Would you like fries with that?

Last month a story hit the media about a woman charged with allegedly attempting to extort money from rugby league players Fuifui Moimoi[1]. Amid all the headlines surrounding our code at the time - including tales of stray stairwell stool deposits and players' profitable property dealings - the Moimoi angle didn't get as long a run in the media as others.

Apart from some passing comments on internet forums welcoming a formal challenge to an unproven allegation about player sexual behaviour, the details of this police case have mostly slipped under the general public's radar. However, closer examination of the circumstances raises implications about how our game might be represented through the media in the future.

For the uninitiated, the situation involving Moimoi can be summed up as follows. Parramatta prop forward Fuifui Moimoi goes to McDonald's in Smart Street Fairfield in 2006. While there Fuifui meets a woman Crystal Lum who lives at Lalor Park. The pair then agreed to return to Moimoi's house to have consensual sex. All of the above events are undisputed and were reported in the media[1][2]. From here the different sides of the story take divergent paths