Webcke To Retire A Bronco

Shane Webcke will retire a Bronco after putting pen to paper and signing on with the Broncos until the end of the 2006 season.

Webcke is now 29 and has played 163 matches for the Broncos after joining the club in 1994. Webcke is also rated as the best prop in the game and his signature gives the Broncos plenty of time to develop the young firebrands coming through the Broncos ranks. Webcke was happy with the new deal with the Broncos and said:

“I will be 32 years of age by then, and I think that might be about time to call it quits”.

“But I am not thinking about the end. There are still virtually four seasons ahead and my enthusiasm for the game has never been greater than it is now.

“I am pleased, I feel very fortunate and certainly proud, to have been a part of such a great organisation as the Broncos, and I could never image playing anywhere else or in other colours. Obviously I have become a better footballer over my years at the club but just as importantly, I know I have become a better person.”

There is no doubt Webcke signed on for less than what he could receive from rich Sydney clubs but Webcke is a loyal clubman through and through and will go down as one of the greatest Broncos to ever pull on the jersey.