Full Time
5:30pm Sat September 1, 2018
Round 25 - Cbus Super Stadium - Crowd: 26681

Well done on a stellar and amazing career JT, from everyone here at LeagueUnlimited!


All over. Thurston makes the last tackle and the Cowboys win!


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Ashley Taylor.

Taylor rapidly converts. 27 seconds left.

Cowboys lead Titans 26 - 30 Cowboys

Try: Titans
Scored by Brenko Lee. Kick to come.

This time a Lee break and pass finds its mark, passes to Don, who threw a long pass back inside to Lee who scores under the posts

Cowboys lead Titans 24 - 30 Cowboys

SCRUM TITANS - Martin finds touch 5m from the Titans cornerpost.


SCRUM COWBOYS - Edrick Lee at dummy half, dummied left and threw a cut out pass that cut out his back rower, winger, the touchie, the chairs and found the advertising boards.


PENALTY TITANS - Titans with a short restart but it doesn't quite go 10 metres, however O'Neill caught it.


Conversion: Cowboys
Kicked by Johnathan Thurston.

Thurston from right in front, kicks another goal.

Cowboys lead Titans 20 - 30 Cowboys

Try: Cowboys
Scored by Gideon Gela-mosby. Kick to come.

Titans go to the right side and have a 3 on 2 play, but Gela-Mosby takes a great intercept and runs 70m to score under the posts

Cowboys lead Titans 20 - 28 Cowboys

Bad last tackle play there by the Cowboys.


Conversion: Cowboys
Kicked by Johnathan Thurston.

Thurston from the left side kicks another goal.

Cowboys lead Titans 20 - 24 Cowboys

Try: Cowboys
Scored by Gavin Cooper. Kick to come.

Thurston kicks for Cooper again and this time it works! Cooper takes the catch above his head and falls over the line to score. He has become the first forward to score a try in 9 straight games.

Cowboys lead Titans 20 - 22 Cowboys

That's the 7th drop out of the night by the Titans.


Thurston with another probing grubber, looking for Cooper but Brimson takes it dead.


Granville with a chargedown and Scott dives on it. Cowboys right back on attack.


Linnett limps off the field. and play is back underway.


Play stopped as Linnett down getting treatment to his leg/ankle.


Thurston with another solid hit, this time on Taylor and it also forces the ball loose.


Thurston on the last with a deft grubber, Elgey tried to tap it dead but missed and Hess coming through knocked on while trying to ground the ball.


DROP OUT TITANS - Second tackle off their own line and the Cowboys with a huge defensive push force the Titans back into their own in-goal.


PENALTY TITANS - They find touch 30m from their own line.


Cowboys get a repeat set after Martin's grubber is run dead by Don. Cowboys have lifted in the last 5 mins


Conversion: Cowboys
Kicked by Johnathan Thurston.

Thurston nails another goal.

Titans lead Titans 20 - 18 Cowboys

Try: Cowboys
Scored by Ben Hampton. Kick to come.

Asiata at first receiver close to the line, passes beautifully and quickly out the back to Hampton who runs through a huge gap to score.

Titans lead Titans 20 - 16 Cowboys

Titans with the short drop out and Cooper brilliant cleans it up. 2 tackles later and the Coboys drop the ball. The Titans clean it up, make 20m and then drop it and the Cowboys clean up again.


DROP OUT TITANS - Taylor cleans up a Gela-Mosby grubber in his own in-goal, runs sideways and passes to Peats who is then crunched by Asiata


Both sides getting a bit sloppy, but are still throwing it about


SCRUM TITANS - Thurston with a 1-on-1 strip but he drops it


Elgey plays down the shortside and sends a cut out pass to the spectators.


Penalty Goal: Titans
Kicked by Ashley Taylor.

Taylor kicks a penalty goal from almost in front.

Titans lead Titans 20 - 12 Cowboys

PENALTY TITANS - Fensom with a bad play the ball.


Conversion: Cowboys
Kicked by Johnathan Thurston.

Thurston with his trademark curling conversion from touch is good.

Titans lead Titans 18 - 12 Cowboys

Try: Cowboys
Scored by Ben Hampton. Kick to come.

Thurston kicks across to the left side. Cooper taps it back, Gela-Mosby cleans up and passes to Hampton who scores.

Titans lead Titans 18 - 10 Cowboys

DROP OUT TITANS - Brimson takes Thurston's well placed bomb just outside his own in-goal area before Gela-Mosby tackled him ingoal.


SCRUM COWBOYS - Titans with a good set followed by Taylor finding touch 25m from the Cowboys line.


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Ashley Taylor.

Taylor from out on the left side again, converts the try.

Titans lead Titans 18 - 6 Cowboys

Try: Titans
Scored by Mitch Rein. Kick to come.

Rein from dummy half with a dummy and dives over close to the line to score.

Titans lead Titans 16 - 6 Cowboys

SCRUM TITANS - Cooper drops the ball cold


Conversion: Cowboys
Kicked by Johnathan Thurston.

Thurston nails the goal from practically in front.

Titans lead Titans 12 - 6 Cowboys

Try: Cowboys
Scored by Shaun Fensom. Kick to come.

Granville skips to the left from dummy half, shows it once and then dishes it to Fensom who ran straight and hard into the defence, reaches out and slams it down next to the upright.

Titans lead Titans 12 - 4 Cowboys

PENALTY COWBOYS - They get a chance now to get on the board


Thurston with a big hit on James, picked him up and dumped him on his backside, forcing James to drop the ball.


Cowboys throwing the ball around on the fourth before it gets to Thurston who skips across to the right and then dumps it back on the inside to Taumalolo who barges his way to the line. Granville then knocked on at the play the ball.


Cowboys just can't quite get close enough to the Titans line often enough to put their defence under pressure


SCRUM TITANS - They'll work it out from deep in their own half.


Thurston with a crafty shallow chip to Gela-Mosby, who took it brilliantly one handed, but was tackled into touch, just shy of the Titans line.


PENALTY - Hipgrave with a sloppy high tackle on Hampton who was running the ball back after fielding a long kick. Cowboys start on halfway.


DROP OUT TITANS - Thurston with a nice grubber on the last and Brimson is trapped in goal.


PENALTY COWBOYS - Cowboys with a full set inside the Titans 30m


SCRUM COWBOYS - Titans drop the ball on the Cowboys 40m line.


SCRUM COWBOYS - Wallace takes the crash ball into the defence but he dropped it. Cowboys picked it up and swung it to Thurston on the left, but his pass was knocked down by a Titans player. No advantage


PENALTY TITANS - Taylor with a little short side grubber on the last but no one could grab a hold of it. Thurston though was ruled to be accidentally offside.


Don busts right through the middle but is rounded up by Thurston after making 40 metres


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Ashley Taylor.

Taylor from the right side, nails the conversion.

Titans lead Titans 12 - 0 Cowboys

Try: Titans
Scored by Kane Elgey. Kick to come.

Elgey runs up to the line, grubbers through for himself, gets a lucky bounce and scores a good solo try.

Titans lead Titans 10 - 0 Cowboys

DROP OUT COWBOYS - Gee that was close. Hampton juggles a grubber with Titans players coming through and he just regathersit in time but is tackled in goal.


SCRUM TITANS - Taylor's drop out finds touch.


PENALTY COWBOYS - Illegal strip. Cowboys start their set 15m from halfway.


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Ashley Taylor.

Taylor nails the goal.

Titans lead Titans 6 - 0 Cowboys

Try: Titans
Scored by Aj Brimson. Kick to come.

Taylor turns it back inside to Lee, who then passed to Brimson who weaved his way through the defence to score a good try.

Titans lead Titans 4 - 0 Cowboys

SCRUM TITANS - From the Scrum the Titans go right side and Lee's pass goes behind his winger and into touch, however it was touched by the Cowboys defence.


SCRUM TITANS - Taumalolo drops a pass cold near halfway.


Hampton steps off his left, and weaves through the defence before being tackled on the last just centimetres short of the line.

PENALTY COWBOYS - Very first tackle of the game and the Cowboys receive a penalty. Thurston finds touch 5m shy of halfway.

We're underway in Thurston's final game!

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Matt Noyen, Gavin Badger

Touch Judges: Rickey McFarlane, Nick Morel

Video Referee: Ashley Klein, Bryan Norrie

Tries: Aj Brimson, Kane Elgey, Mitch Rein, Brenko Lee
Field Goals:
Conversions: Ashley Taylor (4/4)
Penalty Goals: Ashley Taylor (1/1)

Tries: Shaun Fensom, Ben Hampton (2), Gavin Cooper, Gideon Gela-mosby
Field Goals:
Conversions: Johnathan Thurston (5/5)
Penalty Goals: