Full Time
7:50pm Thu March 28, 2019
Round 3 - Suncorp Stadium - Crowd: 21081

Field Goal: Dragons
Kicked by Corey Norman.

Corey Norman kicks it! The Dragons win!

Dragons lead Broncos 24 - 25 Dragons

Jamayne Isaako's attempt at field goal MISSES! Seven-tackle set.


Chaos here as Kodi Nikorima almost bursts through but he offloads straight to Jacob Host. Dragons can't make an error here as they work it out from deep inside their own end. Paul Vaughan up towards the 40 before Luciano Leilua surges up to halfway and drops the ball! Less than two minutes left!


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Jamayne Isaako.

Isaako locks us up.

Tied up at Broncos 24 - 24 Dragons

Try: Broncos
Scored by Jack Bird. Kick to come.

This is not good. Gareth Widdop is there to take the kick back inside but he has injured his shoulder again, drops the ball and Bird scores! Terrible luck for Saints.

Dragons lead Broncos 22 - 24 Dragons

Kodi Nikorima plays at the Ben Hunt kick and the Dragons halfback holds him back. Penalty Broncos.


Ben Hunt with another spiralling bomb but Corey Oates is under this one. Jack Bird then up to the 30 before Jamayne Isaako works it up to the 40. Tevita Pangai then takes it up to halfway. They spread it left to Oates. He steams upfield and they're 30 out on the last. Kodi Nikorima threatens to break through here and offloads for Matt Gillett but it's a tough one and he drops it.


But after providing the spark earlier Korbin Sims drops the ball.


Six again after a touch from Brisbane. This could be the game here.


Corey Oates struggles and can't take an awkward Ben Hunt bomb and the Brisbane defensive line is in allsorts! Dragons 10 out - they have to score!


Ben Hunt with a perfect kick after points that finds touch ten out from the try line.


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Gareth Widdop.

Widdop nails it from right in front.

Dragons lead Broncos 18 - 24 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Korbin Sims. Kick to come.

Korbin Sims! He barges over against his former club and the Broncos pay for failing to capitalise on that earlier try-scoring opportunity.

Dragons lead Broncos 18 - 22 Dragons

BOMBED! Brilliantly worked play off the scrum, Darius Boyd straightens things up and Jamayne Isaako is through but drops it cold. Dragons survive.


Tariq Sims with an error trying to wrap up the loose ball after the kick deflected and the Broncos get another full set. Lots of pressure on the Dragons here.


Brisbane earn a quick penalty and they start their new set on halfway. Anthony Milford with a show of pace and he bursts through - Broncos now 20 out. They shift it right quickly - Darius Boyd to Jamayne Isaako but the Dragons scramble to shut him down. But they are penalised, it looks like for a high shot.


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Jamayne Isaako.

Isaako levels the scores.

Tied up at Broncos 18 - 18 Dragons

Try: Broncos
Scored by Alex Glenn. Kick to come.

Another soft try - this time a simple kick from Kodi Nikorima and Glenn scores untouched.

Dragons lead Broncos 16 - 18 Dragons

Momentum may have swung straight back with Paul Vaughan ruled to have taken Kodi Nikorima out in the chase for a kick from David Fifita. Broncos 10 out with a big chance to hit straight back.


Penalty Goal: Dragons
Kicked by Gareth Widdop.

Penalty Dragons and Widdop slots the penalty goal to push their lead out to six.

Dragons lead Broncos 12 - 18 Dragons

Ben Hunt kicks it straight to Corey Oates off the restart but Jamayne Isaako now comes up with a simple error. Brisbane going terribly.


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Gareth Widdop.

Widdop with a lovely conversion.

Dragons lead Broncos 12 - 16 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Mikaele Ravalawa. Kick to come.

Saints needed to score first and they do through a flying Fijian in Ravalawa!

Dragons lead Broncos 12 - 14 Dragons

Corey Oates spills the short dropout. Dragons scrum fee 20 out.


Lovely grubber on the last from Corey Norman. Dropout forced.


Another error from Brisbane and the Dragons get it straight back. Jacob Host with a settler before they spread it left to Timoteo Lafai who is put down 20 out. Tariq Sims straightens things up with a strong carry and then they go to the other side and Gareth Widdop schemes and gives it back to Ben Hunt who finds Korbin Sims and after all that they're still 10 out.


Very close! Ben Hunt with a lovely short ball to Jacob Host who steams straight and hard towards the line but he can't make it to the line after the tackle from Anthony Milford and Jack Bird.


Kodi Nikorima sends his first kick of the second half out on the full. Dragons with it 40 out from the Brisbane line.


Back underway at Suncorp.


Mikaele Ravalawa spills a bomb in the dying moments but luckily for him the Broncos can't pack the scrum in time. Despite playing nowhere near their best, Brisbane lead 12-10 at the break.


Ben Hunt evades defenders again and kicks into space but the chasers can't get there in time. To be fair, Hunt has been very good so far, just hasn't always got the support he's needed.


Andrew McCullough with a smart kick after points, it trickles into touch five out from the Dragons' line.


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Jamayne Isaako.

Isaako sneaks it in.

Broncos lead Broncos 12 - 10 Dragons

Try: Broncos
Scored by James Roberts. Kick to come.

Roberts with a fantastic take off the Gareth Widdop kick and he evades a few defenders before racing away to score.

Tied up at Broncos 10 - 10 Dragons

Another couple of simple missed tackles as Ben Hunt surges through and his kick on the last is a good one but the chase is just not good enough and Jamayne Isaako races up to the 20. Brisbane now come up with an error - Thomas Flegler the player - Dragons with a big chance here.


Anthony Milford looks to force a repeat set but Gareth Widdop gets a boot to it and has the ball for the Dragons.


Momentum has well and truly shifted here and the Broncos now nab a penalty. Despite looking well on top for most of the half the Dragons could very easily be trailing at the break. Brisbane start the set on their own 40.


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Jamayne Isaako.

Isaako slots it.

Dragons lead Broncos 6 - 10 Dragons

Try: Broncos
Scored by Corey Oates. Kick to come.

Mikaele Ravalawa with a simple loose carry and Oates scoops it up and scores.

Dragons lead Broncos 4 - 10 Dragons

This game is bizarre! Ben Hunt threatens to go through, links with a charging James Graham but he is just held up. The Broncos eventually get the ball back off an early kick but they are really struggling to keep up in defence.


Euan Aitken! He bursts through out of nowhere and the Dragons are just 10 out. The grubber on the last isn't the best though and the Broncos have it back but appear to have coughed up possession 20 out from their own line. They look incredibly flat.


Brisbane look certain to force an offload but somehow Gareth Widdop links with Corey Norman and the Dragons get out.


They survive JUST! Alex Glenn looks certain to score but just pulls up short and drops the ball.


Hand on the ball in the play the ball and it's a penalty for Brisbane 10 out. The Dragons have looked slick in attack, can they prove they are just as good in defence?


Anthony Milford with a smart kick towards in-goal and Ben Hunt punts it dead. Finally the home side build some pressure.


Gareth Widdop back to take the early kick from Anthony Milford and he then finds Jordan Pereira back in support as Saints work it out from inside their own half. Widdop kicks out of dummy-half, Darius Boyd is back for it and taken in a strong tackle by Tariq Sims.


Dragons in a similar position on the last again and the kick from Corey Norman ends up in a similar area but Jack Bird covers it.


Dragons up to the 40 off the set after points. Corey Norman with a clearing kick and Jamayne Isaako covers it, bringing the ball back towards his own 30. Corey Oates then surges over the 40. Jack Bird past halfway - these are good metres from Brisbane's outside backs. Kodi Nikorima with a lovely cutout ball to James Roberts who finds Jamayne Isaako but they run out of room. 30 out on the last - Andrew McCullough goes high and Gareth Widdop takes it comfortably.


Conversion: Dragons
Attempted by Gareth Widdop.

Widdop shades the conversion from the sideline.

Dragons lead Broncos 0 - 10 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Jordan Pereira. Kick to come.

Pereira shows great balance to stay in the field and score in the corner.

Dragons lead Broncos 0 - 10 Dragons

Ben Hunt with a towering bomb on the last and Darius Boyd takes it in a diving attempt. He's taken just shy of his own 20. Corey Oates then puts his hand up for a carry before Jack Bird takes it up over the 30. Tevita Pangai again looking Brisbane's most dangerous but he's penalised for an incorrect play the ball. Dragons penalty on halfway.


James Roberts up to the 40 before Tevita Pangai fires up and takes the ball past halfway. Anthony Milford with an offload for Kodi Nikorima who dummies, threatens to break through and is tackled 30 out. Mikaele Ravalawa is under the bomb on the last and finds Gareth Widdop who is taken on his own 20.


Corey Norman with the bomb on the last but Darius Boyd is under it and brings the ball up to the 30.


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Gareth Widdop.

Widdop slots it through.

Dragons lead Broncos 0 - 6 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Cameron McInnes. Kick to come.

That was soft. McInnes runs, sells the dummy and goes straight through.

Dragons lead Broncos 0 - 4 Dragons

Cameron McInnes with a strong shot on David Fifita. Brisbane struggling for metres in this set - they are up to their 40 on the fourth though after a good carry from Joe Ofahengaue. Gareth Widdop under the clearing kick on the last and up to the 40.


They shift it quickly and Mikaele Ravalawa steams up towards halfway. Dragons into Brisbane territory and Tariq Sims is taken 20 out on the fourth. A high kick from Corey Norman but the chase is poor and the home side have it through Anthony Milford.


Kodi Nikorima hits Corey Oates hard off the scrum and the ball spills loose.


Brisbane shift it off the scrum to James Roberts but he is well handled. They start the set just short of halfway. Anthony Milford with the show and go and Brisbane are now just 30 out. Tevita Pangai with a strong carry and they're 20 out on the last. Darius Boyd goes down the short side and this looks dangerous but Mikaele Ravalawa knocks the ball down.


Underway here at Suncorp! Paul Vaughan with the first run and he's hit hard. James Graham then up over the 10 before Tariq Sims forces his way up towards the 20. Blake Lawrie then brings it up to the 30 and then there's a shift right as Euan Aitken threatens to burst through - he offloads early for Mikaele Ravalawa but it goes out. Promising signs but a poor turnover on halfway nonetheless.

Brisbane will be looking to avenge their 48-18 defeat to the Dragons in their last meeting in Week One of the finals last year.

Broncos are unchanged, Zac Lomax comes onto the bench for the Dragons with Matt Dufty left out.

Good evening and welcome to tonight's live blog as the Broncos and Dragons clash at Suncorp Stadium.

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Ben Cummins, Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski

Touch Judges: Chris Butler, Belinda Sleeman

Video Referee: Ashley Klein, Bryan Norrie

Tries: Corey Oates, James Roberts, Alex Glenn, Jack Bird
Field Goals:
Conversions: Jamayne Isaako (4/4)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Cameron McInnes, Jordan Pereira, Mikaele Ravalawa, Korbin Sims
Field Goals: Corey Norman (1/1)
Conversions: Gareth Widdop (3/4)
Penalty Goals: Gareth Widdop (1/1)