Warriors win in thriller

The New Zealand Warriors have defeated the Sydney Roosters 26-24 at Aussie Stadium, Sydney.

Roosters started the match with a penalty goal to Chris Walker but then the Warriors hit back with a try to Clinton Toopi with Brent Webb converting to make the score 6-2.

That score stayed until the 27th Min when the scores got locked up at 6-6 from a try to Chris Walker.

With 2 minutes to go in the first half Todd Byrne looked certain to score but popped a brilliant ball to Shannon Hegarty who dived over to score and Roosters took the lead into the half time 10-6.

After the break tries were scored by the Warriors, Roosters, Warriors, Roosters. Try after try which sent the game into people believing golden point might play apart in this match.

With Roosters leading 24-20 with 3 minutes left, Sione Faumuina put a grubber through which Meli stormed onto and picked it up to dive over to score to lock the scores at 24-24 with around 90 seconds left. Brent Webb took an age to kick and finally slotted it through to give Warriors a brilliant win.

League Unlimited.com Players of the match: 3 - Clinton Toopi (Warriors) 2 - Awen Guttenbeil (Warriors) 1 - Francis Meli (Warriors) ROOSTERS 24 Tries: Walker 2, Hegarty, Cross, Wing Goals: Walker 2/5, Fittler 0/1 WARRIORS 26 Tries: Meli 2, Toopi, Villasanti Goals: Webb 5/7

By the clock: Fittler makes a return. Flannery out.

0 min: Kickoff!

2nd Min: PENALTY GOAL - Roosters. Chris Walker converts a penalty goal right infront to open the scoring. Roosters 2-0.

4th Min: VIDEO REF - Possible try to Clinton Toopi (Warriors).. Decision pending... TRY! Warriors 4-2. Brent Webb Converts. Warriors 6-2.

7th Min: NEWS - Great Roosters defence pushed Warriors back into in-goal off the kickoff . Drop out to Warriors.

13th Min: NEWS - Penalty goal from Brent Webb (Warriors) missed. 20 metre drop out to Roosters which went to the Warriors 20 metre line.

16th Min: NEWS - Roosters looked like scoring with Fittler charging onto it and then out of nowhere Awen Guttenbeil smashes Fittler which forces the ball loose. Scrum Feed to Warriors, then Roosters give away a relieving penalty. Warriors on the attack.

20th Min: NEWS - Warriors held up after break from Meli who offloaded to Leuluai and is taken down in a great tackle from Michael Crocker (Roosters) . 10 metre scrum to Warriors.

21st Min: Penalty goal from Brent Webb (Warriors) missed again, hit the upright and bounced into the field of play in the Roosters arms. Warriors still 6-2.

26th Min: NEWS - Todd Byrne (Roosters) knocked out cold after an illegal tackle fractionally above the horizontal, tackle on report.

27th Min: TRY - Roosters. Chris Walker over in the corner after a run around which involved Ricketson and Minichiello. Great team try. 6-6. Walker just shaves the right hand upright. Game tied at 6-6.

29th Min: NEWS - Spitful match just like the Warriors Vs Broncos match last week. Huge hits, Chad Robinson (Roosters) down injured seems to be a knee, leg or thigh injury.

37th Min: TRY - Roosters. Todd Byrne looked like he was over then a beautiful offload to Shannon Hegarty who scored. Roosters hit the front 10-6. Walker misses the conversion.

HALFTIME - Great game this one. Very even match but towards the end of the first half Roosters seem they are starting to take control. Roosters 10 Warriors 6. Top Tacklers Roosters: Ricketson, Crocker (13). Top Tacklers Warriors: Anderson, Betham (14).

2nd half underway!

45th Min: NEWS - The game getting played end to end at the moment. Great football.

49th Min: TRY - Warriors. Great break from Toopi and good backup from Ropati who got it onto Meli who barged his way over and scored. Webb finally converts and its Warriors leading now 12-10.

54th Min: VIDEO REF - Possible try to Chris Walker (Roosters) in the corner. Decision pending... TRY! Roosters back infront now. Walker converts brilliantly from the sideline. Roosters 16-12.

57th Min: TRY - Warriors. Brent Webb looked certain to score, ran around Minichiello then Byrne saved the day but gave away a penalty then out of dummy half Villasanti scores. Webb converts from close range. Warriors 18-16.

61st Min: TRY - Roosters. Great individual try to Ryan Cross (Roosters) beat alot of defenders to cross the line. Walker sprays the kick. Roosters 20-18.

64th Min: PENALTY GOAL - Warriors. Brent Webb 30 metres out right infront. Scores locked at 20-20.

70th Min: NEWS - Minichiello great return of a kick made a huge break, the following play Stuart Webb is crunched in a huge tackle and there is players down everywhere injured.

72nd Min: TRY - Roosters. Craig Wing took off and went straight through across field and scored in the corner. Went to video ref and was awarded. Roosters back infront 24-20. Fittler has a shot at goal from the sideline which is a shocker.

77th Min: TRY - Warriors. Faumuina puts a little grubber kick and a flying Francis Meli comes through and picks it up and scores. Scores locked at 24-24. Webb to put the Warriors infront slots it through! Warriors 26-24.

FULL TIME - What a game this was. Try after try after try and Warriors win the money. 26-24. Top Tacklers Roosters: Cayless, Ricketson (25). Top Tacklers Warriors: Guttenbeil (25), Anderson (22).