Winning Warriors Step over Souths

The New Zealand Warriors have shown South Sydney Rabbitohs how to play Rugby League, by defeating them at home 12-6 in front of 16,872 fans at Mt. Smart Stadium. 

The match celebrated the 150th match for the Souths winger, Nathan Merritt. However it all stopped when only three minutes into the match, and Shaun Berrigan crossed the line after finding a defensive hole. Saved although by a hand from the 150th man himself.

Leading up the first try to Warriors in the 33rd minute. On the back of repeat sets and errors from both sides, it had only taken 30 minutes. As Lance Hohaia in the previous play getting inside the 10 metres. Brett Seymour jumping into dummy half and picked up the ball and crashed over the whitewash for his first points of 2011. The conversion right in front of the posts, not making any mistake Maloney. Warriors getting the points 6 - NIL.

Without Luck, the magical stuff, not the player. The Video referee denied the Kiwi's again with Krisnan Inu showing his pace down the wing trying to create something for Simon Mannering. However on review he stepped on the white line and was denied the points. This coming only minutes before the siren.

Errors and poor play effected both sides, however at the break the Warriors were the better side.

It took 14 minutes into the second half for the Rabbitohs to find their first points of the match. Without review from the Men in Pink. John Sutton made a short break, before he got the ball back on the inside to Nathan Merritt who looked like he knock on but in the same movement the ball was kicked forward by Rhys Wesser, who showed some pace to collect the ball to score.

It continued to get worse for Souths who didn't complete the restart kick by the ball out on the full. Making the most mistake with a try in the 59th minute. As Brett Seymour made a lovely break up the centre of the field, with Aaron Heremaia backing up in support who needed to find space but failed to up the centre. Thus running sideways to work around the Souths line to find his winger Krisnan Inu for a short pass for him to stroll over the line for his points. New Zealand Warriors extended 12 points to 6, which closed out the match as the final score.

The Warriors collecting the win to make it 5 straight wins in the 2011 NRL Season. The Rabbitohs wouldn't be happy with the performance as they were playing catch up football for most of the match. The errors followed them went they tried anything, it needs to improve if they are too compete with the Panthers next Monday Night.

Match Details
New Zealand Warriors 12 defeated South Sydney Rabbitohs 6
National Rugby League - Round 11 - Sunday May 22, 2011 2:00pm
Venue: Mt Smart Stadium
Referee: Steve Lyons and Phil Haines
Video Referee: Chris Ward
Touch Judges: David Abood and Gavin Reynolds
Crowd: 16,872 
Halftime: New Zealand Warriors 6 South Sydney Rabbitohs 0 players of the match:
3 Points - Krisnan Inu (1 Try)
2 Points - Rhys Wesser (1 Try)
1 Point - James Maloney (2 Conversions)

Tries: Brett Seymour, Krisnan Inu
Field Goals: James Maloney (0/1)
Conversions: James Maloney (2/2)

Tries: Rhys Wesser
Conversions: Chris Sandow (1/1) Live Commentary First point of call tonight, the Warriors' Toyota Cup side have smashed the Baby Bunnies 62 points to 6 in the Under 20's. First grade is set to kick off in 25 minutes from Mt. Smart Stadium.

Today game celebrates South Sydney Rabbitohs' winger Nathan Merritt's 150th match.
Both sides are ready for this clash, Steve Lyons in position and he blows time on. Warriors receiving the ball off the Rabbitohs kick. Talking on Twitter, use the hashtag #NRLwarsou
1 min: Good opening set from the Warriors, making 60 metres from 5 tackles before Brett Seymour getting to his kick. It was cleaned up easily at the back by Rhys Wesser
1 min: First set for the Rabbitohs, great show of defence from the Warriors holding them down in their own 30 metre line.
2 min: Knock on against the Rabbitohs. Kick high to the corner from Seymour, the ball came down with Inu, but in the contest Merritt knock on.
3 min: Video Referee Decision pending for Warriors Shaun Berrigan.
3 min: NO TRY! - Video Referee gives RED LIGHTS. Ruling against the Rabbitohs. Nathan Merritt knocked it out of Berrigan's hands and Scrum ruled to the Kiwi's on the 10 metres of the Rabbitohs.
5 min: Not making the use of the ball, Warriors turn it over. Rabbitohs through Michael Crocker go forward.
5 min: End of a good run from the Rabbitohs. Chris Sandow passing it wide to his winger in Farrell, but it had too much for him. Knock on the call. Warriors get the scrum feed on the 50 metre line.
7 min: Under pressure, Nathan Merritt contesting the high ball from the kick of the Warriors. Souths work it from their goal line.
8 min: Making it up to half way on the 4th tackle. Souths undoing all that work with Issac Luke knocking on the ball out of dummy half, as he tried to pick up the ball after he ran. Scrum feed to the Warriors.
9 min: Not the best last tackle option. Warriors kicking to the corner but turning it over to Dave Taylor.
11 min: On the back of 71% of the ball. Warriors attacking strong inside the 30 metres of the Rabbitohs. Luck running hard and knocking on at the line. Scrum Souths.
12 min: Running sideways Rabbitohs in that set. John Sutton gets to the kick. Easy work inside the 10 metres for the Warriors.
13 min: Penalty Warriors for Souths being inside the 10 metres. Warriors with a good touch finder, they attack only 10 metres out.
14 min: Chris Sandow took the high ball easily on the goal line from the kick of the Warriors.
14 min: HIGH SHOT! Eljiah Taylor's arm slipping up in the tackle.
15 min: John Sutton coming across in cover defence to hold out the Warriors again on the goal line. Rabbitohs with the ball.
16 min: Souths with another chance gone begging. Goal line drop out.
18 min: WOW! James Roberts in cover defence ! What a run from Krisnan Inu, running 90 metres.
18 min: Video Referee Decision Kevin Locke
18 min: NO TRY! - Kevin Locke denied at the line, on the back of a great 90 metre run by Krisnan Inu. He was wrapped up by James Roberts. In the next play Kevin Locke diving from dummy half to crash over the line. However, from the video referee, obstruction given against the Warriors. Penalty Souths.
21 min: Nathan Merritt wrapped in goals. Goal line drop out for the Warriors. That coming on the 4th tackle from a Inu juggle before passing it wide to Maloney. Then on the last a kick through the line form Seymour. Which was wrapped up by Souths.
24 min: Micheal Luck may of been taken out in the back from the kick. Not ruled on from the refs.
25 min: Different style from Souths. From half way Chris Sandow choosing to run the ball before passing inside to Dylan Farrell. He got to a kick into the in goal area. The ball bouncing around for Krisnan Inu to pick it up but stuck in goals. Goal line drop out Souths.
26 min: Forward pass given against Souths on the back of the Kick from Sandow on the last tackle to the corner. Nothing coming off, Shaun Berrigan collecting the ball. Change overchange on 10 metres.
28 min: Accidental offside ruled against the Warriors. South Sydney Rabbtiohs getting the ball from the scrum on their 30 metre line.
29 min: Two forwards ruled, first against Rabbtiohs giving the ball back to the Warriors. But out of the scrum, the Warriors do the same, throwing a forward pass handing it straight back to the Souths side.
32 min: Getting to an early kick on the 4th tackle for the Warriors. Lance Hohaia getting into some space in that set. Rhys Wesser collects it at the back not under any pressure.
32 min: Rabbitohs making the mistake, handing the ball straight back to the Warriors. Zero tackle for the Kiwi's
33 min: TRY
TRY! - On the back of repeat sets and errors from both sides, it has taken 30 mintes. Lance Hohaia in the previous play getting inside the 10 metres. Brett Seymour jumping into dummy half and picked up the ball and crashed over the whitewash for his first points of 2011.

The conversion right in front of the posts, not making any mistake Maloney.
New Zealand Warriors 6-0
36 min: Controlled set on the back of the points for the Warriors. James Maloney getting to the kick going down to Wesser.
37 min: The kick from John Sutton had too much on it, with the power the ball rolled dead. 20 metre tap for the Warriors.
37 min: VIDEO REFEREE DECISION FOR A TRY TO SIMON MANNERING, checking the sideline from the run of Krisnan Inu
37 min: NO TRY! - Krisnan Inu made a break down the sideline. Before he got a pass to Simon Mannering. However the Video Referee denies the Warriors for the third time this afternoon. Scrum feed to Souths.
39 min: Krisnan Inu taking the ball again, before making another run down the line, but looking like going into touch, chipped over the line. Scrum feed to Souths only seconds before the siren.
HALFTIME: Warriors leading by only the single try after being denied by the Video Referee THREE times. The half was filled with mistakes from both sides, however the goal line defence from Souths has been fairly good but compared to the general defence of the Warriors, it has been weaker.

The Warriors are on top over the Souths side, the team to complete the most sets and score first into the second half will collect the 2 points
40 min: SECOND HALF: The men in pink say lets go. Warriors kicking off to start the second 40 minutes. Anyone's game for the taking.
40 min: From inside the 40 metre line, and John Sutton on the last tackle got to his kick. For the Warriors getting to the ball easily.
41 min: Injured Souths player down in back play. Awaiting confirmation on which player.
42 min: David Tyrrell was hit by the leg of Jeremy Latimore, as he dived into the tackle. He has been assisted from the field. he is replaced by Dave Taylor.
42 min: The kickers for Souths chancing their hands to try and create a play. However the kick from Sandow is collected easily by the Warriors inside their own 10 metres.
44 min: Simon Mannering denied for the second time tonight. The kick was beauitful down to Inu, in he contest was James Roberts, the young winger. However the referee ruled knock on Warriors.
45 min: Warriors attempting to put Rhys Wesser under pressure by kicking. However wrapped up before Nathan Merritt got on his bike and ran 30 metres.
46 min: Well something the Rabbitohs hadn't planned. The high bomb from Sutton came down with Kevin Locke. he collected the ball and put the foot down to run 35 metres, before he got an outside pop pass to Simon Mannering and he ran up to half way as he was wrapped up.
47 min: Knock on Warriors. Souths get the Scrum. It has been end to end footy for the opening 7 minutes of this half
49 min: Dave Taylor placing a big hit on Kevin Locke, diving him back into the turf. Warriors still attacking inside their own half.
50 min: Not the best option from Maloney, stuck inside their half on the last, from inside the 40 metre line. The ball was caught on the full by Rhys Wesser on his 30 metre line.
51 min: Maloney getting a quick inside pass to his winger Inu, but he wasn't prepared for the ball, knocking it on. Scrum feed to the Rabbitohs on the Warriors 30 metre line.
52 min: Penalty to the Warriors, for Chris McQueen passing the ball off the ground, after the referee called held.
54 min: TRY
TRY! - Without review from the Men in Pink. John Sutton making a short break, before he got the ball back on the inside to Nathan Merritt who looked like he knock on but in the same movement the ball was kicked forward by Rhys Wesser. He showed some pace to collect the ball to score.
6 all
57 min: Rabbitohs not backing up that try with a good restart. Warriors get the ball and are on the attack inside the Souths half.
59 min: TRY
TRY! - Brett Seymour made a lovely break up the centre of the field. Aaron Heremaia needing to find space but fails to up the centre, so running sideways to work around the Souths line. It works as he found his winger Krisnan Inu for a short pass for him to stroll over the line for his points.
New Zealand Warriors 12-6
64 min: Chris Sandow trying something new in this match. Chip and chased worked for the most part, before getting a pass, which was knocked on. Play on Warriors.
64 min: Kevin Locke is on the ground, possible ankle injury. With Michael Crocker of Souths pulling him down in a twisting tackle.
64 min: He is up and walking okay it seems. The crowd join him on their feet. Warriors on the attack on the last inside the 40 metre line of the Rabbitohs.
65 min: Michael Crocker again placing another hit, this time on James Maloney who in the process of kicking the ball was creamed by the shoulder of the bigger man. No penalty given for a fair contest.
66 min: Simple handling error in the ruck from Luke who tried to play it too quickly. Warriors out of the scrum feed with the ball inside their 30 metre line.
67 min: Handing it straight back the Warriors. Packer running the reserve outside angle trying to catch the floating short pass, failing to collect it. Going through the fingers. Scrum feed Rabbtiohs.
68 min: Double knock on the ruling. Three handling errors in 60 seconds all inside the Souths half. Scrum feed ruled to the Warriors. The completion rates are slipping under 70% for both sides. Injury News: Jason Clark as gone up the tunnel and will not return for Souths. They are down to a three man bench.
69 min: Warriors complete the set, with a kick into the in goal area. The ball collected by Nathan Merritt on the full. Quick 20 metre tap for the Rabbtiohs.
70 min: Rhys Wesser going for another run and break. But wrapped by James Maloney from behind.
70 min: End of the set for Souths, they go to the kick down to Vatuvei and he knocks on, Zero tackle for the red and green,
71 min: Souths making the mistake inside the Warriors 10 metre line. That was their chance to draw level. Aaron Heremaia making the clean pick up and then going for a 10 metre line.
Attempting to run away with it. Maloney going from 35 metres out with the 1 pointer. but going across the face of the posts.
New Zealand Warriors 12-6
73 min: Warriors losing it with Heremaia only 30 metres from the line.
74 min: In their last ditch effort from Souths. Chris Sandow with a big kick, on the 30 metre line going dead only 15 metres from the line.
75 min: Warriors escape that one. Souths shifting the ball wide to his teammates, in a questionable pass but Karma ruled a knock on. Warriors get the scrum feed on their own 20 metre line.
75 min: Warriors giving it away in an offload. Rabbitohs popping it up high. Zero tackle ruled only 20 metres from the kiwis line.
76 min: Rabbitohs on the last chancing it with a grubber from Sutton, which hit the legs of Mateo and he saved the day from the Warriors.
77 min: James Maloney kicking the ball right down to the corner post, not going dead and the Rabbitoh's Rhys Wesser runs it back to the 20.
78 min: Chris McQueen confused and stuck with the ball on the last tackle, he tried to make the play but the kick failed and when dead.
79 min: Matulino was hit higher then expected and Souths forcing the drop ball. Scrum feed to the Souths side. They get the final set on half way.
79 min: Interesting play from Souths. From the Scrum base, they kick it down field and was easily collected by Krisnan Inu who made a break and ran 30 metres BUT pushed into touch. Scrum feed again on the 30 metre line for Souths.
80 min: Chancing it too late souths. Pushing the pass too much and Rhys Wesser trying to get through the hole without the ball knocks on. Warriors on the siren collect the win. That is their 5th straight win.
80 min: FULL TIME: The New Zealand Warriors working hard to defeat South Sydney after 80 minutes of hard fought football 12 points to 6. Errors and mistakes ruled and plagued both sides. Match report coming soon.

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