Full Time
5:30pm Sat March 17, 2018
Round 2 - Panthers Stadium - Crowd: 15995

Souths come away with the ball after the penalty, throw it around a bit, but are eventually bundled out and it's game over.


Penalty Goal: Panthers
Attempted by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary will go for his 33rd straight goal kick, just inside the South Sydney 40m. They soak up the time, but he misses and his streak's over!

Panthers lead Panthers 18 - 14 Rabbitohs

Whare tackles Cook unawares on the Penrith 40m on the last! Handover!


Gagai tries to create something up the middle. Souths making good metres here.


Penrith not done yet, they're rolling up the park big time here, keen to get the ball deep into South Sydney territory.


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

32 in a row. Wowee. Penrith ahead by four with less than four minutes left.

Panthers lead Panthers 18 - 14 Rabbitohs

Try: Panthers
Scored by Tyrone Peachey. Kick to come.

The Peach has done it! Wearing the four but coming off the bench, the Panthers now in front!

Panthers lead Panthers 16 - 14 Rabbitohs

Pass pass pass pass... so many passes - has Peachey scored? We're checking grounding but it looks good and the home side might steal this one!


Maloney with a botched catch of a Cleary offload just as it looked like they'd gone through the gap.


Up and back stuff. Penrith getting closer than South Sydney to next points, but neither side finishing well.


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Just two points in it. This gon' be gooooood. Cleary's conversion narrows it right down.

Rabbitohs lead Panthers 12 - 14 Rabbitohs

Try: Panthers
Scored by Waqa Blake. Kick to come.

Blake's effort is cleared by the men in the mysterious room and we have a grandstand finish coming up!

Rabbitohs lead Panthers 10 - 14 Rabbitohs

More relentless attack from the home side but it's lacking the final touch.... until now. Waqa Blake has gone over, we're off to the Bunker. Perenara gives the T symbol. We wait...


Waqa Blake loses the ball and Souths are let off the hook.


More Penrith attack... they need a second try to make a go of this final period.


Inglis won't return after that HIA, he's failed it. Game remains wide open!


We're up to the Bunker for a possible Panthers NO TRY. Mansour wants a four-pointer but it doesn't look good. Maloney's knocked on in the lead up.


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary cuts the margin back to eight.

Rabbitohs lead Panthers 6 - 14 Rabbitohs

Try: Panthers
Scored by Trent Merrin. Kick to come.

Merrin hits and spins - and gets the ball down over his head. Great forwards try!

Rabbitohs lead Panthers 4 - 14 Rabbitohs

Very disjointed second half thus far, neither side has looked likely since the change of ends. Penrith currently attacking.


Inglis coming off for a HIA after a head clash with Waqa Blake.


Some brief moments of concerns for McKendry, he felt his knee lock up in the tackle. He seems *ok* now.


Souths' kickoff... goes dead! Or does it? Replays show Campbell-Gillard fluffed it, but Perenara isn't concerned and proceeds with Penrith's penalty which puts them straight on the attack.


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Doueihi.

Doueihi maintains his perfect record at NRL level with three from three going into the halftime break.

Rabbitohs lead Panthers 0 - 14 Rabbitohs

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Damien Cook. Kick to come.

Cook dazzles his way to the line from 20m out, slicing through some poor defence.

Rabbitohs lead Panthers 0 - 12 Rabbitohs

Off to the Bunker for a possible try to the Rabbitohs. Damien Cook is looking likely but we're seeing if there were obstructions in the lead up.


And now the Panthers force the error from Gagai, great sliding defence from the home side.


GI goes over.... but is held up!


Penrith roll up the park but just have no cut-through when they hit the Bunnies' line. Handover after Wallace his held on the last.


Sam Burgess loses the footy running into the line 30m from Penrith's line, the hosts come away with the ball immediately.


NO TRY as predicted (it was fairly obvious). Penalty Penrith for that offside from Souths half Doueihi.


BUNKER TIME. We're going up to the Bunker for a no try to Josh Mansour. Checking sideline and grounding, but a penalty to Penrith if it's no good anyway for an earlier play.


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Doueihi.

No problems from in front for the rookie half.

Rabbitohs lead Panthers 0 - 8 Rabbitohs

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Cody Walker. Kick to come.

WHAT A TRY! Richie Kennar makes a break on a kick return, dodges a few feeble defenders, comes to the final man and gets the offload to Robert Jennings who is run down by the cover, but not in time for Walker to be there in support, taking the pass and ducking inside to score under the sticks.

Rabbitohs lead Panthers 0 - 6 Rabbitohs

A bit of afters in backplay after a James Maloney kick - Sam Burgess has (legally) tackled him as the kick was put away and Maloney took exception. Play went on and Souths got a penalty for inside the ten anyway.


Penalty Goal: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Doueihi.

Adam Doueihi gets the first points of the game from a penalty adjacent to the sticks.

Rabbitohs lead Panthers 0 - 2 Rabbitohs

Souths have survived the early Penrith onslaught, go up the other end and pin the Panthers deep in their own half.


Penrith pick up the first penalty and Campbell-Gillard takes the quick tap and it puts the Panthers in front of the Rabbitohs' goalline... and then another penalty is awarded! Big chance early for the hosts.


Game ON. Penrith get us underway in the searing heat. Souths with first use.

It's a hot one at the foot of the mountains, still 35 degrees in the lead-up to kickoff. Souths are as per program with Penrith welcoming Dean Whare back into the centres. Check the teams tab for the final lineups!

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Henry Perenara, Dave Munro

Touch Judges: Rohan Best, Adam Cassidy

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy, Ben Galea

Tries: Trent Merrin, Waqa Blake, Tyrone Peachey
Field Goals:
Conversions: Nathan Cleary (3/3)
Penalty Goals: Nathan Cleary (0/1)

Tries: Cody Walker, Damien Cook
Field Goals:
Conversions: Adam Doueihi (2/2)
Penalty Goals: Adam Doueihi (1/1)