Full Time
4:05pm Sun March 31, 2019
Round 3 - Campbelltown Stadium - Crowd: 15127

The Bulldogs pick up their first win of the season as they hand the Tigers their first loss! A convincing win in the end out at Campbelltown Stadium


With just a minute to go, Lewis is taken in-goal and the drop-out will give the Tigers one more shot, but it's almost game over, man.


A good run from Lichaa at dummy-half. He finds Lewis, but he can't get rid of it and the Bulldogs put it down. A sloppy end to the game here.


A forced error there with a solid tackle from Holland. Mbye drops it and that snuffs out a chance the Tigers had there.


Foran weaves a kick down the wing on the last and it finds touch. He's been great today even with an injured ankle sustained early in the game.


The Bulldogs attack is sloppy now. Not much doing on the line there and Okunbor's attempted grubber is poor. Tigers now back to the halfway.


A bit harsh to say it's unforced, but a high bomb is put down by Mbye. It's a struggle to catch them out there!


10 to go! Can the Tigers score three times? Computer is thinking, 'No.'


The wind plays tricks again! This time, Matterson's kick to the wing floats over the sideline on its way to Fonua.


A Marsters flick to Chee-Kam gives the Tigers some metres down the right! 3rd tackle, 30 metres out.


Benji Marshall has a hamstring niggle and won't play the rest of the game.


Matterson kicked for that try because Benji Marshall is off the field. Not sure what the diagnosis is yet.


Conversion: Wests Tigers
Attempted by Esan Marsters.

A bad miss from just to the left of the posts.

Bulldogs lead Wests Tigers 8 - 22 Bulldogs

Try: Wests Tigers
Scored by Luke Garner. Kick to come.

A great little kick from Ryan Matterson and Garner plants it down!

Bulldogs lead Wests Tigers 8 - 22 Bulldogs

BUNKER: Garner might have scored one here, but the ref has called a no-try on the field. Looking at the grounding!


Kicking into the wind, Lewis tries for a fancy one, but it goes over the sideline on the full! Tigers attack from halfway.


Marsters is almost over! He was held out by some desperate defence and then he kicked it forward when he stood up to play it!


PENALTY TIGERS: A bit too much attention from the Bulldog tacklers and the Tigers are in the opposition half now.


Into the last quarter of the game here. The Tigers will be wanting to score next! The Bulldogs may need another one to lock in their first win.


The Dogs had a few shots at the line, after another strong run from Foran, but it's a change-over on the last.


PENALTY BULLDOGS: A flop from Twal gives the Bulldogs a much needed penalty as they get back to the halfway line.


Conversion: Wests Tigers
Attempted by Esan Marsters.

Can't land it from out wide.

Bulldogs lead Wests Tigers 4 - 22 Bulldogs

Try: Wests Tigers
Scored by Mahe Fonua. Kick to come.

He got it! Some strong play in the corner after a good lead-up play from Farah and Marshall.The Tigers are on the board!

Bulldogs lead Wests Tigers 4 - 22 Bulldogs

BUNKER: Fonua thinks he has put this down in the corner here!


PENALTY TIGERS: Tigers throwing themselves at the line and get another set!


PENALTY TIGERS: A 10 metre penalty gives the Tigers some relief. Almost a quick-tap down the field, but the Badge pulls him back.


Foran is held up! He was over the line, but some desperate defence keeps him out. Amazing efforts from Jennings there.


The wind effect again! A shocking attempt to take a kick by Mbye hands it back to the Bulldogs again! Lewis is using it well with his kicks.


Conversion: Bulldogs
Attempted by Rhyse Martin.

Misses this one to the left.

Bulldogs lead Wests Tigers 0 - 22 Bulldogs

Try: Bulldogs
Scored by Adam Elliot. Kick to come.

The Dogs get their fourth! Napa to Elliot who reaches over to score through some pretty flimsy defence. I don't think the Tigers will get that 3-0 they were looking for!

Bulldogs lead Wests Tigers 0 - 22 Bulldogs

Another unnecessary offload hands the ball over and the Dogs are on the attack!@


The wind is definitely making a difference here. Lachlan Lewis' bomb swirls in the breeze and bounces, but the Tigers are lucky this time.


15,127 in attendance at Campbelltown this afternoon.


The Tigers had some good running there, but undone by a poor drop in the tackle from Marsters


A forced pass from Fonua was not needed and he hands the ball to the Bulldogs


The Tigers have the wind at their backs for this half. Will it see them gain an advantage?


STATS: Tigers - Bulldogs Possession - 50/50 Completions - 80% - 94% Metres - 806 - 954


That's half-time here at Campbelltown and even though the Tigers looked solid to start, the Bulldogs really dominated the second half of that first 40! We'll be back after the break with the rest of this one!


Conversion: Bulldogs
Kicked by Rhyse Martin.

Too easy!

Bulldogs lead Wests Tigers 0 - 18 Bulldogs

It was CHN's offload that really set that up. The Dogs are really on fire here!


Try: Bulldogs
Scored by Dylan Napa. Kick to come.

A fantastic move from the Dogs! Lewis to Foran to Harawire-Naera, back to Foran and Napa finishes it off! Great support play!

Bulldogs lead Wests Tigers 0 - 16 Bulldogs

The Tigers were on the attack, but a bad drop from Mikaele.


PENALTY TIGERS: The Tigers will throw themselves at the Bulldogs line in the last 4 minutes here.


Great work from Mbye at the back to recover a nasty kick, but he knocked it on and no-one saw it!


Both Garner and Fonua are back on the bench ready to return, but now Foran is hobbling after that try.


Conversion: Bulldogs
Kicked by Rhyse Martin.

No problems for second attempt.

Bulldogs lead Wests Tigers 0 - 12 Bulldogs

Try: Bulldogs
Scored by Kieran Foran. Kick to come.

After the big run down-field from the left-winger, two sets later, Foran slips past about 4 defenders to plant it down! Solid game from the Dogs now!

Bulldogs lead Wests Tigers 0 - 10 Bulldogs

BIG run down the left from Okunbor! He's looking damn good out there!


Conversion: Bulldogs
Kicked by Rhyse Martin.

The return of Martin sees him taking the goal-kicking duties. Slots the first one easily.

Bulldogs lead Wests Tigers 0 - 6 Bulldogs

Try: Bulldogs
Scored by Reimis Smith. Kick to come.

Meaney pranced down the field after a Chee-Kam drop! He hands off to Hopoate and then Reimis Smith scores the first for the afternoon. They go 90 metres!

Bulldogs lead Wests Tigers 0 - 4 Bulldogs

This Lewis drop-out only goes 50. Sad face.


The Bulldogs, though CHN are held in-goal after some enterprising play from the Tigers. Benji really involved. It's a drop-out for the Dogs.


A 40/20 attempt from Lewis goes so deep and rolls over the dead-ball line. I reckon that should count.


Jackson dives at the line, but he's on his back. Held up! It's a change-over.


Chee-Kam spills it in the tackle. No strip this time.


PENALTY TIGERS: The Tigers defence has held strong again before Foran is accused of a strip in a tackle. Bit harsh though.


The Tigers hold out a promising attack from the Bulldogs. Marsters diffused the bomb and work their way out.


PENALTY BULLDOGS: The Tigers worked it down the left and have been penalised for an obstruction. A bit of a lucky call there.


PENALTY TIGERS: Hopoate accused of not being square at dummy-half.


PENALTY TIGERS - A bit too much attention int the tackle and the Tigers get another shot in the Builldogs half.


Luke Garner took a head-knock in the attempted try earlier and is now off the field. May not return. Mahe Fonua has also gone off for a HIA check.


PENALTY BULLDOGS: The Tigers have made the metres back and put up a kick in-goal. Debutante, Okunbor, takes the bomb and is taken out.


The drop-out goes 80 metres!! Huge one from !Lachlan Lewis!


NO TRY: The Bulldogs will drop it out.


BUNKER: Great tackle from Foran on Garner saves a try, before a little kick into the in-goal sees the ref go upstairs. A scramble to ground it


PENALTY TIGERS: Ball stripped by Marshall-King gives the Tigers first tackle on the Builldogs 20 metre line.


Foran's kick on the last swirls in the wind and just lands inside touch. That's five consecutive sets before a stoppage, which is a scrum for the Tigers.


The wind is behind the Bulldogs in this opening half. You can feel Autumn in the air?


Two opening sets go to plan, with no errors and no stoppages. Brooks had a nifty little run though.


If you missed the late mail, the only change is that Rhyse Martin (finally) start at Lock, with Adam Elliot dropping to the bench. Tigers are 1-17 as per your League Unlimited program.

It's a beautifully sunny day in Campbelltown as we kick off this round 3 clash!

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Grant Atkins, Gavin Badger

Touch Judges: Rickey McFarlane, Tim Roby

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy, Bryan Norrie

Tries: Mahe Fonua, Luke Garner
Field Goals:
Conversions: Esan Marsters (0/2)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Reimis Smith, Kieran Foran, Dylan Napa, Adam Elliot
Field Goals:
Conversions: Rhyse Martin (3/4)
Penalty Goals: