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Warrington Disability Partnership - Balloon Race:

Warrington Disability Partnership are working together with Warrington Wolves and Golden Square Management to assist in raising funds for the organisation to help provide services for disabled people in Warrington and the surrounding areas.

The Balloon Release is to be held at the new Halliwell Jones Stadium at their First Ever Match on Saturday 21st February 2004. at 5.30pm just before the match Warrington V Wakefield kicks off.

Tags for the balloon race are available from:

Golden Square Warrington Saturday 31st January

Warrington Collegiate Winwick Road: Monday 2nd February Tuesday 3rd February Wednesday 4th February Thursday 5th February Friday 6th February Asda Westbrook:

Saturday 7th February Golden Square:

Saturday 14th February Monday 16th February Tuesday 17th February Wednesday 18th February Thursday 19th February Friday 20th February Halliwell Jones Stadium Saturday 21st February Warrington Disability Partnership Balloon Race 2004

Release of Balloons to be 5.30pm on Saturday 21st February at the New Halliwell Jones Stadium at Winwick Road Warrington

Balloons - ?1.50 each with a prize of:

1st prize of ?500 for the balloon that travels furthest. 2nd prize of ?75 3rd prize of ?25 A prize of ?100 to person who returns winning tag 2nd prize of ?25 3rd prize of ?25

For further information contact:

Brun Corbishley Warrington Disability Partnership CIL Beaufort Street Warrington WA5 1BA Tel. 01925 240852