Full Time
7:50pm Thu April 12, 2018
Round 6 - Allianz Stadium - Crowd: 15242

Cronk puts in a chip looking for Tedesco, but the Bunnies backs beat him and they kick the ball dead to end the game.


Cronk with a switch pass to Keary, who then gets it quickly to Radley who dives over for what looked like a try, however the eagle-eyed ref noticed a tiny bobble from Keary and the try is denied.


And the Roosters again produce zero on the last.


PENALTY ROOSTERS - Souths offside, yet again.


Keary with another cut out pass that gets intercepted.


PENALTY ROOSTERS - Souths handing out penalties like they're candy at Halloween.


PENALTY ROOSTERS - Souths give away another one on their own line.


SCRUMS ROOSTERS - South turn it over cheaply on halfway. Both sides getting tired and sloppy now.


PENALTY SOUTHS - Roosters give away a poor penalty.


Keary throws a big cut out pass and finds Kennar and another Roosters attacking raid meekly dies out.


PENALTY ROOSTERS - Souths give away a penalty, denying the Roosters the chance to capitalise on a quick play the ball.


PENALTY ROOSTERS - Souths give away another penalty on their own line.


PENALTY ROOSTERS - Ferguson grubbers back in field and Reynolds runs in front of Cronk to ruin his race to the ball.


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds from out the left side curls it through the pine yet again.

Rabbitohs lead Roosters 14 - 26 Rabbitohs

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by John Sutton. Kick to come.

Sutton drifts right on a good rushing play and he barges over between two defenders for a strong try.

Rabbitohs lead Roosters 14 - 24 Rabbitohs

Inglis steams onto a pass at a full tilt and barges over the line, but Matterson somehow manages to deny Inglis a 4 pointer.


Ferguson takes a high ball but loses the ball in the tackle and the Rabbits are now 5m out from the Roosters line.


Penalty Goal: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds throws this one over and the Bunnies go out to a 6 point lead.

Rabbitohs lead Roosters 14 - 20 Rabbitohs

PENALTY SOUTHS - Roosters offside. Souths 10m out and right in front.


Friend with a hopeless play and kick on the last is caught on the full in goal by Johnston, who now have a 7 tackle set.


Mitchell with a break, passes to Keary, who puts in absolute bludger of a chip that bounces all over the shop. Cronk can't regather in time. Inglis cleans up and dives back into the field of play.


Conversion: Roosters
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Mitchell slots the extras.

Rabbitohs lead Roosters 14 - 18 Rabbitohs

Try: Roosters
Scored by Ryan Matterson. Kick to come.

Ryan "In the right place at the right time" Matterson cleans up a loose ball after a midair contest for a high ball and he runs around to score an easy try.

Rabbitohs lead Roosters 12 - 18 Rabbitohs

PENALTY ROOSTERS - Souths holding down too long in the tackle. They're 30m out from the try line with a full set.


Cronk with a delicate kick infield to ... no one. Souths clean up and survive another Roosters raid.


Tedesco with a great run back through the middle again and is brought down 15m out from the Souths line.


SCRUM ROOSTERS - Cook with yet another break through the middle, tries to make a pass but loses the ball.


Roosters run the ball on the last, with no plan other than to watch Mitchell run from the left side to the right side. He palms it off to Manu who is halted and the Roosters hand it over.


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds slots the extras from touch.

Rabbitohs lead Roosters 8 - 18 Rabbitohs

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Greg Inglis. Kick to come.

Inglis, the thief in the night, snatches a high ball from a Walker kick, out of Tedesco's waiting hands, then travels 10 metres to score.

Rabbitohs lead Roosters 8 - 16 Rabbitohs

Conversion: Rabbitohs
Attempted by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds is unable to convert from the right sideline.

Rabbitohs lead Roosters 8 - 12 Rabbitohs

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Angus Crichton. Kick to come.

Robinson spills a high ball. Tedesco sweeps around and regathers inside his own in-goal. He falls awkwardly in the tackle and loses the ball. Tedesco manages to swat the ball away just before Gagai could plant it, but the ball bounces into the waiting hands of Crichton who scores a simple try.

Rabbitohs lead Roosters 8 - 12 Rabbitohs

Looking at a possibly try to Souths.


PENALTY ROOSTERS - Souths caught rushing up too quickly again. Roosters get a piggy back out of their own half.


The Bunnies get us back underway for the second term.


Cook with yet another break from dummy half right through the middle. He has spiders over him tonight!


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds from the left sideline never looked like missing. All square again.

Tied up at Roosters 8 - 8 Rabbitohs

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Robert Jennings. Kick to come.

Walker with a great dummy, draw, step and then pass to Jennings who scores untouched in the corner.

Roosters lead Roosters 8 - 6 Rabbitohs

PENALTY SOUTHS - Roosters kick chase was offside. Rabbitohs with a let off as they were looking set to have to defend their line again.


Conversion: Roosters
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Mitchell from the left sideline converts splendidly.

Roosters lead Roosters 8 - 2 Rabbitohs

SCRUM ROOSTERS - Souths again fail to turn good field position into points.


Try: Roosters
Scored by Latrell Mitchell. Kick to come.

Tedesco makes a brilliant run through the middle of the field from deep inside his own territory. The next play saw Keary put Mitchell outside the defence. Mitchell with a stunning piece of athleticism to score in the corner.

Roosters lead Roosters 6 - 2 Rabbitohs

Cook gets twisted awkwardly in a tackle and looks to be nursing his ankle, however he has decided to play on.


SCRUM SOUTHS - Cronk dribbles the ball over sideline, 15 yards from the South line.


SCRUM ROOSTERS - Johnston attempts a quick and catch and pass and it misses everyone and into touch, resting at the feet of the time keeper.


PENALTY SOUTHS - Roosters offside again. Souths with another set 15m shy of the tryline.


Reynolds with a lovely dribbling kick forces the Roosters to knock it dead.


SCRUM RABBITOHS - Ferguson takes a great take from a high bomb. He then takes on the edge defenders and gets pushed into touch. Souths with a full set from 2o metres out.


Penalty Goal: Roosters
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Mitchell from in front adds the 2.

Tied up at Roosters 2 - 2 Rabbitohs

PENALTY ROOSTERS - Souths give away another penalty, this time inside their own half. Roosters will aim to equalise the scores.


PENALTY ROOSTERS - Souths again end a strong set by conceding a cheap penalty, undoing their good work.


Souths with another break up the middle.


SCRUM SOUTHS - Keary's grubberfinds plenty of legs and bounces around before Keary knocks it forward out of Inglis' hands.


PENALTY ROOSTERS - Souths offside, They'll start their next set inside the Rabbitohs half.


Sutton makes 25 yards after stepping out of a tackle. Next play and Crichton drops the ball and the Easterners get another reprieve.


SCRUM ROOSTERS - Manu takes Johnston into touch, just.


PENALTY SOUTHS - They start a fresh set 20m from the Tricolours line


Tom Burgess with a capital run through the middle of the field. Souths finding holes everywhere.


SCRUM SOUTHS - Roosters with a steady, no frills set, push into the Roosters half before kicks the ball into touch on the last, 12 yards from the Southerners line.


SCRUM ROOSTERS - Inglis drops the ball in a heavy tackle close to the Roosters line.


PENALTY SOUTHS - Roosters offside again and Souths with a fresh set deep in enemy territory.


Cooks bust right through the middle and links with Clark who dishes it back to Cook who is brought down 20m out from the Roosters line.


Penalty Goal: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds from 30m out and in right in front, slots the goal.

Rabbitohs lead Roosters 0 - 2 Rabbitohs

PENALTY ROOSTERS - Creeping up inside the ten. Bunnies opt to have a crack at a penalty goal.


SCRUM SOUTHS - Roosters playing scrappy footy already. Another cheap turnover.


PENALTY ROOSTERS - And after giving the ball away cheaply, Souths then give away a penalty.


And the bunnies kick on the first and turn the ball over.


SCRUM SOUTHS - JWH spills the pill in a heavy tackle. Souths with the first attacking set in enemy territory.

We're underway here (sorry for the delay)

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Grant Atkins, Alan Shortall

Touch Judges: Nick Beashel, Kasey Badger

Video Referee: Jared Maxwell, Luke Patten

Tries: Latrell Mitchell, Ryan Matterson
Field Goals:
Conversions: Latrell Mitchell (2/2)
Penalty Goals: Latrell Mitchell (1/1)

Tries: Robert Jennings, Angus Crichton, Greg Inglis, John Sutton
Field Goals:
Conversions: Adam Reynolds (3/4)
Penalty Goals: Adam Reynolds (2/2)