West Indies to make history this Sunday

The West Indies Rugby League will make history this Sunday when the team will take the field for the first time ever as part of the 2004 Middlesex Nines Qualifiers at St Albans?s Woollams ovals. The first clash for the representative side will be against London Amateur Rugby League club, Haringey Hornets, where coaching panel, Steve Pryce, Dean Thomas and Alan Hunte will have their first chance to see some of the talent that has made itself available for the initiative.

For the tournament, which will involve at least two clashes, the West Indies have named a squad of 18, with a wide mix of backgrounds making up the side. The players named represent five different West Indian nations including Trinidad, Jamaica, St Kitts, Grenada and Antigua, all areas it is hoped one day will have their own domestic competitions.

Players in the squad for those attending the event should look out for include include Sheffield?s Danny Mills, South London?s Gavin Calloo and London Broncos Academy trio Irvin Greenwood, Junior Graham and Joe Brown.

The squad is as follows: Danny Mills Geoff Gregory Ewan Wilson Selwyn St Bernard Verne Bruce Sylvester Colin Gellineau Gavin Calloo Anslem Robinson Joe Brown Irvin Greenwood Howard Williams Curtis Thomas Wesley Rodgers Rickey Davey Junior Graham Lee Innes Damien Martinez Nigel Arismendez

The West Indies fixtures are: 12:30 West Indies v Haringey Hornets (Field 2) 14:10 West Indies v Old Albanians RU (Field 2)

This event will play an important role for the organisation in its preparations for its large international calendar, which will also involve the York and Rotterdam (Holland) Nines as well as a number of other clashes which will be named over the next few months.

It also plays an important role in helping the organisation attempt to achieve the goals it outlined in its strategic plan.

You can find out more about the West Indies Rugby League from their official website at www.westindiesrugbyleague.com