Welcome to another warm helping of wisdom

Bobby Fulltime aka bgdc for the Titans, in preparation - make-up in place, hair done, stains removed from last week, socks at exactly the same level; okay I think I'm ready. Did I forget something? No? I"m coming, I am coming. Oh yeah, my mouthguard. Just a minute. Here I am ready now. Shut up, I'm coming. No, damn, my players entry ticket. Now where did I put it? Got it! I said, " Shut up I'm coming!" (750 OWC including the title pictures 2 words)


Welcome to another warm helping of wisdom from me, Winfield Cup winner and author of When Is a Right Centre a Wrong Centre?, one of 1997's best selling League-themed self-help books. When I'm not organising fun-runs to raise alcohol-abuse awareness, or updating my Facepage, I offer free and impartial counselling to League's brightest stars.

Dear Bobby, I love my current team mates. Every aspect of our game is perfect, except one. We string passes together for hours and happily stay up all night practicing inside balls, but when it comes to putting it where it counts something just doesn't click. Sadly, I'm faking my after-try celebrations just to spare their feelings.

Previously, I looked forward to scoring, and when I wasn't doing it I'd be thinking about the next one. These days nothing is further from my mind. My teammates don't notice anything is wrong and I feel it would be cruel to tell them that I'm not enjoying our weekly climaxes. There