Wolf Mail - Wolves Take Over

Warrington Wolves took possession of their new home 'The Halliwell Jones Stadium' this morning. The Wolves started their campaign for a new stadium back in July 1999 and it has taken four long years to get to this stage, with the following events taking place.

*29th July 1999 Wolves start campaign for new stadium *15th August 2000 Wolves and Tesco's joint venture announced *23rd August 2000 Council say yes, but refer the development to a public inquiry *11th January 2001 Wolves notified that they have been granted a public inquiry *Pre-inquiry meeting took place on Monday 19th March 2001 at the Town Hall, Warrington. *The Planning Inquiry took place from Tuesday 15th to Thursday 24th May 2001 at the Parr Hall, Warrington. *Thursday 5th December 2002 the Warrington Borough Council Development Control Committee to unanimously approve the 'Reserved atters Applications' for a Tesco Store, Rugby Stadium and a Petrol illing Station with associated car and coach parking on the former etley Walker Brewery Site, Winwick Road. *Government announced Planning Inspectors approval on the 19th December 2002 *Broke ground at the Winwick Road site in January 2003 *Naming rights of the stadium announced on the 24th September 2003 The Halliwell Jones Stadium. *Heathcotes Catering contract for The Halliwell Jones Stadium announced 3rd October 2003 *BARR Construction hand over first week of October 2003 *Sunday 22nd February 2004 Wolves first home fixture of Tetley's Super League IX

Wolves Chief Executive, Andy Gatcliffe commented, "Today is a significant day in the history of the Club, having taken handover of our new stadium from the contractor. We are excited and elated at the prospect of the Tetley's Super League IX season in such a fantastic state-of-the-art stadium. Our grateful thanks go out to Warrington Borough Council, Tesco and Carlsberg Tetley and especially to our fantastic fans who continue to astound us, with record season ticket sales in the making!"