commences - St.George Leagues Club elections

Members of the St.George Leagues Club can vote from 10 am tomorrow (Monday, March 20th) in the St.George Board elections. Voting is between Monday and Thursday - 10 am to 8 pm.

R2K has endorsed three candidates to fill three vacancies on the St.George Leagues Club Board of Directors.

The three R2K endorsed candidates are:

Troy Felice
Nick Stojanovski
James Young

The candidates espouse the following policies:

* Increase of OKI Jubilee Stadium capacity to in excess of 20,000.

* Immediate focus on the reopening of the auditorium and overhaul of Club entertainment.

* Full interest to be charged to the Illawarra Steelers on the $8.29 million loan, thus gaining St.George Leagues Club members an additional $398,000+ worth of interest credits per annum. When the $6.5 million WIN payment is made, the candidates support full interest being charged on the remaining loan balance.

* 10% Member discount extended from all meal purchases to all drinks purchases.

* Maintaining and enhancing the standard of dining, gambling, service and sports screenings.

* Improved facilities for social and sporting clubs.

* Restructure of Member benefits.

The ballot for Directors will be conducted at the Club premises and will be open from 10am to 8pm from Monday, March 20 to Thursday, March 23 2006.

R2K urges supporters to vote for the above candidates to ensure that the Dragons have a bright future in the St.George District.

For additional information on the campaign, please e-mail

[email protected]