Full Time
6:30pm Sun March 11, 2018
Round 1 - Cbus Super Stadium - Crowd: 10238

Raiders kick short and get the ball back. But they go right and put the ball into touch. Amazing fightback by the Titans!


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Michael Gordon.

Gordon in front converts, to give his side the lead for the first time, with just 10 seconds left.

Titans lead Titans 30 - 28 Raiders

Try: Titans
Scored by Konrad Hurrell. Kick to come.

Taylor's wobbly grubber evades everyone and pops up for Hurrell who regathers and dives over under the posts to score.

Tied up at Titans 28 - 28 Raiders

Titans on the last spread the ball and Leilua lazily intercepted a ball by knocking it down. The Titans retain possession and 6 again on halfway.


An unadventurous set by the Raiders there.


SCRUMS TITANS - Austin finds touch 10 metres from the Titans line.


Both sides getting tied and playing a bit sloppy. Raiders with the lions share of field position


Elgey's kick goes out on the full. Raiders start their set just on their side of halfway.


SCRUM TITANS - Raiders lose the ball deep inside the Titans half.


Conversion: Raiders
Attempted by Jarrod Croker.

Croker from the right sideline misses

Raiders lead Titans 24 - 28 Raiders

Try: Raiders
Scored by Joseph Leilua. Kick to come.

Austin kicks to the right corner. Rapana pushes back to Leilua who ran around the defence to score in the corner.

Raiders lead Titans 24 - 28 Raiders

Sezer chose to run it on the last and very nearly scores, but is ruled to have gone short by referee Perenara.


PENALTY RAIDERS - Titans holding down in the tackle. Raiders with a full set inside the Titans half.


Penalty Goal: Titans
Kicked by Michael Gordon.

Gordon from just right of centre knocks the equaliser over.

Tied up at Titans 24 - 24 Raiders

PENALTY TITANS - Titans are right in front and 10 metres out. They've opted to take the two to level the scores.


Elgey grubbers and it goes dead off Rapana's knee. Titans with another set on the attack.


Taylor grubbers into the Raiders in-goal, but Cotric was equal to the task and smacked it dead. Hurrell comes off the field but looks to be fine.


Conversion: Titans
Attempted by Michael Gordon.

Gordon from 2 metres inside the left touchline misses his attempt.

Raiders lead Titans 22 - 24 Raiders

Try: Titans
Scored by Dale Copley. Kick to come.

Copley scores out wide after receiving a lobbed cut out pass by Elgey

Raiders lead Titans 22 - 24 Raiders

SCRUM TITANS - Austin drops the pill cold.


PENALTY RAIDERS - Proctor and Rapana exchange pleasantries.


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Michael Gordon.

Gordon from the left touchline brings his kick around and it goes through!

Raiders lead Titans 18 - 24 Raiders

Try: Titans
Scored by Phillip Sami. Kick to come.

A magnificent catch and cut-out pass off his toes by Taylor to Sami sends the winger over in the corner.

Raiders lead Titans 16 - 24 Raiders

PENALTY TITANS - Raiders offside. Titans still inside the Raiders 20


PENALTY TITANS - Raiders all over the shop in the ruck. Titans still 10 metres out.


PENALTY TITANS - Austin catches the ball in an accidental offside position. Titans only have 10 metres to go to score.


Will Matthews gives Cotric something to think about at halftime after smashing him on the last tackle of the half.


SCRUM RAIDERS - Proctor spills a pass


SCRUM RAIDERS - Titans grubber ricochets off Croker who didn't play at it, and it goes into touch.


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Michael Gordon.

Gordon converts from right in front.

Raiders lead Titans 12 - 24 Raiders

Try: Titans
Scored by Kane Elgey. Kick to come.

Ash Taylor grubbers and Elgey regathers and scores

Raiders lead Titans 10 - 24 Raiders

Gordon somehow denied a try by the Raiders defence


SCRUM TITANS - Wighton attempts an offload but it's ruled to have gone forward. Titans will 6 again just 25 metres from the Raiders line.


SCRUM RAIDERS - Titans swing right to Hurrell whose flick pass to Don is good, but Don can't hold it.


SCRUM TITANS - Taylor kicks a 40/20 but is statistically denied as Wighton touched the ball but couldn't get it back in touch.


SCRUM RAIDERS - Boyle loses the ball as he gets to his feet to play-the-ball.


Good news Raiders fans - Croker is back on the sideline and is expected to return the field tonight.


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Aidan Sezer.

Sezer nails the goal from right in front.

Raiders lead Titans 6 - 24 Raiders

Try: Raiders
Scored by Junior Paulo. Kick to come.

Sezer turns the ball back inside to a barnstorming Paulo who scores a powerful try under the black dot.

Raiders lead Titans 6 - 22 Raiders

PENALTY RAIDERS - Titans hand on the ball


SCRUM RAIDERS - Titans created an overlap but Hurrell's attempt to get the ball to his winger was woeful and he passed/lost the ball forward. A try goes begging.


Titans spill the ball into the Raiders in-goal and Wighton regathers and miraculously gets back into the field of play.


PENALTY TITANS - Another set of 6 on the Raiders line.


SCRUM TITANS - Paulo drops the ball cold. Titans get a fresh set and are only 20 metres from the Raiders line.


Hurrell tries to barge over down the short side from dummy hlf, but is held up.


PENALTY TITANS - They are right on the attack now, 30m from the Raiders line


Tapine allowed to run and offload onto a fast moving Leilua who gets over the Titans line, however the ball was knocked out just before he grounded it by the Titans defence.


Second tackle after the penalty and Proctor drops an easy pass


PENALTY TITANS - Raiders mess in the ruck. A bulldozing kick return by Hurrell. He smashed into Croker who is coming off the field. He looks ok.


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Michael Gordon.

Gordon converts with ease.

Raiders lead Titans 6 - 18 Raiders

Try: Titans
Scored by Kevin Proctor. Kick to come.

Taylor fumbles a pass before linking with Proctor who muscles his way over the line.

Raiders lead Titans 4 - 18 Raiders

SCRUM TITANS - Raiders dropped ball. Titans get the ball on halfway.


Papalii makes a break on the left edge this time, but his pass to Croker was badly timed and was dropped.


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Jarrod Croker.

Croker throws this over from right in front.

Raiders lead Titans 0 - 18 Raiders

Try: Raiders
Scored by Elliot Whitehead. Kick to come.

Williams with a tidy dummy in the middle, makes a break and then passes to his left to Whitehead who runs 30 metres to score under the posts.

Raiders lead Titans 0 - 16 Raiders

PENALTY CANBERRA - Titans taking too long to get off the tackled player


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Jarrod Croker.

Croker, 10 metres in from the left touchline converts

Raiders lead Titans 0 - 12 Raiders

Try: Raiders
Scored by Jack Wighton. Kick to come.

Wighton is allowed to run on the last. The defence kept sliding and back pedalling as he got around Latu to score a strong solid try out wide on the left side.

Raiders lead Titans 0 - 10 Raiders

Raiders starting to get the upper hand in field position now.


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Jarrod Croker.

Croker's conversion attempt is good

Raiders lead Titans 0 - 6 Raiders

Try: Raiders
Scored by Siliva Havili. Kick to come.

Havili scores after a clever shimmy left and dart right from dummy half and finds the space behind the markers to score

Raiders lead Titans 0 - 4 Raiders

Good dummy half run by Havili. Next tackle Canberra kicks to the wing and gets the ball back and a fresh set


Both sides with tidy opening sets

Titans kick off in the last game of the round!

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Henry Perenara, Dave Munro

Touch Judges: Adam Cassidy, Rohan Best

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy, Bryan Norrie

Tries: Kevin Proctor, Kane Elgey, Phillip Sami, Dale Copley, Konrad Hurrell
Field Goals:
Conversions: Michael Gordon (4/5)
Penalty Goals: Michael Gordon (1/1)

Tries: Siliva Havili, Jack Wighton, Elliot Whitehead, Junior Paulo, Joseph Leilua
Field Goals:
Conversions: Jarrod Croker (3/4), Aidan Sezer (1/1)
Penalty Goals: