Full Time
7:35pm Sat June 8, 2019
Round 13 - 1300SMILES Stadium - Crowd: 13314

Manly had a 12-2 lead, went down 20-12 but in the end they win it 22-20 in Townsville


MANLY SURVIVE - Cowboys try and attack but Jason Taumalolo's no look offload goes to a Manly player


Reuben Garrick has open space and strolls over the line BUT Moses Suli throws the pass forward


Cowboys kick off the scrum and Joel Thompson charges it down and the Manly Sea Eagles have the ball inside the Cowboys 10


Cowboys get another set but Jason Taumalolo drops the ball as he charges nto the defence


According to the NRL live stats, Cowboys have used ALL of their 8 interchanges


Jordan McLean in all sorts with an upper hamstring injury but he has come from the field meaning the Cowboys are down to 12 with no interchanges left


Mitch Dunn off the field now, the concern now looks more shoulder than neck


Some concern as Mitchell Dunn is getting taken off the field on the back of the medicab with a neck injury


Cowboys look to try a short side play off the scrum and Michael Morgan loses it


Conversion: Sea Eagles
Kicked by Reuben Garrick.

Reuben Garrick converts from in front and Manly have the lead after going down to 12

Sea Eagles lead Cowboys 20 - 22 Sea Eagles

Try: Sea Eagles
Scored by Cade Cust. Kick to come.

DCE kicks straight at the upright - Michael Morgan can't read it, loses it and Cade Cust is on the spot to dive on the ball

Tied up at Cowboys 20 - 20 Sea Eagles

NO TRY - A bizarre decision from Steve Chiddy in the bunker who rules that a defender nowhere near the play was obstructed...


Reuben Cotter on the field on debut for less than a minute and he's crossed for a TRY... Bunker checking obstruction in the lead up


Curtis Sironen loses the ball and it goes dead - the Cowboys survive the attacking raid from the 12 man Manly


This is bizarre - the two sides throwing some desperate passes in situations when they don't need to and Manly are on the attack


Side to side in the set for the Cowboys against 12 but they force a repeat set


For the second time in as many weeks Jack Gosiewski is off to the sin bin, this week for a pullback on Scott Bolton


Manly have to defend their line again after DCE plays at a kick which Tom Trbojevic picks up but gets driven into touch


Conversion: Sea Eagles
Attempted by Reuben Garrick.

Reuben Garrick misses the conversion from the sideline after taking the kick back a long way

Cowboys lead Cowboys 20 - 16 Sea Eagles

Try: Sea Eagles
Scored by Jorge Taufua. Kick to come.

The Cowboys will be ruing the penalty call on the other side of the field as Jorge Taufua scores out wide as he pushes to the line and gets it there

Cowboys lead Cowboys 20 - 16 Sea Eagles

Kyle Feldt dives for the field of play, surrenders and DCE drags him back and Adam Gee rules dropout


Jack Gosiewski gets a miracle offload away but DCE drops it and puts the ball dead


PENALTY MANLY: Kyle Feldt penalised for a high tackle


Here we go for the second half with Jason Taumalolo taking the first hit up of the second half


Conversion: Cowboys
Kicked by Jake Clifford.

Jake Clifford has an easy conversion and the Cowboys go to the break leading 20-12

Cowboys lead Cowboys 20 - 12 Sea Eagles

Try: Cowboys
Scored by Francis Molo. Kick to come.

The repeat set benefits the Cowboys as Francis Molo charges through a poor tackle to score his first NRL try

Cowboys lead Cowboys 18 - 12 Sea Eagles

Tom Trbojevic goes high for an Asiata kick but he puts it down and the Cowboys have another set


Conversion: Cowboys
Kicked by Jake Clifford.

Jake Clifford has another sideline conversion attempt and he nails it yet again

Cowboys lead Cowboys 14 - 12 Sea Eagles

Try: Cowboys
Scored by Tom Opacic. Kick to come.

BANG BANG - Michael Morgan puts in a beautiful kick out to Kyle Feldt who flies taps the ball back in and Tom Opacic has an easy try as the Manly defenders are caught too far in again.

Tied up at Cowboys 12 - 12 Sea Eagles

PENALTY COWBOYS: The Manly players penalised for putting pressure on the neck of Coen Hess, penalty is sufficient


Conversion: Cowboys
Kicked by Jake Clifford.

Jake Clifford has no issues from right on the sideline to convert the Feldt try

Sea Eagles lead Cowboys 8 - 12 Sea Eagles

Try: Cowboys
Scored by Kyle Feldt. Kick to come.

Kyle Feldt the man who put his foot over the sideline to get the penalty, finishes a good movement as they spread it wide and catch the Manly defence inside the field

Sea Eagles lead Cowboys 6 - 12 Sea Eagles

PENALTY COWBOYS: The Dropout goes out on the full and Cowboys get the penalty 10m right in front of the posts, Cowboys tap and go


Some luck for the Cowboys before John Asiata kicks the ball for the ingoal and forces a repeat set


Tom Opacic gets space down their right side and decides to dummy and go himself but a good chance goes amiss with the lost ball


Conversion: Sea Eagles
Kicked by Reuben Garrick.

Reuben Garrick strikes the ball perfectly and the touch judges raise their flags

Sea Eagles lead Cowboys 2 - 12 Sea Eagles

Try: Sea Eagles
Scored by Joel Thompson. Kick to come.

The good line running from the edge backrowers for Manly comes to fruition again as they go left and Joel Thompson gets through the line and scores an easy try

Sea Eagles lead Cowboys 2 - 10 Sea Eagles

Another set for Manly as the Cowboys play at a DCE pass


PENALTY MANLY: John Asiata penalised for tackling Joel Thompson without the ball, Manly go onto the attack


Conversion: Sea Eagles
Kicked by Reuben Garrick.

Reuben Garrick converts from almost in front

Sea Eagles lead Cowboys 2 - 6 Sea Eagles

Try: Sea Eagles
Scored by Curtis Sironen. Kick to come.

Curtis Sironen runs back towards the post as the Sea Eagles elect not to kick and the pass to Tom Trbojevic is good and his pass finds Sironen who gets to the line and scores

Sea Eagles lead Cowboys 2 - 4 Sea Eagles

DCE kicks in behind the line and he forces a repeat set


Josh McGuire passes behind Jake Clifford and the halfback can't take the pass and knocks on


Cade Cust loses the ball in a good tackle, tries to claim he had it stripped but the Badge doesn't buy the argument


Jake Clifford kicks across field for Enari Tuala but it has too much on it and it's out on the full


Cowboys get another attacking set towards the Manly line after it was ruled Manly knocked on


Penalty Goal: Cowboys
Kicked by Jake Clifford.

Jake Clifford has no issues with the penalty goal from close range

Cowboys lead Cowboys 2 - 0 Sea Eagles

PENALTY MANLY: Curtis Sironen and DCE lift Michael Morgan but they go too far and put him in a dangerous position; Jake Clifford will shoot for 2


NO TRY - Double knock on is the call from Steve Chiddy, Cowboys have the scrum though on the Manly 10


BUNKER: Going to the bunker with a possible try to the Cowboys, Adam Gee says NO TRY, officials have a double knock on-field with first by Manly. Now checking if Coen Hess knocked on as well


PENALTY COWBOYS: "HOLD HOLD" *Whistle goes* - Adam Gee not happy with the linespeed of the Manly side and blows the penalty against them for offside


PENALTY COWBOYS: Manly have an enterprising chance to score but the ball goes to ground, tackle zero Jake Trbojevic stays in the ruck and Adam Gee isn't happy and blows the penalty


PENALTY MANLY: A pretty easy decision for Adam Gee who rules that Jake Granville stripped the ball in a 2 man tackle


Michael Morgan decides he will go himself on the last from dummy half and the Manly defence hold him up.


PENALTY COWBOYS: Cowboys kick on 4th, it's not played at by Manly so Taumalolo takes a fifth tackle hit-up and earns a penaly after Jake Trbojevic is ruled to have stripped the ball


Manly look to run the ball on the last down the right but have no luck and the Cowboys start their next set with a changeover 5m from their own line


Bad pass from Morgan to Asiata on the last tackle and the big man has no chance of catching it


DCE kicks high and Tom Trbojevic makes a good tackle on Michael Morgan who takes the ball well


Good first set from the Cowboys through the middle and a good high kick taken by Garrick at the back for Manly

Adam Gee calls time on and we're underway in Townsville - The Sea Eagles kick us off and the Cowboys take the first posession

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Adam Gee, Gavin Badger

Touch Judges: Rickey McFarlane, Todd Smith

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy, Ben Lowe

Tries: Kyle Feldt, Tom Opacic, Francis Molo
Field Goals:
Conversions: Jake Clifford (3/3)
Penalty Goals: Jake Clifford (1/1)

Tries: Curtis Sironen, Joel Thompson, Jorge Taufua, Cade Cust
Field Goals:
Conversions: Reuben Garrick (3/4)
Penalty Goals: