Full Time
7:50pm Thu May 23, 2019
Round 11 - CommBank Stadium - Crowd: 16228

It is Fulltime and the Panthers have clinched a much needed victory by 16-10 over the Eels. Stay tuned for the Match Report and 3,2,1's @LeagueUnlimited!


Blake Ferguson gets the ball wide and he is in space but Josh Mansour holds onto him and he passes inside and the ball goes into touch.


Mitchell Moses goes for a chip and chase but Jarome Luai is there. Well read and again he is reading it well in defence.


George Jennings gets the ball wide on the last but the Panthers defence is desperate. Penrith scrum 20m from their own line.


Will Smith gets a repeat set with a beautiful kick along the ground, which leaves Dylan Edwards no option but to dive on the ball. Dropout Panthers.


Mitchell Moses kick on the last takes a deflection and it is played at. Maika Sivo has the ball on tackle one just 10m out.


Nathan Cleary looks in good position for a field goal but he elects to run and Jarome Luai puts down the pass. Parramatta scrum 14m out from their own line.


Junior Paulo now has a big look at the defensive line and drops the ball. Panthers scrum on halfway.


Set scrum play but Blake Ferguson spills the ball on the first tackle. Panthers scrum.


Josh Mansour loses the ball trying to get a quick play the ball and Parramatta have a scrum on the 30m line.


Sione Katoa jumps out of dummy half on the last and kicks for himself but it is a poor option and goes dead. 20m re-start Eels.


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Nathan Cleary puts his side in front by 16-10.

Panthers lead Eels 10 - 16 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Nathan Cleary. Kick to come.

Jarome Luai puts in a deft kick close to the line, which takes a deflection off Mahoney and Nathan Cleary dives on the loose ball to score! Panthers lead 14-10, kick to come!

Panthers lead Eels 10 - 14 Panthers

Brian To'o knocks on after a poor pass from Dean Whare. Eels scrum 13m from their own line.


Viliame Kikau loses the ball in the play the ball! Parramatta scrum 20m from their own line.


Mitchell Moses now loses the ball on the last tackle! Coach killer! Panthers ball just on halfway.


James Fisher-Harris goes for a big hit on David Gower but comes off second best. He leaves the field with a HIA.


Penalty Goal: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Nathan Cleary gets his side back on level terms. 10 all.

Tied up at Eels 10 - 10 Panthers

Penalty Panthers - Against Reed Mahoney for being offside. Nathan Cleary will take another shot at goal.


George Jennings has a big look and drops the ball cold. Panthers on the attack!


Blake Ferguson knocks on and the Panthers are off the hook.


Penalty Eels - Against Reagan Campbell-Gillard for going on with the tackle after the held call. Eels find the line just 35m out.


Blake Ferguson looks to have gone for an intercept and knocked on. It isn't given and it is play on and he is tackled 23m out.


Panthers go down the short side through Kikau, he finds Fuimaono who throws a forward pass to Josh Mansour. Eels scrum 25m from their own line.


Underway in the Second Half @Bankwest!


It is Halftime and Parramatta lead 10-8 at Bankwest Stadium. Stay tuned for the Second Half, it is anyone's game!


Reed Mahoney grubbers out of dummy half Brian To'o loses it backwards but Dylan Edwards grounds the ball in goal. Dropout Panthers.


Waqa Blake loses the ball after it is knocked out one on one by Blake Ferguson. Knock on and Eels scrum 22m out.


Forward pass from Will Smith to Maika Sivo and Penrith have a scrum 10m out from their own line.


Penalty Eels - Jarome Luai with a high tackle on Mitchell Moses and it will go on report. Very sloppy from Luai. Eels find the line 36m out.


Penalty Goal: Eels
Kicked by Mitchell Moses.

Mitchell Moses slips as he kicks but it just sneaks over the crossbar! Eels lead 10-8.

Eels lead Eels 10 - 8 Panthers

Another Eels penalty - James Fisher-Harris again and Parramatta will take the shot 25m out from in front.


Penalty Eels - James Fisher-Harris not back 10m. Eels find the line 35m out.


Penalty Goal: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Nathan Cleary levels the scores at 8 all.

Tied up at Eels 8 - 8 Panthers

Penalty Panthers - Against Manu Ma'u for not releasing the tackler in time. Right in front, Cleary will take the two points on offer.


Shaun Lane gets the ball in some space but loses the ball after a great tackle from Dean Whare. Panthers off the hook and have the ball 20m from their own line.


Penalty Eels - Against Sione Katoa for holding on too long in the tackle. Eels tap the ball 30m out.


Sione Katoa goes without the ball from dummy half. Eels scrum 44m out.


Clint Gutherson under enormous pressure on the last from his opposite Dylan Edwards but he takes the catch and Parramatta have the ball 30m from their own line. Great take.


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Nathan Cleary adds the extras and it is 8-6 to the Eels.

Eels lead Eels 8 - 6 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Tim Grant. Kick to come.

Sione Katoa hits Tim Grant with a flat ball close to the line and Grant crashes over. Eels lead 6-4 kick to come.

Eels lead Eels 8 - 4 Panthers

Nathan Cleary finds Brian To'o with a cut out ball close the the line. The rookie winger kicks for himself but George Jennings knocks it dead. Dropout Eels.


Blake Ferguson loses the ball. Panthers have the ball 30m inside their own half.


Tim Grant spills the ball close to the line. Panthers looking clunky in attack. Eels scrum 10m out from their own line.


Penalty Panthers - Against Blake Ferguson for a trip on Waqa Blake who was chasing the ball. It is on report. Panthers take the tap 10m out.


Clint Gutherson spills the ball and Panthers have the ball 30m from their own line.


Penalty Eels - Against Dean Whare for taking too long to get off the tackler. Eels find the line just short of halfway.


Penalty Goal: Eels
Kicked by Mitchell Moses.

Mitchell Moses extends the Eels lead to 8-0.

Eels lead Eels 8 - 0 Panthers

Penalty Eels - Against Frank Winterstein for tackling Mitchell Moses in the air from a kick on the last. Penalty right in front to boot. Penalty kick to come.


Penalty Eels - Against Waqa Blake for laying in the ruck. Eels find the line just short of halfway.


Conversion: Eels
Kicked by Mitchell Moses.

Mitchell Moses nails the conversion and it is 6-0 to Parramatta.

Eels lead Eels 6 - 0 Panthers

Try: Eels
Scored by Maika Sivo. Kick to come.

Will Smith gets the ball on the edge and kicks behind the line and it bounces up perfectly for Maika Sivo in the corner to score! Eels 4-0 kick to come.

Eels lead Eels 4 - 0 Panthers

Dylan Edwards knocks on at the play the ball with the Panthers first touch! Scrum Eels 25m out,

We are underway @Bankwest Stadium! Tim Mannah with the opening hit up and he is met by James Tamou.

Welcome to Bankwest Stadium for Thursday Night Football and it is the Battle of the West, with the Parramatta Eels hosting the Penrith Panthers in what is a huge game for both clubs. The Eels have no changes and are 1-17. The Panthers have two late changes, with Reagan Campbell-Gillard dropping back to the bench with Tim Grant starting at prop. Liam Martin is out and is replaced by hooker Mitch Kenny who will make his NRL debut off the pine. The Eels have been on fire at their new home so far, can they keep it going against their fierce rivals? The Panthers are currently last and are under severe pressure to perform. This will be a cracker, so stay tuned for all the action @LeagueUnlimited. Kickoff not far away!

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Grant Atkins, David Munro

Touch Judges: Chris Sutton, Chris Butler

Video Referee: Ashley Klein, Bryan Norrie

Tries: Maika Sivo
Field Goals:
Conversions: Mitchell Moses (1/1)
Penalty Goals: Mitchell Moses (2/2)

Tries: Tim Grant, Nathan Cleary
Field Goals:
Conversions: Nathan Cleary (2/2)
Penalty Goals: Nathan Cleary (2/2)