Video analysis software set to
bring coaches up to speed

Elite clubs and their coaches have been using analysis systems for some years but these have been expensive. Others have information supplied through an analysis consultants, invariably either alot of irrelevant or not specific details. This method is also expensive.

Sports Performer overcomes both those hurdles.

Sports Performer allows a coach to be objective about the game and his players' performance because he is dealing with visible facts and gathering specific data on what he feels is important. Whether it is tackles, hit-ups or passes, the coach is able to pin point the involvement of any player without the cumbersome video play/pause/rewind and physical recording methods of the past.

Sports Performer will isolate - any statistic, players, plays, events in the game or whatever a coach requires. Any part of the game can be recorded and analyzed in detail eg. analyzing a teams decision making on the fourth, fifth or sixth plays, analyzing an oppositions defense on the short side in their red zone.

The software will build performance and technique, a coach can isolate a player and review him on a weekly, monthly or season basis.

They are then able to produce movie files played back onto a video tape or burned onto a DVD for playback as feedback for the players.

Innovative coaches gain the edge with their in-depth knowledge of opposition players' body movements - their strengths, weaknesses and style, and of the team's defense patterns and attacking strategies.

The cost for studious coaches or clubs, who are not in the professional bracket, to have access to an analysis system has always been too prohibitive.

Rugby League people have developed the Sports Performer for coaches and clubs worldwide.

Sports Performer is uncomplicated and affordable.

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