Full Time
4:05pm Sun April 21, 2019
Round 6 - GIO Stadium Canberra, Bruce - Crowd: 17193

Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Jamayne Isaako.

Isaako quickly converts from a difficult angle.

Raiders lead Raiders 26 - 22 Broncos

Try: Broncos
Scored by Jack Bird. Kick to come.

Broncos send the ball to the left where the Raiders are completely outnumbered and Bird scores easily

Raiders lead Raiders 26 - 20 Broncos

PENALTY BRONCOS - Bateman took out the Broncos kick chase. Broncos with a full set inside the Raiders 10m


Broncos with a nice kick into the Raiders in-goal but Croker is equal to the task and cleans up, but he is unable to get back into the field of play. Raiders drop out


PENALTY BRONCOS - Raiders with an illegal strip. Broncos find touch with a great kick, on halfway


Boyd grubbers for himself and nearly gets a try, but the Raiders defence bats the ball dead. Raiders drop out.


PENALTY BRONCOS - Raiders edge defenders offside. Broncos take the tap 10m out from the Raiders line


SCRUM BRONCOS - Brisbane will get the loose head and feed 25m from the Raiders line.


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Jarrod Croker.

Croker to the left of the posts, halfway to the sideline, adds another 2 points.

Raiders lead Raiders 26 - 16 Broncos

Try: Raiders
Scored by Ryan Sutton. Kick to come.

A Raiders kick is heavily contested by both sides, Wighton tries to leap over a Broncos player to get the bouncing ball, but instead it bounces off his head. Sutton picks the ball up and covers the 5m to the tryline and stretches out to score with a defender holding onto his jumper.

Raiders lead Raiders 24 - 16 Broncos

Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Jarrod Croker.

Croker nails the conversion

Raiders lead Raiders 20 - 16 Broncos

Try: Raiders
Scored by John Bateman. Kick to come.

Bateman decides to go himself from dummy half, 7m out, he stops, pushes away a defender and then burrows down to score an incredibly soft try.

Raiders lead Raiders 18 - 16 Broncos

Wighton with a risky looking long kick, but it just lands in the field of play and becomes a brilliant 40/20.


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Jamayne Isaako.

Isaako nails the tough sideline conversion to give his side the lead.

Broncos lead Raiders 14 - 16 Broncos

Try: Broncos
Scored by Corey Oates. Kick to come.

Milford with a gorgeous grubber, puts it through on the left side and Oates times his run brilliantly to regather and score.

Tied up at Raiders 14 - 14 Broncos

SCRUM BRONCOS - Second tackle off the scrum, Hodgson passes back in to Wighton who drops the ball cold. And Ricky has lost 'is bottl


SCRUM RAIDERS - The Raiders bomb is dropped by Oates, 10m from his own line.


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Jamayne Isaako.

Isaako from almost in front, adds the extras.

Raiders lead Raiders 14 - 10 Broncos

Try: Broncos
Scored by David Fifita. Kick to come.

Broncos quickly swing the ball right and Fifita dummies then slips past Croker and waltzes in for an easy try on the right side.

Raiders lead Raiders 14 - 8 Broncos

Broncos make a break down the left wing.


Milford with a brilliant catch and then magnificently gets back into the field of play.


Cotric grubbers for himself on the last after play broke down for the Raiders, but its too big. 7 tackle set for the Broncos.


PENALTY RAIDERS - A towering bomb by Milford and CNK lets it bounce. It bounces nicely for the Broncos kick chase, but they're ruled offside.


Raiders have come out and look in good nick.


Scrum doesn't set and it's halftime


SCRUM BRONCOS - Leilua trying to get his arms free for an offload, but he loses the ball forwards.


Medicab on the field, but CNK is up on his feet and hobbling about and has miraculously decided to play on.


Milford makes a break but falls over and looks to have headbutted CNK's knee. His leg also looks to have bent the wrong way at the knee a little. He's still down being treated.


PENALTY BRONCOS - CNK Holding down too long in the tackle.


Staggs had space and numbers on the right side, 10m from the Raiders line, but he opts for a grubber, but doesn't kick it anywhere near hard enough and Nikoll-Klokstad cleans up and runs 20m upfield.


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Jarrod Croker.

Croker with his easiest goal attempt of the day so far, 10m to the right of centre and he slots it.

Raiders lead Raiders 14 - 4 Broncos

Try: Raiders
Scored by Joseph Leilua. Kick to come.

Bateman with a hitup and gets his arms free to offload to Leilua who catches the low pass well to score untouched on the right side.

Raiders lead Raiders 12 - 4 Broncos

SCRUM RAIDERS - Wighton on the left side, grubbers for Cotric but Boyd is forced to run the ball into touch. Raiders with a full set inside the Broncos 10m


Conversion: Raiders
Attempted by Jarrod Croker.

Croker fails to convert from the right sideline.

Raiders lead Raiders 8 - 4 Broncos

Try: Raiders
Scored by Joseph Leilua. Kick to come.

On the last, Wighton runs and drifts right, throws a pass which goes to ground. Leilua picks it up, steps off his right and comes back infield to score a good try.

Raiders lead Raiders 8 - 4 Broncos

Raiders finding space down the left wing as Croker runs 30m, passes inside to Cotric who gets brought down deep inside the Raiders half.


SCRUM RAIDERS - McCullough gets a rushed grubber from dummy half into touch, 20m from the Raiders line.


Good Broncos defence repels the Raiders again. They'll now work it off their own 10m


PENALTY RAIDERS - Broncos defence caught rushing up early. Raiders find touch 5m shy of halfway.


Both sides playing good footy through the middle


Conversion: Broncos
Attempted by Jamayne Isaako.

Isaako from the sideline hits the upright as well.

Tied up at Raiders 4 - 4 Broncos

Try: Broncos
Scored by Kodi Nikorima. Kick to come.

Nikorima gets the ball on the right side at first receiver, spots a gap in the defensive line and slips through it to score out wide.

Tied up at Raiders 4 - 4 Broncos

PENALTY BRONCOS - Papalii interfered in the play-the-ball


PENALTY BRONCOS - Raiders pinged for a shepherd.


PENALTY RAIDERS - Broncos tackle is a tad high on Nikoll-Clokstad on his kick return. Raiders piggy back up to halfway.


PENALTY RAIDERS - Broncos players offside from the kick. Raiders let it bounce and the offside Broncos regather the ball.


SCRUM BRONCOS - A short side play by the Raiders on the right ends with the ball going to ground, 10m from the Broncos line.


SCRUM RAIDERS - Glenn loses the ball in the tackle, 30m from his own line.


Wighton pokes his nose through the line and gets a ball to Hodgson, who gets tackled just inside the Broncos half.


Conversion: Raiders
Attempted by Jarrod Croker.

Croker from the touchline hits the upright and it deflects away

Raiders lead Raiders 4 - 0 Broncos

Try: Raiders
Scored by Nick Cotric. Kick to come.

Croker with a magnificent offload finds Cotric who runs down a narrow saloon to dive over in the left corner to score.

Raiders lead Raiders 4 - 0 Broncos

PENALTY RAIDERS - They find touch inside the Broncos 30m


Broncos push one pass too many and it comes off Staggs' shoulder and then intercepted by Croker.


PENALTY BRONCOS - Hodgson chases a bomb and gets a hand on Boyd as they both take to the air.


Both sides have traded kicks that are too long, granting their opponent 7 tackle sets.

Spiffing conditions in Bruce today as the Raiders kick off.

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Matt Cecchin, Adam Cassidy

Touch Judges: Michael Wise, Nick Morel

Video Referee: Jared Maxwell, Ben Galea

Tries: Nick Cotric, Joseph Leilua (2), John Bateman, Ryan Sutton
Field Goals:
Conversions: Jarrod Croker (3/5)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Kodi Nikorima, David Fifita, Corey Oates, Jack Bird
Field Goals:
Conversions: Jamayne Isaako (3/4)
Penalty Goals: