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  • 6' - BONUS TRY @TheParraEels to Corey Norman, Chris Sandow put the chip in then fell but didn't matter because Corey Norman pinched it

    1 min ago

  • So was Chris Sandow robbed of a 4 pointer? What do you reckon twitter?

    4 mins ago

  • 03:45 BONUS TRY for Jake Granville and its converted by Michael Morgan #NRLAKL9s

    5 mins ago

  • 02:43 Chris Sandow gets himself over the try line but Jared Maxwell says he's lost the ball

    6 mins ago

  • After a good start the Eels will get a repeat set after a Chris Sandow grubber was taken dead #NRLAKL9s

    7 mins ago

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