Full Time
6:00pm Fri June 14, 2019
Round 14 - Cbus Super Stadium - Crowd: 9973

Nothing doing there. Brimson tries to toe through for himself, it deflects and is dropped on by a Warrior. What happened there. FULLTIME.


Yep. The Warriors veteran is sin-binned.


Brimson juggles it and goes close. Time off though. Tyrone Roberts was hammered late and Adam Blair might finish his 300th game in acrimonious style.


PENALTY TITANS! Shannon Boyd strips it one-on-one then the Warriors refuse to get off the man. PENALTY. A whole set for the Titans to snatch this.


Bit of a nothing set from the Titans but RTS is pinned on his line.


Three minutes to go! Four points! Here we go!


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Tyrone Roberts.

Touchline attempt for Roberts to get within four. Swings it over.

Warriors lead Titans 20 - 24 Warriors

Try: Titans
Scored by Alexander Brimson. Kick to come.

GREEN LIGHTS.. TRY! Obstruction was called a defensive decision. Brimson just shot through after getting the pass and touches down.

Warriors lead Titans 18 - 24 Warriors

BUNKER TIME! Brimson sliced through. Checking obstruction. Called TRY.


Fusitua flies high but loses it. Titans ball. They need points QUICK!


Conversion: Warriors
Kicked by Issac Luke.

Luke has looked ropey from close, let's see how he goes from the touchline. Taking his time, Luke rolls in.. crept it inside the post.

Warriors lead Titans 14 - 24 Warriors

Try: Warriors
Scored by Ken Maumalo. Kick to come.

GREEN LIGHTS.. TRY! Only one look needed! The quick hands opened up the space, Maumalo provided a class finish.

Warriors lead Titans 14 - 22 Warriors

BUNKER TIME! Maumalo might have sealed the game. Called TRY. Checking putdown.


All the best stuff has come through RTS for the Warriors tonight. Nikorima switched the play, RTS kicked through and it is defused by the Titans.


RED LIGHTS.. NO TRY! Bunker officials stay with the on-field call. Luke was short. Set continues.


BUNKER TIME! Luke dives over. Called NO TRY.


It has gotten frantic here. Warriors keeping it alive so the rushing Titans defense touches it. Six more. Issac Luke might have stolen the game.


Warriors look promising again, Arthars punches it free trying to intercept. Warriors scrum.


Conversion: Warriors
Kicked by Issac Luke.

Luke pilots it through for a four-point lead.

Warriors lead Titans 14 - 18 Warriors

Try: Warriors
Scored by Roger Tuivasa-Sheck. Kick to come.

From nowhere, the Warriors hit the lead. Green just stepped past a charging marker, looked for support, took it long enough before he linked with RTS to stroll in.

Warriors lead Titans 14 - 16 Warriors

Penalty Goal: Titans
Kicked by Tyrone Roberts.

Roberts duly kicks them ahead.

Titans lead Titans 14 - 12 Warriors

PENALTY TITANS! Stockwell has it fly out. Warriors try to play on, but nope! strip. Titans can shoot for the lead here.


Warriors try to find something on the right, Herbert got into space before shunting it inside. Initially called knock back, the touch judge called it knock on.


RED LIGHTS.. NO TRY! It was a tough call. The kick went into the pack, it looked to have hit Papalii then a Titan before Ryley Jacks dived over. No evidence to overturn. Warriors scrum.


BUNKER TIME! Jacks might have stolen one from a wonky kick. Checking a knock on though. Gone up as NO TRY!


Brilliant counter attacking set from the Warriors after Nikorima snaffles a lovely take. It ended right on the Titans line as Don takes a tough catch.


Another error from Tevaga trying to get his side going. Titans right on the attack.


Titans got their legs pumping that set. Two huge runs had them in the Warriors half but the kick is wayward and Don loses it.


Rein tried to shoot from half, stepped then has the ball pop out. Relief for the Warriors.


PENALTY TITANS! Moeaki Fotuaika is trapped at the play-the-ball gets pantsed and the whistle.


Another grubber from Roberts. This time on the right trapped the Warriors in-goal. Another set incoming.


Roberts grubbers through, forces a dropout. Controlled set from the home side there.


Jazz trying to create something with Burr dropped it cold.


Titans try to float it right. Copley is pinned on the edge, stepped inside but is clipped well by Green and taken over the sideline.


PENALTY TITANS! Cartwright under some heavy traffic creates a chance for the Titans. He released Arthars with a flick pass that ends up in the whistle.


Warriors make the first raid down the left. Hiku made inroads but his flick inside was coughed up by Papalii.


KICK-OFF! Here we go again. Warriors with first use.


Both teams are back for the second half. Evenly poised who will take home the cookies? we'll see in about 40 minutes. Titans are down two men with both Jai Arrow and Tyrone Peachey both out for the contest.


HALFTIME! Warriors sprung out to the lead before the Titans have dazzled to make it 12-all.


RED LIGHTS.. NO TRY! Once we got a few replays, it is judged that Jacks knocked it on.. in the field of play. Warriors scrum.


BUNKER TIME! We have a whole mess to sort out here. The ball came off the post then someone touched it. Firstly checking interference and onside.


Jarrod Wallace goes down under some heavy work. The prop is holding his neck, receiving attention. After he is back to his feet. Play on.


Penalty Goal: Warriors
Kicked by Issac Luke.

New kicker alert! Issac Luke takes the duties, slams it through.

Tied up at Titans 12 - 12 Warriors

PENALTY WARRIORS! Three strong charges from the Warriors to start the set. RTS then Herbert got them into the red zone. Lachlan Burr on fourth, saw open pasture skipped into the open but flicked it inside to a Titan. The play is pulled back for a whistle. Warriors opt for two.


Titans try to probe down the left again, Rein throws it a touch early and Kelly spills.


Slicing run from Arrow, building from his offload in the last set is stopped with some heavy contact. Time off while he gets some attention. The lock has to be assisted from the field, and we'll be on tackle four.


PENALTY WARRIORS! Herbert is tipped up beyond the horizontal.


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Tyrone Roberts.

Closer to the sideline for Roberts. The half takes his time, strolls in and curls it over.

Titans lead Titans 12 - 10 Warriors

Try: Titans
Scored by Brian Kelly. Kick to come.

Started by Kelly, finished by the centre! A late offload from Jai Arrow gave them space on the left to enter Warriors territory. Some manic offloading on the final tackle, flicked it back inside then it was simply counting numbers for Kelly to stride over.

Tied up at Titans 10 - 10 Warriors

Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Tyrone Roberts.

Roberts from the left side, raises the flags.

Warriors lead Titans 6 - 10 Warriors

Try: Titans
Scored by Ryley Jacks. Kick to come.

The gap opened up like Sydney heads, a simple run-around saw Jacks soar for the line.

Warriors lead Titans 4 - 10 Warriors

PENALTY TITANS! Make it two for a strip. Some deliberations but they tap and go.


PENALTY TITANS! Too much work in the ruck. Ah Mau was caught in there. Chance for the fans to get behind the home side.


First signs of life for the Titans! Kelly poked through the line, getting them some momentum. The home side swung it right before trying to turn it on left but the kick dribbled out.


Warriors getting over the advantage line easily, finished their set on the 40 then Green lofted a kick that trapped AJ Brimson. Titans have spent much of the game just working it out from their own end.


Conversion: Warriors
Attempted by Kodi Nikorima.

A tougher second kick for Nikorima. The half studies the kick and thuds it off the post.

Warriors lead Titans 0 - 10 Warriors

Try: Warriors
Scored by Ken Maumalo. Kick to come.

GREEN LIGHTS.. TRY! Maumalo finished off a scrum move where Roger Tuivasa-Sheck got outside his man, flung it to Maumalo to touchdown.

Warriors lead Titans 0 - 10 Warriors

BUNKER TIME! Only checking putdown after a wonderful RTS sweep.


Following the energetic start, the game has settled into a rhythm. Titans sprwad it right trying to munch up some metres but it is brought back for a forward pass from Don to Peachy.


Gifted a set, the Titans just powered through the middle then a last-tackle kick is taken. Warriors rucking it out.


Not the ideal return for the Warriors. One ball went to ground, then Fusitua tried to get them going again with a charge but he bobbles it.


Conversion: Warriors
Kicked by Kodi Nikorima.

Nikorima puts it through, easily.

Warriors lead Titans 0 - 6 Warriors

Try: Warriors
Scored by Karl Lawton. Kick to come.

GREEN LIGHTS.. TRY! The hooker caught the markers unaware, dove low and gets first points!

Warriors lead Titans 0 - 4 Warriors

BUNKER TIME! Checking if Karl Lawton has dived over!


PENALTY WARRIORS! First whistle goes to the visitors.

KICK-OFF! RTS puts boot to ball and we're go!

Here come the Warriors onto a swelled Robina, led by Adam Blair, playing his 300th game! Warriors wearing a resplident 1995-esque kit while the riff of 'Welcome to the Jungle' signals the entrance of the home side - Gold Coast. Striding out confidently in their home jersey, the Titans are ready for battle.

Happy Friday! We kick off the weekend with a tasty pub-time fixture! Gold Coast host the visiting NZ Warriors as they look to secure back-to-back victories after their huge derby win whilst the Warriors seek to rebound after they were thumped by the Storm. Let's get onto the footy!

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Grant Atkins, Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski

Touch Judges: Kasey Badger, Jeff Younis

Video Referee: Henry Perenara, Bryan Norrie

Tries: Ryley Jacks, Brian Kelly, Alexander Brimson
Field Goals:
Conversions: Tyrone Roberts (3/3)
Penalty Goals: Tyrone Roberts (1/1)

Tries: Karl Lawton, Ken Maumalo (2), Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Field Goals:
Conversions: Kodi Nikorima (1/2), Issac Luke (2/2)
Penalty Goals: Issac Luke (1/1)