Full Time
3:00pm Sat April 7, 2018
Round 5 - Mt Smart Stadium - Crowd: 25600

THEY'VE DONE IT - The Tigers have taken two wins in the season against the Storm


JAC chases through a kick and gets a shocking bounce and the ball goes out as he tries to fling it back in.


Storm cough up possession in attack and now the Tigers have the ball on the Storm 20


TRY...... NO FORWARD PASS - Storm aim up for the field goal but great pressure from the Tigers and Munster has to run it and throws the last pass forward.


Field Goal: Wests Tigers
Kicked by Benji Marshall.

Cool head, calm and collected from Benji Marshall who knocks over the one pointer after some great play from Lolohea down the other end

Wests Tigers lead Wests Tigers 11 - 10 Storm

Both sides throwing punches in attack but they're not doing much damage, Tigers now having to work it deep from their own half


A repeat set for the Tigers after Brooks forced a dropout - Tigers start the set 30m from the Storm line


A lazy tackle from Matulino and the referees deem it to be high, Storm on the attack 25m fromthe Tigers line on tackle 3


Conversion: Wests Tigers
Kicked by Tuimoala Lolohea.

Lolohea knocks over the conversion from right of the uprights and we're all level in Auckland

Tied up at Wests Tigers 10 - 10 Storm

Try: Wests Tigers
Scored by Chris Lawrence. Kick to come.

Luke Brooks runs to the line, engages the defenders and throws it short to Chris Lawrence who scores the Tigers second

Storm lead Wests Tigers 8 - 10 Storm

Brodie Croft inexplicably leaves the kick off to bounce and the Tigers will start the set 40m out


Penalty Goal: Storm
Kicked by Brodie Croft.

Brodie Croft nails the penalty goal and the gap is out to a converted try for the Storm

Storm lead Wests Tigers 4 - 10 Storm

Esan Marsters penalised for grabbing hold of Cam Munster too early and the Storm will take the 2


Tigers trying to create something but nothing comes of it on the last - Storm now on the attack


Tigers survive yet again with Vunivalu tackled into touch


Ben Matulino drops the ball on halfway and the Storm deep in attack on tackle 4


Brodie Croft gets the ball on the last and Kevin Naiqama with a great defensive read shuts it down.


The Tigers survive after Chris Lawrence puts pressure on Brodie Croft who comes up with another bad pass


The Tigers survive after Chris Lawrence puts pressure on Brodie Croft who comes up with another bad pass


Storm go on the attack after the Tigers are called for a knock on, Tigers unlucky to not get a penalty for the Storm markers never being square


Storm win the battle of the set and Benji's kick is down the throat of JAC. Storm start the set close to halfway


Storm having the better of the field position but still a game centred in the middle of the field.


Solid set for the Tigers as the Storm work it away from their own 10


Adam Gee calls time on and the Tigers get first use of the possession


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Brodie Croft.

Brodie Croft nails the conversion and the Storm head into HT with the lead.

Storm lead Wests Tigers 4 - 8 Storm

Try: Storm
Scored by Billy Slater. Kick to come.

A great piece of play off the Scrum from Cam Munster to kick through and Billy Slater charges through and grounds the ball

Storm lead Wests Tigers 4 - 6 Storm

Benji Marshall kicks for the sideline but it's a shocker and the Storm go on the attack in the Tigers half


Conversion: Wests Tigers
Attempted by Tuimoala Lolohea.

Tui Lolohea hits the conversion thinly and it shaves the outside of the upright and waved away

Wests Tigers lead Wests Tigers 4 - 2 Storm

Try: Wests Tigers
Scored by Josh Aloiai. Kick to come.

Not sure when Benji Marshall put a kick in from outside of his own 40 he'd get a try off it. Josh Addo-Carr tries to stop the ball going out (not sure why though), flicks it massively forward infield straight into Esan Marsters hands and Josh Aloiai gets the 4 pointer

Wests Tigers lead Wests Tigers 4 - 2 Storm

Croft goes for a 40/20 but referees call it outside and the Tigers survive


Inside the final 10 minutes and the Tigers are on the attack off the back of a penalty


Luke Brooks tries to kick high and long but it lands on the sideline and the Storm begin the set 48m from the Tigers line


CLOSE BUT NOPE - Benji with a high bomb that's let to bounce and it bounces perfectly for MWZ but he's brought down centimetres from the line


Just a 20m gain in the set for the Tigers starting on their own line - A second tackle kick from the Storm helps the Tigers


Benji kicks deep on tackle 4, can't find the sideline and the Storm are on their own 40 come tackle 3


Brodie Croft gets to the line throws it inside forward to nobody


Another lost ball from the Tigers and they have to defend deep in their own half


MWZ loses the ball, Storm get a penalty, Billy takes a quick tap and almost gets through but loses the ball. Tigers working away from their own 30


Penalty Goal: Storm
Kicked by Brodie Croft.

Brodie Croft nails the penalty goal and Storm get first points

Storm lead Wests Tigers 0 - 2 Storm

PENALTY STORM: The Bunker rules that Young Tonumaipea knocked it on but there's a penalty for the Storm for a player taken out.


BUNKER TIME: Croft puts a kick in for Young Tonumaipea who goes over the top of the ball, BUT Adam Gee has said TRY


PENALTY STORM: Drop ball in trying to take a kick on the Tigers line but they get a penalty with Adam Gee ruling that Esan Marsters took a player without the ball


Pita Godinet takes a run from dummy half and puts the kick through and it's way too deep, Tigers now defending in their own half


Another error from NAS and the Storm have to defend inside their half


Both sides still testing each other out n the opening 15 minutes


PENALTY STORM: Confusion between Adam Gee and Ziggy Prezklasa-Adamski about who the penalty goes to, but it's turned into back to back penalties for the Storm


The Tigers spinning the ball around Benji throws a hard flat ball to Naiqama but it's too hard for the centre to hold and he drops it, Storm scrum on their own 10


REPEAT SET - Luke Brooks bananas a grubber into the ingoal at the posts and Billy Slater is forced to knock it dead


Some jungle ball on the last from the Tigers and Corey Thompson puts boot to ball and it rolls like a soccer ball and Vunivalu trying to leave it is forced to kick it dead.


Two runs in the set for man nicknamed NAS but he loses it on the second run on tackle 4. Tigers start the set 40m from the Storm line

A touch of audio issues between the officials but Adam Gee calls time on and the Tigers kick us off. Storm up towards the 40 on tackle 4.

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Adam Gee, Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski

Touch Judges: Nick Beashel, Chris McMillan

Video Referee: Jared Maxwell, Ben Galea

Tries: Josh Aloiai, Chris Lawrence
Field Goals: Benji Marshall (1/1)
Conversions: Tuimoala Lolohea (1/2)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Billy Slater
Field Goals:
Conversions: Brodie Croft (1/1)
Penalty Goals: Brodie Croft (2/2)