Warriors Not Interested In Feeder Clubs

Calls for a new feeder competition for NRL league are falling on deaf ears at the Warriors.

Parramatta coach Brian Smith is pushing for a new under 19 series to be introduced, with the emerging talent playing curtain raisers to the main events.

But Warriors CEO Mick Watson is pouring cold water on the idea.

Watson says the people behind the concept need to do more homework to make sure it is a worthwhile option.

He says the Warriors already have the Bartercard Cup as a feeder competition, so have no need for change.

And player burnout remains an issue in NRL league, and it will not be going away for at least another year.

A proposal from the players to reduce the number of games next year has been rejected by the NRL, with the status quo to be retained.

Watson says he expects burnout to be raised again next year, as it is a very real issue for both the clubs and players, but the key is to come up with a viable solution.

He says there will no doubt be several models suggested with the representative season likely to be the best option for change.