VB World International Masters Of
Rugby League 2004 tournament

We have been playing Masters Rugby League in New Zealand and Australia for over 10 years and this has included an annual tournament at the end of each regular season. These tournaments have included over thirty teams and have been held both sides of the Tasman. There are plans to hold an International Masters tournament, this year in Sydney, which will include up to fifty teams.

Masters Rugby League in New Zealand has experienced an increase in teams over recent years. This is due to increased awareness of this grade in clubs and has been helped also by the promotion of the benefits of physical activity through SPARC?s Push Play campaign.

This tournament plays a critical role in creating awareness of Masters football and has been one of the key motivators for semi-retired players and officials to become actively involved at club level again. The tournament is a unique opportunity for folk with a passion for the game to participate in a competitive yet safe environment.

The programme for the 2004 Tournament in Sydney, Australia is as follows:

Saturday 2 October 1st Round Monday 4 October 2nd Round Wednesday 6 October 3rd Round Friday 8th October Representative Games (selected from Rounds 1 ? 3)

Rep Grades (age):

? 35 to 39 ? 40 to 49 ? 50+


Best dressed team Medals to all POD Best & fairest in all grades Referee of the Tournament