Full Time
3:00pm Sat June 16, 2018
Round 15 - Belmore Sports Ground - Crowd: 6874

FULL TIME @ Belmore and the Gold Coast have had a good day out taking a 32-10 win


David Klemmer is the one who tries to create something this time, chipping over the top but it goes dead


Nothing happening as this one meekly approaches FT - The Bulldogs trying hard to create points but they can't do anything


BUNKER: Ash Taylor picks the ball up off a loose Bulldogs pass and strolls through to score... he then gives it to Moeaki Fotuaika for a rare try BUT it's sent to the bunker who rules Taylor knocked it into a Bulldogs player


The fans starting to head to for the gates at Belmore - 6,874 the attendance at Belmore


Taylor onto Proctor but this time Proctor loses the ball close to the line and the Dogs get a scrum on their own 10


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Michael Gordon.

No issues for the man nicknamed Flash as he converts from 5m to the right of the upright

Titans lead Bulldogs 10 - 32 Titans

Try: Titans
Scored by Kevin Proctor. Kick to come.

Bulldogs left edge again is soft as Proctor runs straight over the top of Matt Frawley to score

Titans lead Bulldogs 10 - 30 Titans

The Bulldogs get a 7 tackle set after a poor kick is taken on the full in-goal and they make huge yards in the set but the last tackle option is deplorably non-exsistent


Conversion: Bulldogs
Kicked by Moses Mbye.

Moses Mbye converts from in front

Titans lead Bulldogs 10 - 26 Titans

Try: Bulldogs
Scored by John Olive. Kick to come.

The only way the Bulldogs looked to score was going to come off an intercept and that's what happens - Taylor runs to the line gives a short ball expecting Brimson to be there but all he did was throw it to nobody and Olive picked it up and raced away untouched

Titans lead Bulldogs 8 - 26 Titans

PENALTY TITANS: The Titans lose the ball and it's called a lost ball initially but a tip of sees a penalty come off it


Conversion: Titans
Attempted by Michael Gordon.

Michael Gordon again with a shocking attempt at conversion from out wide goes well away from the posts

Titans lead Bulldogs 4 - 26 Titans

Try: Titans
Scored by Phillip Sami. Kick to come.

Ash Taylor's kick gets rebounded picks it up and some beautiful work with Michael Gordon and it ends up back with Ash Taylor who kicks across field and it's a easy catch for Sami

Titans lead Bulldogs 4 - 26 Titans

The Titans have only made 30m and 25m in their two sets in the second half.


Second half underway with the Bulldogs making good yardage in the set


Conversion: Bulldogs
Attempted by Moses Mbye.

Moses Mbye puts in a shocker of a conversion attempt from close range

Titans lead Bulldogs 4 - 22 Titans

Try: Bulldogs
Scored by Moses Mbye. Kick to come.

The bunker overturns the live decision of No Try ruling as Mbye went past the lead runner he turned into a support player

Titans lead Bulldogs 4 - 22 Titans

BUNKER: Moses Mbye in his last game for the Bulldogs has crossed - Referees Sutton and Reynolds have a chat and Chris Sutton sends it to the Mobile bunker on a NO TRY live decision


A good little kick from the Bulldogs and Smith puts a good hit on Sami who cleaned it up and the Bulldogs get a repeat set


Bulldogs going nowhere on the last and Jeremy Marshall King finally gets a kick away and it looks good but the bounce is a shocker and it goes into touch


Matt Frawley looks certain to score but Keegan Hipgrave makes a trysaving tackle


Matt Frawley kicks high from centre-field and it's about 10m over the sideline on the full going about 15m forward and 40m sideways


Gordon streaks through the left again and then throws the ball back inside to Brimson when he should've gone outside to Don


Another poor uncreative set from the Bulldogs and the Titans get a changeover on their own 10


The Bulldogs get a penalty on the Titans line and they go on the attack


Conversion: Titans
Attempted by Michael Gordon.

Michael Gordon puts in a shocker of a conversion attempt

Titans lead Bulldogs 0 - 22 Titans

Try: Titans
Scored by Anthony Don. Kick to come.

Another try down the Bulldogs left side as Anthony Don puts the ball down in the corner with about 3 blades of grass between it and the sideline

Titans lead Bulldogs 0 - 22 Titans

PENALTY DOGS: David Klemmer flies out of the line and hits a Titans player hard and high... looked worse than it was


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Michael Gordon.

Michael Gordon kicks another conversion from close range

Titans lead Bulldogs 0 - 18 Titans

Try: Titans
Scored by Ryan James. Kick to come.

A poor kick from Frawley down the other end gave the Titans a 7 tackle set; Gordon made a good break the play before and now Ryan James from short range puts some footwork on and gets over for a try

Titans lead Bulldogs 0 - 16 Titans

Jack Stockwell looks to throw an offload but can't get his grip back on the ball and loses it short of the Dogs line


John Olive has to put up a high kick and it holds up in the strong wind and the Bulldogs get it back before Frawley's second kick is awful


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Michael Gordon.

Gordon converts his own try

Titans lead Bulldogs 0 - 12 Titans

Try: Titans
Scored by Michael Gordon. Kick to come.

Michael Gordon has a double after a good catch and pass from the Titans which is helped by some poor right defence; Chris Sutton needed to check with the TJ Gordon caught it cleanly and it's all good

Titans lead Bulldogs 0 - 10 Titans

PENALTY TITANS: The Titans get their first penalty as the Bulldogs keep a hand in the ruck... Lee taps and goes and the Bulldogs are defending in their own 20


PENALTY DOGS: The Titans infringe in the ruck and Chris Sutton blows the penalty


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Michael Gordon.

Michael Gordon converts his own try

Titans lead Bulldogs 0 - 6 Titans

Try: Titans
Scored by Michael Gordon. Kick to come.

Kevin Proctor steams through a gap in the Bulldogs line and Michael Gordon gets on the back of the pass and he scores next to the posts though nearly blowing it

Titans lead Bulldogs 0 - 4 Titans

Some end to end action as the Bulldogs get up on the Titans line but lose it


Good first set for the Titans as the Bulldogs work it away from their own 20


Chris Sutton calls time on and we're underway - The Bulldogs using the ball first

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Chris Sutton, Gavin Reynolds

Touch Judges: Jeff Younis, Liam Nicholls

Video Referee: Jared Maxwell, Bryan Norrie

Tries: Moses Mbye, John Olive
Field Goals:
Conversions: Moses Mbye (1/2)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Michael Gordon (2), Ryan James, Anthony Don, Phillip Sami, Kevin Proctor
Field Goals:
Conversions: Michael Gordon (4/6)
Penalty Goals: