Year In Review - Wests Tigers's Andrew Ferguson looks at the Tigers 2008 NRL season.

More season reviews for other NRL clubs to follow in the days ahead.

10th Place - Wests Tigers


Home Grounds: The Wests Tigers adopting practically every Rugby League ground in the country helped them when it came to wins away from home, ending up as one of the 5 best sides away from home. The only problem is trying to determine which games were actually home or away games. The Tigers continue to use several home grounds and this has taken away any home ground advantage that they would get.

Future Superstars: The Tigers are always unveiling some new awesome prospects every year, and 2008 was no different. The massively built youngster Peni Tagive looks to form a forbidable wing partnership with Taniela Tuiaki. Young Tim Moltzen showed versatility at a young age in key positions in the halves and in the backline. But the biggest newcomer was Daine Laurie. With his dreadlocked hair, his fearless running at the line at tremendous speed and his enthusiasm were something Wests Tigers fans have been dying to see for years. He played 10 games all at the end of the season, and has already built up a massive cult following.

Tim Sheens: Tim warned his players that they