Waite: We blew

David Waite has been brutal and honest in his post match interview after Great Britain and Ireland threw away another chance of victory over the Australian Kangaroos.

"We had to win and blew it, you don't have to be a top coach to know that Britain blew that game - can I be any more honest than that??

"We have failed to get the Ashes back and we need to learn to show more composure and need to learn to kill the game off.?

"Australia will always come back at you. They have been doing it for 44 years in this country."

"Australia aimed for us to shoot ourselves in the foot and we did that. We had 14 sets in the second half and did not get field position.?

"We are extremely disappointed."

Chris Anderson of course, unlike his British counterpart, was very delighted with the come from behind victory commenting:

"To come from 20-8 behind - the character of my players was tremendous and the young blokes we have brought over here showed tremendous spirit, we just hung in there and have come away with a tremendous win."

Great Britain Lions 20 Tries: Newton, Radlinski, Connelly Goals: Deacon 4/4

Australia Kangaroos 23 Tries: Lockyer, Fitzgibbon, Kimmorley Goals: Fitzgibbon 5/6 Field Goal: Kimmorley

AEDST (Sydney time): Sunday 15 November 2003, 5:15 AM GMT (UK time): Saturday 15 November 2003, 6:15 PM Kingston Communications Stadium (Hull) Referee: Tim Mander (Aust)

Leagueunlimited.com Live Update By the clock:

0 min: Tremendous atmosphere in Hull for the 2nd Test match. Crowd of 25,0000 on hand and full of expectation.

Kick off!

2 min: PENALTY GOAL - Kangaroos. Craig Fitzgibbon puts Australia on the board as the ball hits the uprights and goes in. Kangaroos 2-0

6 min: TRY - Lions. Terry Newton scores following a grubber kick from Andy Farrell. A superb flick pass from the Adrian Morley and well picked up Newton. Follows error from kickoff when Craig Gower (Aust) allowed ball to go dead. Conversion 10 wide of posts is successful from Paul Deacon. Lions 6-2

16 min: TRY - Kangaroos. Darren Lockyer scores under the posts following a kick through from Brett Kimmorley. Conversion Fitzgibbon. Kangaroos 8-6

21 min: TRY - Lions. Kris Radlinski scores 10m from goal following a chip mid-field from Paul Sculthorpe. Paul Deacon then gets to the ball first and kicks on. Radlinski looks to be in front of the second kicker but the video ref awards the try in what loked like a home town decision. Conversion Deacon successful. Lions 12-8

26 min: PENALTY GOAL - Lions. Deacon puts GB further ahead. Lions 14-8

28 min: NEWS - From the kickoff, Lockyer kicks out in the full. Everything going Great Britain's way as Australia looked rattled.

30 min: TRY - Lions. Gary Connolly at 32 years old, scores his first try in something like 31 Tests. Follows Petero Civoneciva (Aust) losing possession. Great final pass from Paul Anderson (GB) sees Connolly score 10m in from touch. Conversion Deacon is successful. Lions 20-8

38 min: TRY - Kangaroos. Fitzgibbon scores aout wide following repeat sets from the Aussies. Some good fortune after a kick is deflected and an overlap is created. A question mark over the put down from Fitzgibbon but the try is awarded. Conversion Fitzgibbon unsuccessful. Lions 20-12

40 min: HALF TIME - Field goal attempt from halfway from Farrell (GB) falls short and the half time hooter sounds. An exciting game of footy with Great Britain having the Lion's share of field position but suprisingly, only 48% of the possession. The kicking game from GB being superior. An Australian try late in the half may give the visitors some hope and it would be unwise to write them off. GB on top and looking to square the series but Australia warming back into the contest.

Second half underway...

47 min: TRY - Kangaroos. Brett Kimmorley steps through some poor defence to run 15m and score under the posts. Follows error when Farrell kicked out on the full. Conversion Fitzgibbon. Lions 20-18

57 min: NEWS - Lockyer (Aust) forced back into the in-goal. Follows a tremendous response from GB who were under the hammer at the other end of the field. Defending their line, GB were saved by an intercept from winger Brian Carney. Leeds centre Keith Senior then made a bust down the left flank before Andy Farrell rounded it off with a superb kick into the corner, trapping the Australian fullback.

61 min: NEWS - GB forward Adrian Morley is placed on report for a swinging arm and high tackle on Matt Sing. Sent off in the First Test, Morley almost certainly in some strife now. GB back on the defensive and plenty of feeling coming the match.

66 min: PENALTY GOAL - Kangaroos. Fitzgibbon from right in front hits the uprights and goes in for the second time in the match. Score: 20-all

75 min: FIELD GOAL - Kangaroos. Brett Kimmorley sends his charges up the middle of the ruck and on the 4th tackle, lines up and slots through a one pointer from 20m out. Australia hit the front. Kangaroos 21-20

77 min: PENALTY GOAL - Kangaroos. Fitzgibbon puts Australia further ahead with goal from 30m out and right in front. Kangaroos 23-20

FULL TIME - Great Britain left scoreless in the second half. Australia win the 2nd Test, the series and retain the Ashes.

Great Britain Lions 20 Tries: Newton, Radlinski, Connelly Goals: Deacon 4/4

Australia Kangaroos 23 Tries: Lockyer, Fitzgibbon, Kimmorley Goals: Fitzgibbon 5/6 Field Goal: Kimmorley