Updated: Warriors Chairman Statement

In his most recent statement today Sir Owen Glenn said (10/4/2014):

"Eric Watson has said that I had asked ‘not to be fully involved’ in the running of the Warriors and Bill Wavish claims that I ‘had previously asked not to be consulted directly on decisions’. This is an untruth. To the contrary, I agreed with Eric Watson that as shareholders we needed to be directly involved in major decisions regarding the Warriors management, selection of players and the coach. Eric Watson subsequently reneged on this arrangement." 

Sir Owen sent us the following email on 17 March 2013 (attached) and we have operated according to his wishes regarding not being communicated with directly. He is therefore incorrect regarding his statement that: “This is an untruth.”

As a board we are focused on supporting the Club and we want to return our attention to that. In the interests of our club, our members and rugby league in New Zealand we would also hope Sir Owen refrains from further damaging everything so important to us all.

Here is a statement from Vodafone Warriors chairman Bill Wavish:


We note Sir Owen's comments from Europe.

I met with Matt on Sunday morning with the full knowledge and unanimous support of the Board. This support included Sir Owen's representative on the Board, who subsequently told me that Sir Owen was informed. Sir Owen had previously asked not to be consulted directly on decisions as his shareholding was held in trust.

While the meeting was awkward for both Matt and I as we have spent a lot of time together, the on-going coaching situation was not tenable and we finalised the media release together which covered his resignation.

Matt has since confirmed to me in writing that he thought the process to be "respectful". He was full of praise for acting head coach Andrew McFadden and said that he had been grooming him to be a head coach next year, which the Board was fully aware of. He said that in his opinion the Vodafone Warriors would make the top eight this year. He also described our fans as "amazing."

Once again, I would reiterate that the Board and myself continue to hold Matt in the highest personal regard.

Bill Wavish
Vodafone Warriors