Yellow Broncos Claim A Wet Win In Parramatta

In poor, wet conditions at Parramatta Stadium tonight, the Brisbane Broncos have run in victors 18-6 over the Parramatta Eels.Β It was a test which the Brisbane Broncos needed to pass with flying colours, as their inspirational former captain Darren Lockyer traded in his jersey at the end of the 2011 season.

When the rain falls, it often leads to a high error count and this match was certainly not an exception to that rule. The home side started with new recruit halfback Chris Sandow creating a solo effort to crack the scoreboard first. After four minutes the Eels led 6-0 with Luke Burt's conversion perfect.

Errors were a plenty in the first forty minutes and despite the conditions the Parramatta side held strong with great goal-line defence to keep the visitors to nil. The young guns for both sides stepped up and earned their pay in attack and defence. However, as the break came, just the one try was on the board.

Come the second half, the Broncos went on a run which saw them collect three tries and dominate a weakened Parramatta Eels defence and playing style. First blood for the Broncos came in the 52nd minute with a set play constructed wonderfully, and it sent Jharal Yow Yeh strolling over in the corner. Corey Parker converted the goal beautifully from the touchline to level proceedings at 6-all.

The Broncos' second came seven minutes later as Peter Wallace put points to his name with a solo try off a grubber through the Parramatta line to plant it down. Broncos looked the more controlled side after 60 minutes, and led 12-6. The Eels defence seen in the first half failed to continue with a hole gifting the points.

Chris Sandow continued to try and find his role in the Eels squad but his attempt at a deep kick saw the unexpected result of the Broncos' third try of the outing. It's a rare occasion that prop forward Ben Hannant collects a try, however he did so, claiming his 11th career try courtesy of the deflection off the Sandow kick earlier in the set.Β 

The Broncos from there sealed their first victory of the 2012 NRL season defeating the home side 18-6. The focus will now turn to their opponents next week as the Broncos will return to their home ground at Suncorp Stadium to face fellow Queenslanders the North Queensland Cowboys. Meanwhile the Eels get a chance to redeem themselves at home when they challenge the Warriors on Monday week.

Match Details
Parramatta Eels 6 were defeated by Brisbane Broncos 18
National Rugby League - Round 1 - Friday March 2, 2012 7:45pm
Venue: Parramatta Stadium
Referee: Shayne Hayne and Gavin Morris
Video Referee: Paul Simpkins
Touch Judges: Jeff Younis and Adam Reid
Crowd: 11,399
Halftime: Parramatta Eels 6 Brisbane Broncos 0 players of the match:
3 Points - Peter Wallace (1 Try)
2 Points - Ben Hannant (1 Try)
1 Point - Josh Hoffman

Tries: Chris Sandow
Conversions: Luke Burt (1/1)

Tries: Peter Wallace, Jharal Yow Yeh, Ben Hannant
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Good Evening League Fans, we are minutes away from the start of the second match of the 2012 NRL season. Tonight live from Parramatta Stadium, the Eels with clash with the Brisbane Broncos. Eyes will be on the visitors as they will face a challenge without their captain of previous seasons in Darren Lockyer.

In team news, The Eels will be as per the program despite reports that Jarryd Hayne would come into the side after not being named on Tuesday. Whilst for the Broncos, Scott Anderson is out being replaced for Nick Slyney
The Brisbane Broncos wearing the Yellow away jerseys tonight as they run out first here at Parramatta Stadium. They will be followed by the home side the Eels in the blue.
1 min: We are underway with the Eels kicking off through Chris Sandow.
1 min: Early kick away from Wallace down field and it's missed by Cheyse Blair. Good kick to give the Broncos a good start
2 min: KNOCK ON! In the wet conditions the ball coming free in the quick play of the ball. Broncos with the chance to open the scoring through a scrum feed, 20 metres out from the Eels line.
2 min: ZERO! The Eels escaping that one as the Broncos hand it back over to the Eels on the 10 metre. And then piggy-backing up the field thanks to a penalty.
4 min: TRY
TRY! Eels
Creating the play off his own kick into the goals. Gerard Beale on the goal line losing control of the wet ball. Sandow covering and diving on the ball to open the scoring. Luke Burt no issue with the conversion.
Parramatta Eels 6-0
6 min: The Eels backing up the try with a good set and the long kick downfield but taken well by Josh Hoffman.
7 min: PENALTY! Broncos getting some cheap metres thanks to the Eels' markers never getting square. They will have a full set just outside the 30 metre line.
9 min: Broncos strong in defence holding out the Eels, however not a good end to the set from the Eels with the kick going high off the boot of Sandow. Luke Burt running through but deemed offside and given away a penalty to the Broncos.
10 min: Peter Wallace looking for a running into the corner, but the Eels covering back and getting a 20 metre tap thanks to the in goal take from Ken Sio.
12 min: KNOCK ON! Broncos looking for a quick run down the far touchline but the wet ball forcing the error count up as Te'o losing control in the tackle.
12 min: The Eels making easy metres not only from the mistake off the visitors but also getting a penalty. Attacking 30 metres out.
13 min: Ben Roberts looked to create something through the line with a stabbing kick but wrapped up easily by the Broncos. They will work it out from their own line.
15 min: The error count will play a big role tonight as the Broncos kicking downfield and rolling dead to give the Eels a scrum, 10 metres out from their line.
16 min: Brisbane looking to create some second phase play but the ball getting away from Hannant in the collision. But Eels not resting as Ken Sio swooping down on the ball and getting a short break through the line before being wrapped up.
17 min: Sandow controlling this game with his long deep kick which will force the Brisbane side to play it deep in their own half.
18 min: Penalty against Mitchell Allgood here for laying too long in the ruck. Broncos kick for touch to get them over halfway.
19 min: Broncos getting the result they were looking for with Luke Burt getting trapped in goals to force the drop out.
20 min: A big call of a forward pass heard and given against the Broncos, good attack was building but stopped short. Parramatta with the scrum feed on their 10 metre line.
22 min: Parramatta again getting caught not being square in the ruck. Broncos marching up field as the rain continues to fall.
23 min: Penalty Broncos right in front of the goals as player as tackled without the ball. No kick at goal taken. They play it inside the 10 metre line.
24 min: Exciting passage of play from the Broncos on the Eels line, Ben Te'o so close to finding the line but short. Goal line defence on song from the blue and gold tonight. End of the set sees an error off the visitors. Eels with the scrum, 10 metres out.
26 min: Wallace opting to the air looking for a player but the Eels leaping high but knocking on giving the Broncos another set.
26 min: Broncos diving at the line but held up in goals.
26 min: KNOCK ON! The Parramatta side are holding their line very well despite the multiple sides from the Broncos on their line. Scrum packs 10 out for the Eels.
28 min: Ben Roberts earning his pay with a crouching tackle on Justin Hodges.
30 min: Roberts to the air on the end of the set for the Eels, but penalty given against them for a mid-air tackle on Josh Hoffman contest the high ball. Broncos will play it on their own 40 metre line.
31 min: Broncos looking for the miracle play with the cross field kick but Matt Gillett passed to an offside player. Not good signs as they fail to but the final mark on the plays. Parramatta's line defence is so good tonight.
32 min: Chris Sandow giving his side a breather with a stabbing kick over the sideline. Broncos to pack down a scrum on their 10 metre line.
33 min: Off the scrum the Broncos earning a penalty against Nathan Hindmarsh not allowing the player to stand after the tackle.
34 min: Ken Sio with his cape on and flying out of the air and racing away. Making 45 metres in a wonderful effort. The Broncos failed to deliver the goods on the Eels line again. Parramatta Side making it well over halfway.
36 min: Six more for the Eels on the Broncos. Big chance for the Parramatta side to grab their second.
37 min: Ben Roberts looking for the corner on the left but Hoffman leaping for an easy take. However penalty given against them.
38 min: Wallace is trying everything tonight, a chip and chase chanced through the Eels line but Hoffman failed to grab it. Not luck here tonight.
40 min: Siren sounds here at Parramatta with only one try on the board. The Eels the strongest of these teams heading into the break. The wet conditions have not helped with either side but the Eels have capitalised on their chances. Their tight goal line defence has seen the Broncos render no score in the opening 40 minutes.

Ken Sio and Ben Roberts have been big stand outs for the Blue and Gold in their opening season match. The Broncos are certainly missing the services of the legend Darren Lockyer whilst Peter Wallace is doing his best to control and create plays it's just not coming together.
40 min: Both sides back onto the park here at Parramatta Stadium. Broncos kicking off through the boot of Corey Parker. Ben Roberts taking the kick and passing off to Moimoi for the first hit up.
41 min: KNOCK ON! Big man looking for the big hit but only finding empty hands. Losing control to give the Broncos a scrum feed on halfway.
42 min: Typical first half play from the Broncos in their first set of the second half, Wallace looking to construct something but failed to. Ken Sio has been excellent in his second NRL match.
43 min: KNOCK ON! Wet hands from Hindmarsh now, second senior player to cough up the ball. Broncos get the ball off the scrum inside the Eels half.
44 min: Ben Hunt diving low for the line but failed to find the grass. Goal line defence good again similar to the first half.
44 min: Strange ruling from the referee deeming the Broncos knocked on in the air however not seeming so. Regardless the Eels escaping the repeat set of the Brisbane side.
46 min: Corey Norman's kick was allowed to bounce on the Eels 30 metre line, hoping for something to happen but the Eels gather it.
46 min: On the 4th tackle for the Eels, Sandow with a deep kick on halfway finds the in goal area for the Broncos to return it.
47 min: A hint of a forward pass to Justin Hodges of the right side of the field to open up a open but it was quickly shut down by the eels.
47 min: Broncos not getting the magic touch in that set and giving the ball over to the Eels on their 40 metre line.
48 min: Double Knock on and scrum packs for the Broncos with no advantage given. They Will attack shy of the half way line.
50 min: Norman taking control of the kicking role in the second half from Peter Wallace. Ken Sio coming up with the error on his own goal line. They will have a big chance off the scrum on the 10 metre line to finally get on the board.
51 min: Penalty to the Broncos on the 2nd tackle for Parramatta markers not being square in the ruck. Quick tap taken.
52 min: TRY
TRY! Broncos
It's been a long time coming, but a wonderful set play from the visitors linked up left to right to find Yow Yeh on the outside to scroll over. Corey Parker with his first kick of the 2012 season on the sideline has managed a perfect kick.
6 all
55 min: KNOCK ON! Not the ideal start after the try from the Broncos as Josh McGuire dropping his lollies as Wallace blocking his view of the kick. As a result the Eels get the goal line drop out.
56 min: Peter Wallace kicking downfield but as he did getting a late contact from an Eels player but no action taken from the officials.
58 min: Jack Reed plucking the ball out of the air as it hit the shoulder of an Eel off the cut out pass from Chris Sandow. Broncos attacking short of halfway.
59 min: TRY
TRY! Broncos

The Broncos going the length of the field in one set which started off the run of Jack Reed. Peter Wallace finally getting the goods despite his efforts in the first half. Skill from the number 7 as he managed to grubber through the line and regather to score.
Brisbane Broncos 12-6
62 min: Penalty Parramatta given to Hindmarsh has he was held too long in the tackle. The Eels have a chance to hit back with points inside the 30 metre line.
63 min: Josh Hoffman closing down the Eels raid on the Broncos line has he charged in low to gather the grubber kick.
64 min: Broncos coughing it up to give the Eels the zero tackle. Another set inside the 10 metre line.
65 min: Beale comfortable in the goals to take the kick easily despite pressure coming from the Eels attackers. Broncos gifted a 20 metre tap.
68 min: Luke Burt's kick under pressure was poor. Broncos showing great defence to keep the Eels inside the 20 metre line. Chance to extend the lead in this next set inside the Eels half.
69 min: KNOCK ON! Broncos looking for play into the line but it goes begging with an error. Eels with the scrum feed on their own 10 metre line.
70 min: Chris Sandow looking for a big kick downfield but it's deflected down by Hannatt. Broncos quickly back on the attack inside 30 .
71 min: TRY
TRY! Broncos
In a rare occasion Ben Hannant crashing over the line to extend the Broncos lead. It started with Hannant has Sandow's kick deflected off his behind. Parramatta have fallen away in this late second half period. Parker converts.
Brisbane Broncos 18-6
75 min: Time off with Sam Thaiday suffering a little cramp.
75 min: Norman kicks long downfield and chasing defence wrapping up the Eels attackers. Broncos looking the better side in this second 40.
77 min: Parramatta hoping for some late points but fallen short of the line, but will get a final chance with a scrum feed 10 metres from the line.
78 min: Another mistake from the Eels see the Broncos put the foot down and regain meters up field through Norman. The attack inside the Eels half.
78 min: Corey Norman looking for the final points with a pass to Jack Reed, but ruled forward. Another good length of the field set from the Broncos but this time not leading to points.
80 min: FULL TIME here at Parramatta Stadium. The Eels have been defeated by the travelling Broncos without their fearless leader in Darren Lockyer. The young guns stepping up in the second 40 minutes to get the victory tonight 18-6.

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