Wigan Warriors Appoint New Management Board

Following six months of ownership of Wigan Rugby League Club, Chairman Ian Lenagan and Chief Executive, Joe Lydon, are pleased to announce the structure of the new Management Board which they feel is needed to take Wigan forward in the new extended Super League Licence era.

The new Management Board is to consist of:

President, Peter Higginbottom Chairman, Ian Lenagan Chief Executive, Mick Hogan Performance Director, Joe Lydon Financial Director, to be appointed (interim Paul Wright)

The Management Board operates as a team but with specific responsibilities for each member.

Peter Higginbottom whose full-time career was as a practising Lawyer, has been President of Wigan Rugby League Club for many years and was a long-term member of the RFL Disciplinary Panel. His responsibilities include legal and strategic advice, hospitality and RFL Council liaison.

Joe Lydon moves to the vital new role of Performance Director with complete responsibility for the recruitment, development and performance of all Wigan players, coaches and associated staff ranging from Scholarship to First Team Squad. Joe