Full Time
6:00pm Fri June 15, 2018
Round 15 - 1300SMILES Stadium - Crowd: 11062

Hoare now being helped off the field and down the tunnel.


Field Goal: Warriors
Kicked by Shaun Johnson.

Johnson snaps a field goal with just over a minute left.

Warriors lead Cowboys 16 - 23 Warriors

SCRUM WARRIORS - Harris got the ball on the last and had to kick. It was forced down by Thurston but went into touch.


SCRUM COWBOYS - Green found to have knocked on. Cowboys get a full set 35m from the Warriors line


Hampton has been Paul Galea solid off the bench today.


SCRUM WARRIORS - TMM with a hospital crash ball for Cooper, who had no chance to hold it and the ball hits the deck.


DROP OUT WARRIORS - Thurston grubbers and Hampton follows it through and very nearly grounds it, but RTS plants it first.


SCRUM COWBOYS - Luke loses the ball from dummy half. Cowboys will be back on the attack, 40m from the Warriors line.


TMM with a kick that was too shallow and Hiku took the ball brilliantly on his own line.


PENALTY COWBOYS - They are now inside the Warriors 20m


Feldt complaining about the officiating. If he keeps that up he'll have Braith Anasta's job.


Penalty Goal: Warriors
Kicked by Shaun Johnson.

Johnson slots the 2 pointer

Warriors lead Cowboys 16 - 22 Warriors

PENALTY WARRIORS - Feldt pinged for dissent while his side had the ball and were working it out of their own half. Stupid.


Taumalolo takes a crash ball and is trying to get his arm free to score and the ball is knocked out in the tackle by the Warriors. Thurston picked up the loose ball and dived over for a try but it was disallowed, Taumalolo ruled to have knocked on.


A solid, Neil Almond-esque performance with the whistle tonight by the refs.


DROP OUT WARRIORS - Thurston's kick was dropped by Beale and Hiku cleans up before being forced dead ingoal.


Conversion: Cowboys
Attempted by Johnathan Thurston.

Thurston from 10m in from the right sideline, and he again pushes it across the face.

Warriors lead Cowboys 16 - 20 Warriors

Try: Cowboys
Scored by Kyle Feldt. Kick to come.

Green passes to RTS and it bounces forward off him and right into TMM's hands, who then runs 60m before throwing a high, long, looping ball out to Feldt who scores in the corner.

Warriors lead Cowboys 16 - 20 Warriors

Another Granville grubber is a touch heavy. A Drop out was ruled before being over ruled very late.


DROPOUT WARRIORS - Cowboys earn another repeat set. Warriors being starved of possession now.


Cowboys get 6 again and then a Penalty. Mounting plenty of pressure.


PENALTY COWBOYS - Linnett takes a cheeky, Adrian Vowles like quick tap and is brought down 5m shy of the Warriors line.


Warriors butcher their last tackle and lose a heap of real estate before turning it over just inside their own half.


Feldt is back up and the Warriors start with a 7 tackle set from their 20m


Feldt now down after diving to try and score a try off a kick.


Play stopped as trainers help Kata off the field.


Kata was all but over to score a try but the ball slipped out of his hands with no one around him. He's now down with a hamstring issue


PENALTY WARRIORS - Taumalolo pinged on halfway.


Conversion: Warriors
Kicked by Shaun Johnson.

Johnson from almost right in front nails the extras.

Warriors lead Cowboys 12 - 20 Warriors

PENALTY WARRIORS - Hess tries to hurdle the tackled player as they were getting to their feet. Dumb play.


SCRUM WARRIORS - Molo drops the regulation pass on his own 30m line.


SCRUM WARRIORS - Hampton almost sneaks through the line, but loses the ball as he gets to his feet to play the ball.


Conversion: Cowboys
Attempted by Johnathan Thurston.

Thurston from the right touchline pushes it across the face.

Warriors lead Cowboys 12 - 18 Warriors

Try: Cowboys
Scored by Kyle Feldt. Kick to come.

Kyle Feldt takes the ball from dummy half, goes to the short side close to the line and scores a try in the right corner. There's 25 other blokes on the field still wondering what the hell just happened.

Warriors lead Cowboys 12 - 18 Warriors

DROP OUT WARRIORS - Granville's grubber is forced in goal just in time by the Warriors.


Hampton has passed his HIA and has taken to the field at fullback in the second half. Morgan is sitting on the bench with a bicep injury but as yet, hasn't been ruled out.


In the first match between these two sides, Warriors centre Richie Blackmore was Man of the Match. If Solomone Kata continues his first half form after the break here, he could very well repeat the achievement.


Nice play down the right wing by the Cowboys, followed by a great flick pass on the next play by Cooper to Bowen, who kicks back infield but Taumalolo knocks on while trying to tap the ball back to his team mates.


Conversion: Cowboys
Kicked by Johnathan Thurston.

Thurston nails the goal from touch.

Warriors lead Cowboys 8 - 18 Warriors

Try: Cowboys
Scored by Javid Bowen. Kick to come.

Thurston links with Feldt, who then threw a nice ball to put Bowen over in the left corner

Warriors lead Cowboys 6 - 18 Warriors

DROP OUT WARRIORS - Thurston's grubber is much better here and forces Johnston to take it dead.


SCRUM COWBOYS - Beale ruled to have knocked on. Fair enough.


Thurston puts up a mammoth bomb which is also useless, as it travels too far forward and Beale takes it on the full in his own in-goal. 7 tackle set for the Warriors.


Ben Hampton off, getting an HIA while Morgan has an elbow injury being looked at.


SCRUM COWBOYS - Johnson finds touch 5m from the Cowboys line.


Afoa and Blair linking like Betts and Dean Bell.


Conversion: Warriors
Kicked by Shaun Johnson.

Johnson bangs over another goal from out wide.

Warriors lead Cowboys 2 - 18 Warriors

Try: Warriors
Scored by Solomone Kata. Kick to come.

RTS takes the ball to the line and dishes the ball to Kata who ran back infield on a good line, stumbled in an ineffective tackle and then crawled over the line to score.

Warriors lead Cowboys 2 - 16 Warriors

Morgan has come from the field with an injury. Hampton to fullback.


Luke with another half break that resulted in him dropping the ball.


Conversion: Warriors
Kicked by Shaun Johnson.

Johnson converts easily.

Warriors lead Cowboys 2 - 12 Warriors

Try: Warriors
Scored by Roger Tuivasa-sheck. Kick to come.

RTS scores a great solo try! He picked up the ball from dummy half from well inside his own half, strolled through the middle, stutter-stepped past Morgan and ran away to score under the posts.

Warriors lead Cowboys 2 - 10 Warriors

Conversion: Warriors
Kicked by Shaun Johnson.

Johnson's sideline conversion goes straight through the posts.

Warriors lead Cowboys 2 - 6 Warriors

Try: Warriors
Scored by Ken Maumalo. Kick to come.

Warriors run it on the last and go left, RTS with a nice draw and pass finds Maumalo, who scores a good try in the corner.

Warriors lead Cowboys 2 - 4 Warriors

PENALTY WARRIORS - Cowboys give away their third quick penalty.


Beale is somehow brought down shy of the line despite no defenders in front of him


PENALTY WARRIORS - Cowboys give another penalty away, this time late in the set and on their own line.


PENALTY WARRIORS - They start their set on the Cowboys 30m line.


Granville grubbers from dummy half on the last, with the line set either side of him and the ball goes dead in goal. Warriors with a 7 tackle set.


PENALTY COWBOYS - They again return to the Warriors half for another shot at their line.


SCRUM COWBOYS - Luke drops the ball in the tackle after his break.


Issac Luke with a great run through the middle of the ruck that would make Syd Eru proud.


Penalty Goal: Cowboys
Kicked by Johnathan Thurston.

Thurston throws over the penalty goal from right in front. And in doing so, he racks up 2100 career points for the Cowboys.

Cowboys lead Cowboys 2 - 0 Warriors

PENALTY COWBOYS - Warriors take too long to take the drop out. The buzzer sounds just before the kick.


DROP OUT WARRIORS - TMM's grubber looks a touch heavy, but sits up and RTS taps it dead.


A poor kick and a poorer pass back infield by the Cowboys hands the ball to the Warriors.


PENALTY COWBOYS - Beale flew up off his line early to take an intercept. Cows get another full set on the Warriors line.


SCRUM COWBOYS - On their second tackle of the set, inside their own half, the Warriors spread the ball right but Hiku drops it cold with no one in front of him. Cowboys with a full set 35m out from the Warriors line.


Much better set by the Warriors, thanks largely to a good run by Kata.


Cowboys run it on the last with a switch play by Thurston, but nothing comes from it.


Steady opening set by the Warriors.

Henry blows the whistle and the Cowboys get us underway.

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Henry Perenara, Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski

Touch Judges: Clayton Sharpe, Liam Kennedy

Video Referee: Jared Maxwell, Bryan Norrie

Tries: Javid Bowen, Kyle Feldt (2)
Field Goals:
Conversions: Johnathan Thurston (1/3)
Penalty Goals: Johnathan Thurston (1/1)

Tries: Ken Maumalo, Roger Tuivasa-sheck, Solomone Kata
Field Goals: Shaun Johnson (1/1)
Conversions: Shaun Johnson (4/4)
Penalty Goals: Shaun Johnson (1/1)