Full Time
4:10pm Sun April 22, 2018
Round 7 - Southern Cross Group Stadium - Crowd: 12677

Conversion: Panthers
Attempted by James Maloney.

Maloney from near in front misses the hurried conversion. Penrith have 30 seconds left to score a try.

Sharks lead Sharks 26 - 22 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Viliame Kikau. Kick to come.

Panthers have nothing doing. Kikau gets the ball and barges over for a great try.

Sharks lead Sharks 26 - 22 Panthers

SCRUM PANTHERS - Maloney's pass is intercepted by Moylan, who knocks on.


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by James Maloney.

Maloney from the left touch line, slots the goal.

Sharks lead Sharks 26 - 18 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Isaah Yeo. Kick to come.

Yeo with a great run and barges his way over on the left side.

Sharks lead Sharks 26 - 16 Panthers

SCRUM PANTHERS - Penrith go the short restart, Holmes knocks on as he tried to regather the loose ball.


Penalty Goal: Sharks
Kicked by Chad Townsend.

Townsend from the left sideline nails the penalty goal.

Sharks lead Sharks 26 - 12 Panthers

PENALTY SHARKS - Merrin gives away another dopey penalty.


PENALTY SHARKS - Panthers pushing up fast in defence. Merrin pinged for being a bit too quick.


Panthers turn the ball over on the last as they are right on top of the Sharks line.


PENALTY PANTHERS - Some sloppy play from the Sharks ends in a kick, but the chasers were in front of the kicker.


Dugan juggles a ball and then gets tackled. Play is stopped as it looks like he was on the receiving end of a crusher tackle. Campbell-GIllard is on report.


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Chad Townsend.

Townsend converts from just to the left of the sticks.

Sharks lead Sharks 24 - 12 Panthers

Try: Sharks
Scored by Jesse Ramien. Kick to come.

Segeyaro puts in a grubber 10m out. Maloney takes Dugan out as he was chasing through. Ramien follows through and grounds the ball.

Sharks lead Sharks 22 - 12 Panthers

PENALTY SHARKS - First tackle of the new set and the Panthers give away another Penalty. They've given the Sharks 60 metres for free in two tackles.


PENALTY SHARKS - Panthers defence to keen to get off their line.


Panthers had holes galore in front of them there and decided to run at Sharks defenders instead.


PENALTY PANTHERS - DIllon in front of the kicker. Panthers will start their set near halfway.


Maloney with another great kick and Holmes manages to take it cleanly despite being outnumbered in the contest.


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by James Maloney.

Maloney nails the goal from in front.

Sharks lead Sharks 18 - 12 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Dylan Edwards. Kick to come.

Katoa from dummy half put in a cheeky little grubber and Edwards won the race for the ball to score under the posts.

Sharks lead Sharks 18 - 10 Panthers

PENALTY PANTHERS - Sharks trying to work the tackled player. Panthers with a full set inside the Sharks 20m


Sharks starting to get a lot of offloads away.


Penalty Goal: Sharks
Kicked by Chad Townsend.

Townsend pots the penalty goal from left of the posts.

Sharks lead Sharks 18 - 6 Panthers

PENALTY SHARKS - Panthers again give away a penalty late in the Sharks set, just 5m from their own line.


PENALTY SHARKS - Penrith give away a lazy penalty late in the Sharks set


SCRUMS SHARKS - Whare takes on the Sharks edge defence, but Ramien was equal to the task and shut him down. Whare loses the ball in the tackle.


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Chad Townsend.

Townsend from just to the right of the posts slots the extras.

Sharks lead Sharks 16 - 6 Panthers

Try: Sharks
Scored by Jesse Ramien. Kick to come.

Brailey scoots right from dummy half, dummies once and then passes back to Ramien who runs a great inside line and dives over for a good try.

Sharks lead Sharks 14 - 6 Panthers

Dugan with a kick return, goes 50m down the left touchline before linking with Lee who is tackled 15m shy of the tryline.


SCRUM PANTHERS - Brailey with a good dummy half run. Next play and Moylan throws a sloppy pass over the top to Holmes, with the winger only able to get a foot to the ball, but it still goes into touch.


SCRUM SHARKS - First play off the last scrum and Whare spills the ball cold.


SCRUM PANTHERS - First play off the scrum, Maloney attempts a fast pass. It's intercepted by Lee who then drops it.


SCRUM PANTHERS - Twonsend shuts down Maloney who was attempting a pass. Townsends hand inadvertantly knocks the ball down and forward. Panthers with yet another set inside the Sharks 10m


Sharks with a great run down the left side, Leutele's passes back infield to Paulo and Paulo attempted a fancy over the top offload and the balls goes to Peachey, who then runs for 30 metres.


Sharks turn the ball over with a loose carry inside their own half. Panthers regather and 2 tackles later, Moylan puts in a kick early that was taken well by Ramien.


Yeo runs the ball on the last and makes no effort to avoid the Sharks defence and is brought down 3m from the Sharks line.


PENALTY PANTHERS - Sharks off their line too quick. And now Sorensen is down getting his knee attended to.


DROP OUT SHARKS - Maloney's deft grubber catches Dugan in his own ingoal.


Maloney kicks back to the left corner. Sharks don't contest the kick, Peachey claims it and offloads. The ball is touched by a Sharks player and the Panthers get 6 again inside the Sharks 20.


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Chad Townsend.

Townsend converts.

Sharks lead Sharks 10 - 6 Panthers

Try: Sharks
Scored by Scott Sorensen. Kick to come.

Sorensen with a brilliant run, shrugs off two tackles, then puts on a massive left foot step to run 40m to score under the posts.

Sharks lead Sharks 8 - 6 Panthers

SCRUM PANTHERS - Moylan finishes a really poor set with a tidy kick for touch, finding it 10m from the Panthers line.


Leutele makes a break down the left wing and then throws a poor offload to Moylan and he can't maintain possession.


Luke Lewis is ruled out. Looks to be a calf injury.


Maloney kicks across to the right side. Peachey and Moylan contest the ball. Peachey is ruled to have swatted the ball out of Moylan's hands and forward. No try.


VIDEO REF - Looking at a possible Panther try.


PENALTY PANTHERS - Sharks give away another penalty and again it comes late in the set.


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by James Maloney.

Maloney from the left sideline never looked like missing.

Panthers lead Sharks 4 - 6 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Dallin Watene Zelezniak. Kick to come.

Maloney swings the ball left fast and DWZ scores untouched in the corner.

Tied up at Sharks 4 - 4 Panthers

PENALTY PANTHERS - Sharks off the line too quickly. Penrith with another set inside the Sharks 10m


Paulo comes off for an HIA. Sharks dropping like flies again.


PENALTY PANTHERS - Moylan offside


Paulo is down after trying to tackle a storming Campbell-Gillard around the waist


DROP OUT SHARKS - Maloney puts up a mini bomb and Holmes runs back to take it well before being pushed in goal.


Fifita receives a lovely short ball and makes half a break before offloading to Capewell, but the back rower can't catch the ball. Panthers survive.


SCRUM SHARKS - Crichton loses the ball as he's getting to his feet to play it. Sharks right on the attack now.


Peachey attempts a grubber but it goes straight to an uncontested Dugan. Luke Lewis hobbles off the ground


Moylan grubbers early. Crichton loses the ball in a 1 on 1 strip inside the Panthers in goal and the loose ball is grounded by Brailey, however the Bunker has decided that Moylan knocked the ball on.


PENALTY SHARKS - second tackle after the scrum and the Panthers hold down too long. They start a new set on halfway.


SCRUM SHARKS - Maloney grubbers from the touchline and finds it 10m from the Sharks line.


Conversion: Sharks
Attempted by Chad Townsend.

Townsend 3m in from the right touchline, looking into the sun, just pushes the kick across the face.

Sharks lead Sharks 4 - 0 Panthers

Try: Sharks
Scored by Valentine Holmes. Kick to come.

Dugan with a wobbly grubber and Valentine Holmes with a good pick up and scores in the corner untouched.

Sharks lead Sharks 4 - 0 Panthers

PENALTY SHARKS - Too quickly off the line by the Panthers. Sharks get a piggy back into the Panthers half.


SCRUM SHARKS - Nice backline move by the Panthers, shifting left but Whare drops an easy pass. Townsend tried to scoop up the loose ball and knocked it on.


PENALTY PANTHERS - Sharks up too quick in defence on just the second tackle.


an unconvincing opening set by the Sharks. Townsend kicked from 35m out from his own line.

Maloney kicks off and the Sharks will have the first run

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Matt Cecchin, Phil Henderson

Touch Judges: Nick Beashel, Clayton Sharpe

Video Referee: Ashley Klein, Bryan Norrie

Tries: Valentine Holmes, Scott Sorensen, Jesse Ramien (2)
Field Goals:
Conversions: Chad Townsend (3/4)
Penalty Goals: Chad Townsend (2/2)

Tries: Dallin Watene Zelezniak, Dylan Edwards, Isaah Yeo, Viliame Kikau
Field Goals:
Conversions: James Maloney (3/4)
Penalty Goals: