Tallis complaint dropped

AN assault complaint against former Brisbane Test forward and National Rugby League boardmember Gorden Tallis has been dropped.

Melbourne Supporters Info - Dragons v Tigers

DRAGON Supporters The West Tigers Fanatics and the MBDS will be getting together for Sunday's screening in what promises to be one of the biggest footy crowds Richmond has seen since Anzac Day at the 'G. The screening will be held at the Rising Sun Hotel, on the corner of Burnley and Swan St Richmond and is a pub that has a great reputation for being a Rugby League friendly venue. It also offers audio for the League on Sunday afternoon's so should be a great event. We want as many of our members to turn up to this match to show the Tigers fans which out of town team has the most supporters in Melbourne so come along and show your colours!! GO THE DRAGONS!! WHAT: Dragons v Tigers WHERE: The Rising Sun Hotel, 395 Swan St, RichmondWHEN: Sunday 20th August, 4pm

Seymour & Tallis

POLICE have decided not to pursue an assault complaint against dumped Brisbane Broncos rugby league halfback Brett Seymour.

Carting it up with Stevo

WILL two words end an era?

Bears masters of their destiny

A rampaging Karl Johnson, a fast footed Saia Makisi, a thunder clashing Eddie Sua, sweeping passes from Liam Foran and a sweet kicking Daniel Russell have helped Norths defeat top 4 placed Balmain at Leichhardt Oval on Friday Night.The Tigers scored first putting Norths under pressure with a bomb collected by the Tigers to give them a 6 pointer.Then Luke Fatnowna preluded his tremendous defensive performance by barging over for the Bears and Daniel Russell converted to even the score early 6-6. An easy penalty kick for Daniel Russell then gave the Bears a lead 8-6.A kick by Schoolboy Rep Liam Foran hit that sweet spot bouncing between Balmain defenders for Luke Fatnowna to gather as the ball spread wide to Saia Makisi who sprinted down the left touchline before offloading to Daniel Watkins for the 4 points and Daniel Russell converted. However Balmain scored two tries including an intercept by Ben Jeffery against the run of play to finish in front at half time 16-14.But Norths put Balmain under pressure via a bomb and the ball found it's way back to Saia Makisi mid air to land in the in-goal and score. Daniel Russell didn't even look like missing his conversion as the Bears hit the lead 20-16. And again a kick from Norths (a grubber) landed in goal as a million hands stretched out for the grounding - Saia Makisi won the race and with the conversion the Bears appeared on fire 26-16.However the Tigers hit back with a 4 pointer via Taniela Tuiaki to bring them within 6 points. The Bears now dominating in attack, gave Daniel Russell the opportunity to score a field goal and extend the Bears lead to 7 points with only 5 minutes remaining.A wayward kick by Balmain was caught by Bears centre Saia Makisi who ran 85 metres before being tackled short of the try line. The ball spread right to the other side of the field and Anthony Beare scored in the final minute. Daniel Russell's conversion from the side line was highly impressive to seal the victory. 33-20.Greg Florimo felt the Bears gained from being masters of their own destiny. "They dominated in every aspect. The loss of the Melbourne players may be the best thing to have happen - they have the self belief and confidence to play outstanding footy".Saia Makisi was named Players' Player and Daniel Russell's kicking was also a highlight kicking 6 from 6 plus a field goal under pressure from the Balmain supporters' 'lolly legs' jibe.No lolly legs tonight!It was a good performance by the Bears Jersey Flegg team also at Leichhardt on Friday night, but they weren't quite able to beat Balmain who won 34-20.The Bears were able to score the first 2 tries of the match when Siaosi Liumaunu barged his way over for a try. And then Dean Hamson created an opportunity for Bladen Baird to score.But Balmain was able to score 4 tries before halftime to lead 18-8.In the second half Michael Morris put in a grubber for Matt McDougall to score. Chris Heasman converted. Balmain scored a try before Jason Saliba was able to find a gap to score after good lead up work by Arnold Mano. Gavin Duncan converted. At this point the Bears were trailing by 4 points at 24-20 and we were looking good.However the Tigers were able to score 2 tries in the last 10 minutes to secure their victory 34-20.The Bears were very determined and persistent. Coach Steve Carter said "It was a simple game plan - complete our sets of six and reduce the 1 on 1 misses in defence. We succeeded in both. In the second half we lapsed in defence and gave away a few penalties which allowed those tries in".There were many good performances by the boys with Steve Carter naming Bladen Baird, Jason Saliba, Arnold Mano, Pio Rokomaqisa, Tupou Peaua and Siaosi Liumaunu.PICTURED: Centre Saia Makisi and North Sydney Junior Liam Foran celebrate one of Saia's three tries.PHOTO: Steve Little.

Player movements: Elford, Emelio

ENGLISH Super league club Huddersfield has signed Shane Elford from Wests Tigers on a three-year deal. The 28-year-old, who can play as a centre, wing or five-eighth, will be part of the Giants' squad from the start of next season along with Tigers clubmate and prop John Skandalis.

When is a rule, not a rule?

HERE we are just three rounds from Finals Football and the Chief Executive of the NRL David Gallop has openly castigated his Referee?s boss Robert Finch and former top referee Bill Harrigan for not knowing the rules. From memory one of Gallop?s key pleas to the clubs and fans when he took over from David Moffat towards the end of 2001 (and officially for 2002) was to unify the differing factions within the Rugby League community. Yet here he is openly calling out his Referee?s boss and one of the most accomplished referees of all time. An article on Foxsports.com.au by James Hooper (http://www.foxsports.com.au/story/0,8659,20140188-23214,00.html), quotes David Gallop with the following attack on Finch and Harrigan for their publicised views on a non-call on the allegedly off-side Canberra in their game against the Wests Tigers on Sunday.

Johns cops 2, Tallis in strife

NEWCASTLE halfback Andrew Johns will sit out his side?s remaining two games of the 2006 premiership but will be free to play in the finals after having his contrary conduct charge downgraded at the NRL judiciary tonight.Johns was suspended for two matches for calling sideline official Matt Cecchin a "f---ing c--t" during the Knights' 16-14 loss to Manly at EnewrgyAustralia Stadium last week. The grade-three contrary conduct charge was downgraded to grade two, which carried a 295 point penalty including his 93 carry over points.Prior to the downgrade, Johns was facing a four-game ban for the grade-three charge, which would have wiped him out until week three of the finals had the Knights progressed that far without him.After initially refusing to apologise for the incident in the days following the heated exchange, which occurred as Johns led a chorus of protests about a missed knock-on, Johns opened his defence by expressing his contrition."I feel a lot of remorse for what happened ... I'm so sorry," Johns said only days after writing in his weekly column in The Sunday Telegraph that Cechin should apologise for him.He also wrote a letter to Cecchin today in which he apologised unreservedly.Judiciary chairman Greg Woods instructed his three-man panel of Scott Tronc, Darren Britt and Darrell Williams to take into account Johns's apology when reaching their verdict, saying the match review committee had not had the benefit of the apology when issuing the charge.Meanwhile, former Brisbane, Queensland and Australia forward Gorden Tallis's future on the NRL board is in jeopardy over an alleged assault of a bar staffer at a Brisbane pub.In another major embarrassment for the game, police said today they were investigating a complaint made over the alleged incident at the Regatta Hotel at Toowong in inner-west Brisbane early on Monday.Former Brisbane captain Tallis, 33, said he was having drinks with his wife Christine when the latest alleged Regatta incident occurred. He said while making no admission or accepting any blame, that he later apologised to the hotel manager and the male staff member concerned.It's believed a glass was thrown at the bar staffer when Tallis was refused service. NRL chief executive David Gallop said today that Tallis had advised the board about the matter, which is expected to be discussed at the next board meeting early next month. Tallis was appointed to the NRL board after he retired in 2004 following eight seasons with the Broncos. Recently, current Brisbane players Brett Seymour, who is yet to be charged by police, and Neville Costigan last week had their contracts terminated. Both players were described by Broncos chief executive Bruno Cullen as "serial offenders".

Referee's report - Round 23

THE race for refereeing positions in this year?s Finals Series has heated up with referee Gavin Badger being relegated back to Premier League this weekend. Gavin, who refereed in the Warriors? victory over the Cowboys on Saturday, has been told that he made the right decision in sending off North Queensland?s Luke O?Donnell off. He however did make some costly errors throughout the match, which was the reason for his demotion.

Satellite Killed The Radio Star

THE radio crackles into life. It?s an old Pacemaker Transistorised-58, made by C&B, sold by H.W Clarke distributors, and the second portable model ever manufactured in New Zealand. Being a valve radio its tone has a pleasing warmth, and it?s so, well?old. By listening to it I?ve gained a new appreciation for the workmanship of days gone by.

In Or Out?

LEAFING through the Sydney Morning Herald a few days ago, I saw that an interesting question had been raised.

Roosters 06 - A Retrospective

LIFE is biggerIt's bigger than youAnd you are not meThe lengths that I will go toThe distance in your eyesOh no I've said too muchI set it up?with hope in my heart and a twinkle in my eye the 2006 season starts for the Roosters. Tempered enthusiasm; aware but wary of the ?rebuilding? sign hanging over the club - hope stirring in a heart atrophied after an average 2005 season - new recruits; the next ?big thing?; post-Fittler recovery; bring it on!That's me in the corner?foetal position, head in my hands. Star recruit failing to live up to prophesy of salvation ? Moses is not leading his people to safety. Old favourites tired and perplexed as positional shuffling resembles a manic game of chess on acid. A young hopeful (future of the Roosters) thrown in and dragged out of the limelight, eroding self-confidence with pin-pricks of doubt and empty promises.That's me in the spotlight?four straight losses. Headlines blaring from the smudged print where my sweaty fingers have clutched, as if trying to extract an answer from the very question itself - What is wrong with the Roosters ? the coach ? internal strife? Only questions, never answers?maybe next week.Losing my religionTrying to keep up with you?clinging to the eight by chewed fingernails and desperation ? can?t afford to slip further, don?t lose sight of the goal. Each rare win merely a cruel twist of hope ? ?maybe this is what?s needed to kick-start the season??And I don't know if I can do itOh no I've said too muchI haven't said enough?no end in sight to the downhill spiral, positional pawns, overpaid and underperforming players; frustrated and disillusioned fans ? women and children to the lifeboats, the iceberg fast approaches.I thought that I heard you laughingI thought that I heard you singI think I thought I saw you try?performances mirroring the antics of a Parisian cabaret act; take it on the road, do it at home, just watch the trapeze artist - we all like to see a tightrope act gone awry!Every whisperOf every waking hour I'mChoosing my confessions?can?t and won?t make the trip down to Sydney each weekend to witness the slow and painful demise of what was a powerful and ferocious beast. One game attended in a season ? disgrace - forgive me Freddy, for I have sinned!Trying to keep an eye on youLike a hurt lost and blinded foolOh no I've said too muchI set it up?can?t force my eyes from the screen, iridescent light burning holes in my iris just as the acts of folly and foul play sear my heart. Laughter is the best medicine and the half-back-cum hooker-cum five-eight, surrounded by his cohorts, provides the side splitting, slapstick comedy of the Keystone Cops and I am the healthiest supporter in the League.Consider thisThe hint of the centuryConsider thisThe slip that brought meTo my knees failed?aargh! The only light in an otherwise dark and dank six months ? the big man England-bound without a last hoorah in the tri-colours ? Moooorley?Moooorley!What if all these fantasiesCome flailing around?mathematical possibility ? the phrase an insult to the true contenders, cruel words mocking the inevitable and deserved fall from grace, words providing no safety net for the flightless bird?s spiraling death dive.Now I've said too muchI thought that I heard you laughingI thought that I heard you singI think I thought I saw you try?were you there? Did you turn up? Lost in a flurry of blue and red - players like spinning tops - damsels in distress with no Galahad in sight. A performance of atrocious statistics - embarrassing to watch and a long train trip home on the Newcastle line to top it off after, being beaten like a wayward child by the one-man team.But that was just a dreamThat was just a dream.?the end of all mathematical equations - thank god, I was always better at the arts. The season gone accompanied by the death knell sigh of a fifteen year old mutt with no hearing, no eyesight and a broken hip. Thank goodness the misery is over and I can now get on with enjoying the football again!

A Vision of The 21st Century

I wish to share with my fellow Rugby League fans a vision given to me by the God of Rugby League. A vision granted only after weeks of fasting, praying and seclusion in a remote part of Queensland. This commenced late one night in outback Queensland. I had been in a state of meditation and prayer for an unknown amount of time. I had not eaten in days. I was pleading with the Lord of League to send me some words of encouragement and vision. Suddenly an angel appeared before me. He was surrounded by a brilliant white light. He had a ruddy face and he had legs like iron, chest like a barrel, arms as thick as cedars and shoulders broad as a barn. He wore the colours of green and gold, and his voice sounded as deep as the oceans. He said to me: ?I am the angel representing the nation of Australia. I am strong, and of intimidating appearance. I am fearless and have withstood many battles over the period of my life. I am yet to be defeated by anyone or anything. The spirit that dwells within me cannot be conquered, but is often underestimated.? Awe filled my heart as this angel spoke. ?I have fought against many enemies, enemies that seem to be gaining in strength and tactics. They believe they can defeat me. They are wrong.? To be in the presence of this angel was truly the most terrifying ordeal I have endured. How could any being confront him and think he could win?The angel looked at me with his piercing blue eyes, ?You must tell the people of Australia this message: This is no time to relax. There are more struggles ahead for the game. Most strife will come from within, especially from the kings of the game. Division and anarchy will be evident, but a leader shall arise. He will unite all boards of the country under one banner, and he will bring unity to the game in Australia. He is a current figure in the game now, but he is largely unknown as a leader. Watch for him to bring peace and joy to the game in Australia. Under his leadership shall come prosperity unlike you have ever seen. New teams will be added, others shall relocate, and others shall grow to unprecedented heights and levels of success. Many fans shall leave, but even more will be won. The game in Australia will be truly national.? Then he departed.I closed my eyes and fell into another trance. Muttering and praying for an unknown time, I suddenly felt the presence of another being. I opened my eyes and another angel had appeared before me. It was not as big or intimidating as the angel before it, but it was nonetheless imposing. ?Of what you are about to see, I want you to remember. This is a chance for you to encourage the people of Australia. Remind them that this is the greatest game of all?.The next thing I knew I was watching a game of junior Rugby League. It was played on a small dry field, by players about 10 years of age. There were parents, coaches, other young children.The angel spoke; ?These people are the future of our game... Without the volunteers, there is no direction. Without the kids, there is no future.? The game we had been watching had ended. The players shook the hands of their opposition; the coach was praising his players as they took in water and sucked on oranges. The parents were exhorting their children. The atmosphere I sensed had a feeling I had long lost forgotten. I looked at the angel, who just looked back with his piercing green eyes. ?The feeling you sense now, is what keeps me alive.? He says.?For it is more than a feeling. It is the spirit of Rugby League. It dwells within each supporter and fan of the game. It starts here at the base level in the smallest towns with the least of anything. Out here, the game is more than money and glory. It is about unity and identity. Without this spirit, I do not exist. It is this spirit that makes us the envy of every other code of football ever played, for no other sport has it. This is why they try to destroy us. It is also, why they fail.

League And Politics (Part 2)

PONDERING my imminent death over a coffee, Leila tapped my hand seeking my attention. ?It?s not as bad as you think. You could always...disappear? She said with a flourish of her hands. ?Plenty of places to hide in Iran.? She finished with a gleaming grin. ?No, we could win this. In fact...we must. Even if it means the Islamic Revolution is put on hold. Even if it means...??You are brave... or foolish. More likely both but nothing will be achieved by sipping latte and waiting for the first snow falls.? She leaned over and whispered a plan...?I have another that I must try first?With that we parted.I couldn?t help but summarise my situation. Here I am in Iran. An inexperienced coach, coaching inexperienced players. Politics permeates even the air that is breathed. It?s in-grained into every aspect of life. It goes against everything I believe in with regards to sports though, I must admit that internally at least, every club has political issues. Within the team I kept an eye on the internal politics since learning that at any time the team could implode through sheer political ideologies. I couldn?t pretend I had my head around it and I was rued to try and sort it out. At least back in Australia, for 80 minutes, as a fan, we can forget about everything from politics to even home issues.This is here and now. Pre-revolutionary Iran. Although Leila?s plan was sound I was not going to leave Iran with a legacy of being a mediocre coach. I certainly wanted to make some small difference with regards to a bit of Rugby League culture. ~0~ The week leading up to the friendly with Iraq we practiced real game situations. The team had come a fair way with the basic skills and some simple set plays. We concentrated in ways of keeping possession and making quick movements down the field. The team were very keen on defence and tackling was approached with fervent enthusiasm. On the eve of the game I held a team meeting. Ali translated.?Gentlemen. I am considering forfeiting the game? Ali hesitated the translation but I urged him to continue. An uproar ensued. They pleaded with the little English they new mixed with no doubt Iranian expletives.?I?m sorry but I do not think we are ready? More uproar. Ali relays that the team thinks I was wrong and that we would be denying them an opportunity of a life time.?True... but with the current situation between some members of the team I cannot let you play Rugby League.? I allowed Ali to translate and sink in. ? You see, unless you can prove to me by tomorrow morning that we are together, we are one then I will not be able to call this a Rugby League team and that you will be denying ME the opportunity of being a coach. I want you to prove to me by tomorrow morning that Allah and politics will be forgotten for 80 minutes tomorrow and that when you look a team mate in the eye you will not be seeing A Sunni or a Shi?ite, a pro or a con revolutionary. Prove this to me and we will play. I have called a press conference for 9am tomorrow and I will be giving them an answer one way or the other?I walked out amidst a cold silence, giving me enough time to contemplate the religious connotations of Rugby League clubs back home. The Catholic Cardinal Red of Souths completed with the Irish Myrtle of its lush hills. Canterbury too we?re well connected with the Catholic Church before it?s more recent Muslim connotations and you cannot go past the iconographic Christian logo of the St. George slaying the Dragon. ~0~ Perhaps I was being a hypocrite to an extent. Perhaps Religion and politics were not to far removed back home either and for eighty minutes every weekend I was deluding myself.The point is however, is that when the CFMEU recently took up some half-time space during a Canberra club game to spruke their message, the NRL as a whole, took one small step towards an extreme taken for granted in places like Iran, South America and even Europe. No thanks, let?s leave overt politics out of Rugby League.(The game ended prematurely at 12 all when the pitch was invaded by the crowd. Courtesy of Leila)

Come And See The Real Thing

IT'S amazing what you can hear about a footy player these days. The insults thrown at them for 80 minutes a weekend are pretty harsh and are not very rare at all. The sledging is a fine, a bit of gamesmanship, but the insults don't just stop at the ground (it'd be an easy life it did). The good old newspapers have to step in and inform us with multipage colour photos of how and why Tim Smith had a drink. Don't forget the four hours of radio talkback after the game, which usually focuses on off-game incidents most of the time anyway. And the multiple web forums where members insinuate their hate for Luke Covell. Not to forget the recent adapting of footballer identities on internet community Myspace. Cyber-bullying at its best. But we all know that these players don't have tme to listen to the radio or go one the internet, they are getting drunk and then going for a drive, aren't they? Well at least that's what Mark told me at the party last week anyway.

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