Full Time
7:35pm Sat April 13, 2019
Round 5 - PointsBet Stadium - Crowd: 13470

FULL TIME at Shark Park as the Roosters take a 30-16 victory over the Cronulla Sharks


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Chad Townsend.

Chad Townsend converts from close range and with that the Sharks fall to a 30-16 defeat.

Roosters lead Sharks 16 - 30 Roosters

Try: Sharks
Scored by Jack Williams. Kick to come.

And the Sharks wrap up the night with a try to Jack Williams who has an open line after Matt Prior was able to get an offload away

Roosters lead Sharks 14 - 30 Roosters

Morris gets to the outside and finds Feki who has limited room to work with and is bundled into touch


Cronk tries to kill the clock with a touch finder


The Sharks attack goes from side to side and poses no threat to the Roosters as Xerri knocks on then kicks the ball dead giving the Roosters a 20m restart


Isaac Liu kicks and that's his kicking licence revoked


Victor Radley off the field for a HIA - Has a nice egg under his eye that is bleeding slightly


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Chad Townsend.

Townsend converts from right in front

Roosters lead Sharks 10 - 30 Roosters

Try: Sharks
Scored by Shaun Johnson. Kick to come.

BACK TO BACK - The Sharks go from right to left as the Roosters defenders come so far infield and the Sharks score

Roosters lead Sharks 8 - 30 Roosters

Conversion: Sharks
Attempted by Chad Townsend.

Chad Townsend pushes the kick across the face of the posts

Roosters lead Sharks 4 - 30 Roosters

Try: Sharks
Scored by Josh Morris. Kick to come.

Sharks on the board as the bunker clears any possible obstruction after Cooper Cronk made a defensive decision to come for the decoy runner

Roosters lead Sharks 4 - 30 Roosters

Has there been a worst attempt at trying to ground a ball than that effort from Crichton who somehow knocked on what looked to be a certain try


BUNKER: Angus Crichton has BLOWN a certain try after a good kick from Keary is somehow knocked on in the in goal... Is that the worst miss of the season?


Sharks get a repeat set as Dugan has a nothing kick on the last


Luke Keary can't pick up a low pass from Radley out of dummy half and the Sharks have the scrum on the Roosters 40


With 30 seconds to HT - The Roosters lead 6-0; Fast Forward 11 minutes and they lead 30-0


Conversion: Roosters
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Latrell Mitchell converts from the sideline

Roosters lead Sharks 0 - 30 Roosters

Try: Roosters
Scored by Matt Ikuvalu. Kick to come.

UNBELIEVABLE - Ikuvalu somehow manages to get the ball down in the corner

Roosters lead Sharks 0 - 28 Roosters



BUNKER: Matt Ikuvalu goes close but referee Matt Cecchin says NO TRY


Another wayward pass from Johnson is knocked on by Nikora


Roosters make a mess of the kickoff but somehow get away with having the ball


Conversion: Roosters
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Latrell Mitchell adds another conversion from close range

Roosters lead Sharks 0 - 24 Roosters

Try: Roosters
Scored by Boyd Cordner. Kick to come.

Flood Gates are open - Boyd Cordner charges at the line and the Sharks defence is grabbing air and Cordner scores

Roosters lead Sharks 0 - 22 Roosters

BAD TO WORSE - The kick-off is way too long and the Sharks concede the penalty. The Roosters attack from the 30m line


Conversion: Roosters
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Latrell Mitchell converts from next to the left upright

Roosters lead Sharks 0 - 18 Roosters

Try: Roosters
Scored by James Tedesco. Kick to come.

Sharks error turns into points again - Mitchell charges at the line and finds Tedesco who scores

Roosters lead Sharks 0 - 16 Roosters

That was awful... Briton Nikora goes so straight through the line and finds Bronson Xerri who drops the ball....


Conversion: Roosters
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Latrell Mitchell converts from out wide and the Roosters will take a 12-0 lead

Roosters lead Sharks 0 - 12 Roosters

Try: Roosters
Scored by Latrell Mitchell. Kick to come.

WOW WOW WOW - Luke Keary chips from his own 30 out to Latrell Mitchell and it hits the centre on the chest who races away untouched.

Roosters lead Sharks 0 - 10 Roosters

Shaun Johnson elects to go through the hands and it's an obvious option as Latrell Mitch sweats on it and takes the intercept


Lindsay Collins knocks on after a good rib tickler tackle from Jayden Brailey


Plenty of space on the outside for James Tedesco and the Roosters BUT Tedesco juggles it and it goes forward


Cronk shows his class with a 40/20


Sharks attack comes to nothing as they get pulled up for a forward pass by Matt Cecchin


PENALTY SHARKS: Joey Manu penalised for a high shot and the Sharks on the attack inside the Roosters 30


Conversion: Roosters
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Latrell Mitchell converts the try from close range

Roosters lead Sharks 0 - 6 Roosters

Try: Roosters
Scored by Cooper Cronk. Kick to come.

Cooper Cronk opens the scoring for the Roosters after Luke Keary gets through off a Tedesco pass and inturn Keary finds Cronk who scores untouched

Roosters lead Sharks 0 - 4 Roosters

The Bunker seems to have missed the fact that Matt Ikuvalu got a touch on the ball before Feki got a touch


BUNKER: The Sharks crossed for a potential 4 pointer but quickly rejected by the bunker for a knock on in the air


PENALTY ROOSTERS: Sione Katoa penalised for taking Daniel Tupou in the air


Crowd not happy as the rucks are getting slow... Referees calling Milking by the Sharks


Sione Katoa with a good catch before fighting his way to get the ball into the field of play to save his side from a repeat set


BOOOO!!! The Sharks crowd not happy as the Roosters get away with what to looked be a forward pass


The Roosters go close to getting over the stripe as Cronk kicks for Tupou who knocks it on; Sharks with it on their own 10


PENALTY ROOSTERS: Matt Cecchin blows the first penalty of the game as Andrew Fifita stuck around in the ruck for too long.


A poor pass from Dugan to Xerri gets put down and the pressure comes off the Roosters


The Sharks force another set of six as Matt Ikuvalu has nowhere to go after a good grubber from Chad Townsend.


The Roosters have completed just 1/4 so far in the first 10 minutes


The Sharks are attacking from halfway after another play from the Roosters goes astray.


An easy call for the officials as Victor Radley throws a forward pass out of dummy half.


An unusual mess-up at dummy half between Radley and Fifita after Fifita slapped Radley for something


Matt Cecchin calls time on and we're underway at Shark Park - The Roosters defending the Southern end of the ground have first use

The Roosters are on Shark Park and now so are the home side who are being supported in the crowd tonight by P.M ScoMo

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Matt Cecchin, Phil Henderson

Touch Judges: Todd Smith, Rickey McFarlane

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy, Beau Scott

Tries: Josh Morris, Shaun Johnson, Jack Williams
Field Goals:
Conversions: Chad Townsend (2/3)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Cooper Cronk, Latrell Mitchell, James Tedesco, Boyd Cordner, Matt Ikuvalu
Field Goals:
Conversions: Latrell Mitchell (5/5)
Penalty Goals: