Full Time
7:50pm Thu April 11, 2019
Round 5 - Suncorp Stadium - Crowd: 24398

Conversion: Wests Tigers
Kicked by Esan Marsters.

Marsters converts on fulltime to win.

Wests Tigers lead Broncos 16 - 22 Wests Tigers

Try: Wests Tigers
Scored by Michael Chee-Kam. Kick to come.

Chee Kam with an incredible solo try. The Tigers were set for a field goal, but the defence rushed them, the ball went to Chee Kam who was looking to pass to someone, then he dummied, put on a step and ran 30m to score an unbelievable try.

Wests Tigers lead Broncos 16 - 20 Wests Tigers

Going to the Beta for a Tigers try


Broncos with arguably the worst set of six since Cumberland in Round 5 of 1908.


SCRUM BRONCOS - Thompson ruled to have knocked down a Broncos pass on halfway.


Penalty Goal: Broncos
Kicked by Jamayne Isaako.

15m in from the left sideline and 25 m out and he adds the 2.

Tied up at Broncos 16 - 16 Wests Tigers

PENALTY BRONCOS - Reynolds ruled offside. Broncos will take a shot at 2 to level the scores.


Fonua drops the bomb forward and the Broncos regather.


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Jamayne Isaako.

Isaako adds the extras. Game on!

Wests Tigers lead Broncos 14 - 16 Wests Tigers

Try: Broncos
Scored by Kodi Nikorima. Kick to come.

Nikorima sticks his nose through the line, passes to Fifita, who draws the defender and then offloads back inside to Nikorima who runs 30m to score under the posts.

Wests Tigers lead Broncos 12 - 16 Wests Tigers

Penalty Goal: Wests Tigers
Kicked by Esan Marsters.

Marsters from right in front and 10m out, throws this over the bar.

Wests Tigers lead Broncos 8 - 16 Wests Tigers

PENALTY TIGERS - Broncos attempt a short drop out, but it sails well over the sideline on the full. Marsters will get a shot at a penalty goal from right in front.


Brooks with a nice grubber and Nikorima is trapped ingoal. Another Broncos dropout.


Reynolds with a nice chip into the Broncos ingoal. Boyd cleans up, but he can't get back into the field of play. Broncos dropout


SCRUM TIGERS - Milford grubbers into the Tigers defenders legs and he knocks on when the ball rebounds back to him, 10m from the Tigers line.


SCRUM BRONCOS - Mikaele knocks on. Broncos with the scrum 35m from the Tigers line.


Conversion: Wests Tigers
Kicked by Esan Marsters.

Marsters nails the goal from in front.

Wests Tigers lead Broncos 8 - 14 Wests Tigers

Try: Wests Tigers
Scored by Matt Eisenhuth. Kick to come.

Thompson bats a kick back to Brooks who heads towards the line and gets a one handed ball back inside to Eisenhuth who scores under the posts.

Wests Tigers lead Broncos 8 - 12 Wests Tigers

The old VHS getting a workout tonight


Penalty Goal: Wests Tigers
Kicked by Esan Marsters.

Marsters, 20m out, 10m in from the right touchline and he nails it!

Tied up at Broncos 8 - 8 Wests Tigers

PENALTY BRONCOS - Broncos with the short drop out, Fonua leaps to take the catch and is tackled in the air by Bird. Tigers to take a shot at penalty goal, 10m in from the right sideline.


Farah with a grubber into the Broncos ingoal, Milford cleans up but Reynolds pushes him dead. Broncos drop out.


No try, Broncos decoy runner impedes the defensive line. Another try bombed.


Back to the VHS about a Broncos try.


SCRUM BRONCOS - Mbye made a 6 course meal with 3 entrees, 2 desserts and a late night sherry out of that bomb.


Matt Gillett won't be returning either after failing an HIA


Farah darts left from dummy half anc gets crunched on halftime and drops the ball. Time for some devon sangas and lime cordial.


PENALTY TIGERS - Broncos with a second effort in the tackle. Brooks takes a quick tap and gets across halfway.


Conversion: Wests Tigers
Kicked by Esan Marsters.

Marsters out wide on the left side nails the conversion.

Broncos lead Broncos 8 - 6 Wests Tigers

Try: Wests Tigers
Scored by Luke Garner. Kick to come.

Brooks kicks to the left side and Chee Kam takes the catch and then in a 4 man tackle, he manages to offload to Garner and the backrower falls over the line for a try.

Broncos lead Broncos 8 - 4 Wests Tigers

Fifita chasing through a grubber, bobbles the ball and knocks it on as he tries to ground it.


Off to the Betamax this time


SCRUM BRONCOS - Tigers go right side, Marsters makes a half break and then offloads to Fonua, who drops it cold.


PENALTY TIGERS - Broncos offside. They find touch 40m from the Broncos line


Lodge has just had his third dropped ball, this time on the Tigers line.


Jennings has failed his HIA and won't return


Poor set by the Broncos but a nice grubber at the end forces a Tigers drop out.


PENALTY TIGERS - Tigers pinged for blocking the Broncos kick chasers. Broncos with a full set 10m from the Tigers line.


SCRUM TIGERS - Jack Bird has put the ball down now. This game is being played at a frantic pace. Both sides happily throwing the ball around.


Farah with a heavy chip and Masters fumbles the ball and all but bombs another try for the match.


Broncos make a break down the left wing, Oates gets into space and he selflessly passes back infield to Bird and he knocked the ball on with the tryline 5 metres away and no one near him.


Penalty Goal: Broncos
Kicked by Jamayne Isaako.

Isaako from almost right in front adds the 2.

Broncos lead Broncos 8 - 0 Wests Tigers

PENALTY BRONCOS - Tigers give away a penalty on the last. Broncos though have decided to kick for an extra 2.


PENALTY RBONCOS - 10m from the Tigers line


Brooks switches direction, passes to Farah who then gets a great ball to Jennings, with the tryline wide open, but Jennings loses the ball.


Tigers went left and Reynolds grubbers into the Broncos in goal and the Broncos take it dead. Broncos drop out.


SCRUM TIGERS - Broncos go right but this time the Tigers defence has learnt from their mistake before and this time Staggs gets taken into touch


Brooks gets Aloiai halfway through a gap, but the young forward drops it.


SCRUM TIGERS - Lodge has dropped the ball again. Tigers with the feed 35m from the Broncos line.


Cracking game so far, very few errors, played at a good pace.


Tigers swing it right on the last and Mbye is wrapped up and shut down by Bird, 5m from the Broncos line.


Matterson and Aloiai with a great tackle on Lodge and it forces his to drop the ball on halfway


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Jamayne Isaako.

Isaako converts from out wide.

Broncos lead Broncos 6 - 0 Wests Tigers

Try: Broncos
Scored by Matt Gillett. Kick to come.

Broncos get outside the Tigers, just like the Panthers did late in their game last week. Bird links with Staggs who shifts it onto Isaako, who runs down the right wing, grubbers back infield and Gillett regathers and fall over the line to score.

Broncos lead Broncos 4 - 0 Wests Tigers

Off to the VCR. Checking a Broncos try


Farah's kick has a bit too much spice on it and it goes dead in goal. 7 tackle set for the Broncos.

Tigers get Round 5 going. Lift off!

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Ben Cummins, Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski

Touch Judges: Tim Roby, Rickey McFarlane

Video Referee: Ashley Klein, Bryan Norrie

Tries: Matt Gillett, Kodi Nikorima
Field Goals:
Conversions: Jamayne Isaako (2/2)
Penalty Goals: Jamayne Isaako (2/2)

Tries: Luke Garner, Matt Eisenhuth, Michael Chee-Kam
Field Goals:
Conversions: Esan Marsters (3/3)
Penalty Goals: Esan Marsters (2/2)