Wakefield Council Commission Club

Wakefield Wildcats are delighted to inform fans that The Club have successfully been awarded commissioning from Wakefield Council to continue the delivery of The Wildcats Learning Zone.

In 1997 the Government launched Playing for Success (PfS) with the Premier League, an innovative education programme aimed at improving the literacy, numeracy and IT skills... Fourteen years on, clubs throughout the world have found a home for PfS. In all, 18 different sports are now represented and PfS centres are vibrant, exciting and stimulating places for young people to learn. More than 300,000 young people have come out of the centres' doors with improved skills, motivation and self-esteem and, in many cases, a new start on which they can build back at school.

The Wildcats Learning Zone was awarded full Playing for Success Status in 2005 and during this time it has increased educational opportunities and promoted life long learning amongst 1800 young people from across the Wakefield District.

In October 2010 the Learning Zone was temporarily closed due to external staffing issues and the news was given that the