Full Time
6:00pm Fri April 12, 2019
Round 5 - Cbus Super Stadium - Crowd: 8680

PENALTY PANTHERS - Titans give away a penalty. Penrith finds touch 40m from the Titans line.


Titans run it on the last and James is taken into touch in goal. 7 tackle set for the Panthers.


SCRUM TITANS - Roberts bombs to Mansour. Copley and Mansour compete and Mansour is ruled to have knocked on, 10m from his own line.


Titans went to the left wing, but the pass by Kikau is left behind by Mansour and the Titans clean up.


Maloney grubbers on the last and Gordon is trapped in-goal. Titans drop out.


Brimson drops it cold in the Panthers half and Kikau cleans up.


PENALTY PANTHERS - Maloney gives away a penalty for an illegal strip on Copley


SCRUM PANTHERS - right on halfway. Cleary kicks on the first off the back of the scrum. Copley cleans up.


Yeo has an injured shoulder and won't be back.


Panthers run it on the last, 5m from the Titans line but are easily contained.


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Michael Gordon.

Gordon from right in front, converts

Titans lead Titans 30 - 24 Panthers

Try: Titans
Scored by Bryce Cartwright. Kick to come.

Cartwright is impeded as he tries to score a try. Video ref rules Penalty try.

Titans lead Titans 28 - 24 Panthers

Back to the Betamax, looking at a Titans try.


SCRUM PANTHERS Peachey makes a break down the left wing, kicks in field, the bounce is a shocker but the Titans still manage to retain possession. On the next play Kelly loses the ball in a tackle on the Panthers line as he tries to burrow over from dummy half.


SCRUM TITANS - Katoa knocks on at dummy half. Titans now in great position, 15m from the Panthers line.


Panthers make no attempt to field the bomb by Roberts, Titans regather and grubber, but Campbell-GIllard regathers. Titans hammering them in defence now.


SCRUM PANTHERS - Roberts with a low kick finds touch 15m from the Panthers line.


PENALTY PANTHERS - DWZ kick return is met by a shoulder charge from Wallace. They find touch just inside the Titans half.


Big tackle by Wallace on DWZ on the kick return. Now everyone is getting together to share anecdotes about camping as children. Its a vigorous conversation and at times animated.


SCRUM TITANS - Maloney with a nice kick finds touch 15m from the Titans line.


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Michael Gordon.

Gordon from just off dead in front, converts another.

Tied up at Titans 24 - 24 Panthers

Try: Titans
Scored by Jarrod Wallace. Kick to come.

Titans hit back! Wallace gets the short pass as the trailing runner and crashes over all too easily to the left of the posts.

Panthers lead Titans 22 - 24 Panthers

PENALTY TITANS - Roberts finds touch 30m from the Panthers line, with their first attacking set in good position for the second half.


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary from the left touchline, curls the conversion through the sticks with the crowd booing him, because he moved a small item out of his way prior to taking the kick.

Panthers lead Titans 18 - 24 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Josh Mansour. Kick to come.

Cleary gets a stunning ball around the defender to the unmarked Mansour, who scores untouched in the corner.

Panthers lead Titans 18 - 22 Panthers

PENALTY PANTHERS - They find touch 15m from the Titans line


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary converts the try

Tied up at Titans 18 - 18 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by James Fisher-Harris. Kick to come.

Sele with a good ball to Fisher-Harris who ran off the back fence on a gorgeous line and he runs through a tiny gap, untouched and scores under the posts.

Titans lead Titans 18 - 16 Panthers

PENALTY PANTHERS - Maloney finds touch 25m from the Titans line


SCRUM TITANS - Panthers spread it to the left wing off the scrum, but the last quick tip-on pass goes behind Mansour and into touch. Scrum doesn't set as it's halftime.


SCRUM PANTHERS - Blake getting pummelled into touch, throws the ball back in field and Cartwright knocks it on.


SCRUM PANTHERS - Cartwright drops the ball near halfway


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Michael Gordon.

Gordon, from out wide on the right side, sends it over the bar again.

Titans lead Titans 18 - 12 Panthers

Try: Titans
Scored by Michael Gordon. Kick to come.

Titans go right and the Panthers defence are spread thin, Roberts holds up a pass for Peachey who then gets a nice short ball to Gordon who steams through a huge gap to score.

Titans lead Titans 16 - 12 Panthers

Roberts with a nice grubber that beats the Panthers winger, but DWZ runs across and again has to take the ball dead. Another Panthers drop out.


Don with a cheeky grubber and the Titans defence trap DWZ in-goal. Panthers drop out.


Titans get a repeat set after the Panthers touch a pass and the Titans regather. Still camped on the Panthers line.


DWZ takes a grubbered ball dead. Panthers drop out.


James is down after being checked as a decoy runner


PENALTY TITANS - Panthers again give away a silly penalty, this time holding down too long in the tackle


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary converts.

Tied up at Titans 12 - 12 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Viliame Kikau. Kick to come.

Big Kikau with a big powerful run, dished a crash ball near the line and he just carry's half of Robina over the line with him as he scores to the left of the sticks.

Titans lead Titans 12 - 10 Panthers

PENALTY PANTHERS - Peachey pinged for being a blocker. Panthers with a full set 10m from the Titans line.


SCRUM TITANS - Panthers with another panicked turn over.on halfway.


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Michael Gordon.

Gordon slots the 2 pointer

Titans lead Titans 12 - 6 Panthers

Try: Titans
Scored by Anthony Don. Kick to come.

Roberts with a lovely chip to the right corner and Don takes it cleanly in the contest, spins around in the tackle and falls over to score on the line.

Titans lead Titans 10 - 6 Panthers

Looking at another possible try for the Titans


PENALTY TITANS - Panthers offside, Gordon takes the quick tap and makes 35m. Titans right on the attack now.


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Michael Gordon.

Gordon from very near in front, adds the extras.

Tied up at Titans 6 - 6 Panthers

Try: Titans
Scored by Tyrone Roberts. Kick to come.

A Taylor grubber is fumbled in-goal by Maloney and Roberts scrambles through to ground the ball for a try beneath the sticks.

Panthers lead Titans 4 - 6 Panthers

Off to the tape for a Titans try


PENALTY TITANS - Penrith giving away another penalty, this time with a high tackle and then working the tackle over. Titans find touch 30m from the Panthers line.


Panthers diffuse the situation after a poor last tackle grubber by Roberts was easily cleaned up by Kikau


PENALTY TITANS - Panthers with a hand in the ruck. Peachey takes the quick tap.


PENALTY TITANS - Panthers offside after the scrum. Titans find touch 10m shy of halfway.


SCRUM TITANS - Maloney passes short to the lead runner Kikau, but the big man spills it.


SCRUM PANTHERS - Maloney with a bomb and Gordon drops the sitter, 10m from his own line. Another great opportunity for the Panthers.


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary throws this over the bar

Panthers lead Titans 0 - 6 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by James Maloney. Kick to come.

Panthers crack the Titans defence. Fisher-Harris serves acts as a five-eighth and passes to Maloney, running like a centre/back-rower, and he storms through a gap and dives over under the sticks.

Panthers lead Titans 0 - 4 Panthers

SCRUM PANTHERS - Maloney with a gentle kick and Wallace knocks it on, 2m from his own line. Panthers with a great scoring chance here.


Panthers starting to make metres down the wings


DWZ with a suicide pass to Edwards, who gets smashed.


Maloney has had to make 2 hurried kicks with the defence on top of him.


Rather safe, unimaginative opening sets from both sides

Titans get us going!

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Dave Munro, Liam Kennedy

Touch Judges: Nick Morel, Adam Cassidy

Video Referee: Jared Maxwell, Ben Lowe

Tries: Tyrone Roberts, Michael Gordon, Anthony Don, Jarrod Wallace, Bryce Cartwright
Field Goals:
Conversions: Michael Gordon (5/5)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: James Maloney, Viliame Kikau, James Fisher-Harris, Josh Mansour
Field Goals:
Conversions: Nathan Cleary (4/4)
Penalty Goals: