent Tate tries to offload the ball and gives the ball right back to the Sharks who take it deep into the Warriors territory and kicking it high to Ferguson who jumps but drops the ball.
70 min: Sharks force another error and take it into the Warriors half and hoist it again but it's again defused by the Warriors.
72 min: John Morris helps the Warriors out of their own area by hitting a Warriors player high.
74 min: Blake Ferguson saves a certain Warriors try after getting to the ball just before Wade McKinnon.
75 min: TRY Philadelphia Fight
Sam Rapira busts through a tackle and dives onto the line to extingush Cronulla's hopes tonight. Conversion attempt by James Maloney is successful.
New Zealand Warriors 30-16
77 min: The short kick off tactic by the Sharks works when Tate drops the ball allowing the Sharks a chance for some consolation points.
78 min: Paul Gallen and Luke Covell try to keep the ball alive with some soccer skills but kick it over the sideline.
80 min: James Maloney tries to rub some salt into the wounds of the Sharks by going for the line himself but drops it just before the line.
80 min: FULLTIME - The Warriors try a play off the scrum but Blake Ferguson beats them all to the ball to end the game and increase the Sharks losing streak to 12.

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