West Indies launch official website

The West Indies Rugby League Federation (WIRLF) has launched its online presence at wirlf.com. The WIRLF is the governing body for the West Indies and Caribbean region and has a long term aim of establishing the sport of Rugby League in the different nations and provinces that make up the area.

The website will work as one of a number of marketing tools the WIRLF will use to help develop a presence, as well as to keep both the West Indian and Rugby League communities up to date with the developments of the Federation.

The site will also be used as a basis for communicating between players and officials who will be based over three continents, something which would be a lot more difficult to co-ordinate if the internet was not present.

The website, whilst still in its infancy in terms of features, will eventually develop into a major portal for Rugby League in the region.

The news WIRLF website is located at www.wirlf.com.