Full Time
9:05pm Sat March 10, 2018
Round 1 - Optus Stadium - Crowd: 38824

THAT'S ALL FOLKS - The Storm take the second match in Perth by 36-18, Cam Munster & Josh Addo-Carr the stars of the show


Ryley Jacks pushes the kick into touch and the Storm kill the clock


PENALTY BULLDOGS: A scrum turns into a penalty after Sam Kasiano doesn't agree with the call of Ben Cummins


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Cameron Smith keeps his 100% record going tonight from out wide

Storm lead Bulldogs 18 - 36 Storm

Try: Storm
Scored by Suliasi Vunivalu. Kick to come.

Smith -> Munster -> Vunivalu = TRY A good shift by the Storm and Vunivalu just has to crash through and score his first of 2018

Storm lead Bulldogs 18 - 34 Storm

NO TRY - RFM loses the ball over the line and the Storm have a 20m restart and make big metres from the set


RFM reaches out and gets the ball to the line but Ben Cummins has said NO TRY


PENALTY BULLDOGS: Sam Kasiano gives away a penalty after helping the ball free of a tackle.


Another set for the Bulldogs as Curtis Scott knocks down the pass and the Bulldogs will get a scrum on the middle of halfway


Last tackle the Bulldogs create an opportunity but the last ball goes forward and they turn it over


Inside the last 15, Bulldogs trail by two converted tries but they will get chances as they have shown tonight so far


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Cameron Smith could slot those conversions with his eyes closed, a simple kick from in front.

Storm lead Bulldogs 18 - 30 Storm

Try: Storm
Scored by Josh Addo-carr. Kick to come.

Josh Addo-Carr doesn't get the green lights technically... but the try is awarded by the bunker and the Storm extend the lead

Storm lead Bulldogs 18 - 28 Storm

JAC sprints 90m for a wonderful intercept after a Moses Mbye drop ball BUT we need to confirm it with the bunker but it looks 100% ok


Conversion: Bulldogs
Kicked by Moses Mbye.

Moses Mbye converts and we're back within a converted try

Storm lead Bulldogs 18 - 24 Storm

Try: Bulldogs
Scored by Matt Frawley. Kick to come.

Ball pinballs around everywhere and Matt Frawley picks it up and scores

Storm lead Bulldogs 16 - 24 Storm

PENALTY BULLDOGS: Christian Welch tries to slow the ruck down and Ben Cummins doesn't like it and blows the penalty. The Dogs go into deep attacking position


PENALTY STORM: Ben Cummins penalises Greg Eastwood for a late hit on Cam Smith, Storm into good attacking position


Crossfield kick from Ryley Jacks and ball bounces into touch, Bulldogs scrum on their own 20


Ryley Jacks miscues a kick and for the third time the ball is out on the full


Ben Cummins calls time on and we're back underway in Perth and set for a big half


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Cameron Smith converts from right in front

Storm lead Bulldogs 12 - 24 Storm

Try: Storm
Scored by Kenneath Bromwich. Kick to come.

Cameron Munster having a night out in Perth, breaks through the line and steps on the outside and finds open space and Kenny Bromwich scores for the Storm

Storm lead Bulldogs 12 - 22 Storm

Mbye beats the line creates an opening and instead of using the hands he uses the boot and it's nowhere near Montoya who isn't happy. Storm with the 7 tackle set


PENALTY BULLDOGS: The Storm concede a ruck interference penalty which is followed up by a marching of 10m by Ben Cummins after copping a backchat spray.


Aiden Tolman just 5m out looks for an offload when he doesn't need to and loses it. Storm survive the raid.


PENALTY BULLDOGS: "I told you to wait and you kept going" the words of Ben Cummins to the Storm as he penalises them for being offside.


Josh Addo-Carr puts down the ball in a tackle on his own 20, Bulldogs in prime attacking real estate.


A 79m set comes to an end for the Storm with a short side raid being well read by the Bulldogs on their own 10m.


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Cameron Smith slots the conversion from right in front

Storm lead Bulldogs 12 - 18 Storm

Try: Storm
Scored by Josh Addo-carr. Kick to come.

Josh Addo-Carr on the back up of a Cam Munster burst who beat some weak defence, uses the pass to JAC who gets his first

Storm lead Bulldogs 12 - 16 Storm

Josh Jackson picks the ball up on his own deadball line and has a wall of Storm defenders in front of him and he gets out


REPEAT SET: A great defensive set from the Bulldogs but the Storm force the dropout with Brett Morris trapped ingoal


PENALTY STORM: Will Hopoate drops the shoulder into Ryan Hoffman in the kick chase and concedes the penalty. Storm attacking inside the 10


PENALTY BULLDOGS: Chris Sutton's whistle goes and it's to penalise Cam Smith who was not square at marker.


Brodie Croft goes down the narrow side with the kick and it goes out on the full


Conversion: Bulldogs
Attempted by Moses Mbye.

Moses Mbye hits the conversion on the narrow side and it goes to the left of the posts.

Tied up at Bulldogs 12 - 12 Storm

Try: Bulldogs
Scored by Brett Morris. Kick to come.

Brett Morris is at the end of some great work from Kieran Foran who shows and goes to the line, finds Frawley who's long ball goes all the way out to Brett Morris who scores in the corner.

Tied up at Bulldogs 12 - 12 Storm

Josh Jackson gets over the line but Chris Sutton rules held up


Curtis Scott knocks on in the set after points, the Bulldogs with a good chance to fightback


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Cameron Smith converts from wide out and the Storm extend their lead

Storm lead Bulldogs 8 - 12 Storm

Try: Storm
Scored by Curtis Scott. Kick to come.

Josh Addo-Carr gets the approval for his KFC, Contest was ruled to have been a Bulldogs knock on and Scott got to the ground ingoal.

Storm lead Bulldogs 8 - 10 Storm

BUNKER TIME: The Storm have crossed for a try, we've got to check a bunch of things in the contest, Ben Cummins has said try.


A good 55m bouncing dropout has the Storm starting their set deep but still in the Bulldogs half


PENALTY STORM: The Dogs give away a penalty on tackle one and the Storm calm it down and go on the attack.


Bad start for Matt Frawley who drops the kick off and the Storm on the attack from the scrum


Penalty Goal: Bulldogs
Kicked by Moses Mbye.

Moses Mbye from right in front knocks it over the hey diddle diddle and adds the two

Bulldogs lead Bulldogs 8 - 6 Storm

PENALTY BULLDOGS: Nelson Asofa-Solomona penalised for a ruck infringement and the Bulldogs will take the easy 2 points on offer.


PENALTY BULLDOGS - Ryan Hoffman rolls the ball between his legs and Ben Cummins sees it and we've got our first PTB penalty of the night.


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Cameron Smith converts from basically in front and Storm hit back quickly

Tied up at Bulldogs 6 - 6 Storm

Try: Storm
Scored by Ryley Jacks. Kick to come.

Poor read from the Bulldogs defence holding off waiting for Nelson Asofa-Solomona creates a hole and NAS gets a pass out to Ryley Jacks and the Canadian international scores an easy try.

Bulldogs lead Bulldogs 6 - 4 Storm

PENALTY STORM: Aaron Woods concedes the first penalty for the Bulldogs, Ben Cummins not happy with the speed of the rucks


Matt Frawley puts up the big bomb and it lands in a different postcode, massively out on the full.


Some unusually weak defence from the Storm on the edges and the Bulldogs making good metres


Conversion: Bulldogs
Kicked by Moses Mbye.

Moses Mbye successfully converts from close range

Bulldogs lead Bulldogs 6 - 0 Storm

Try: Bulldogs
Scored by Raymond Faitala-Mariner. Kick to come.

All off the back of a Moses Mbye break on tackle one then a sweet sweep play with RFM crossing thanks to a good ball from Kieran Foran

Bulldogs lead Bulldogs 4 - 0 Storm

51m set for the Bulldogs and Vunivalu ends up with the ball after the last tackle kick.

The Storm kick us off and we're underway, the Bulldogs use the ball first.

A moment silence for a true gentleman of the game, Steve Folkes who gave tremendous service to the Bulldogs as a player and a coach, to the NRL as a video match official and Jillaroos coach

Out come the Storm and quickly followed by the new look Bulldogs side

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Ben Cummins, Chris Sutton

Touch Judges: Jeff Younis, Clayton Sharpe

Video Referee: Jared Maxwell, Bryan Norrie

Tries: Raymond Faitala-Mariner, Brett Morris, Matt Frawley
Field Goals:
Conversions: Moses Mbye (2/3)
Penalty Goals: Moses Mbye (1/1)

Tries: Ryley Jacks, Josh Addo-carr (2), Kenneath Bromwich, Curtis Scott, Suliasi Vunivalu
Field Goals:
Conversions: Cameron Smith (6/6)
Penalty Goals: