Full Time
2:00pm Sun August 11, 2019
Round 21 - GIO Stadium Canberra - Crowd: 19530

Match Overview

The Raiders looked to be the better team for much of the game, dominating field position and getting a string of penalties to start the game, but it was the Roosters who picked up the vital win in the 2 v 3 showdown at GIO Stadium, finishing 22-18 victors today.

Despite this, it was The Roosters who scored first when James Tedsco drifted to the right, sliced through the defence, drew the fullback and then sent a good ball to Victor Radley who raced away to score. Latrell Mitchell converted.

In the 11th minute the Raiders hit back when John Bateman surged towards the try line, got an amazing offload away to Jordan Rapana, who took a low catch and then dived over the line for a good try. Jarrod Croker converted.

The Raiders got a piggy-back into attacking position in the first set after the restart after Jared Waerea-Hargreaves gave away a penalty. Joseph Tapine took a crash ball into the Roosters line, then lost the ball backwards. Josh Hodgson cleaned up, and offloaded to an unmarked Croker who just places the ball over the line ever so casually for a try. Croker then converted.

In the 22nd minute, after having been on the back foot for much of the past ten minutes, the Roosters managed to score a try. Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad leapt up to take a spectacular catch over the top of Daniel Tupou but dropped it. Mitchell cleaned up, pushed away Nick Cotric, busts out of another tackle and then using raw power, stretched out to score a good try. Mitchell then converted with a splendid kick.

Within the final few minutes of the half, Luke Keary put in a deft chip kick, Tupou leapt high to take the catch and fell over the line for a good try. Mitchell again converted from out wide.

The Roosters were the first to score in the second half, again due to some brilliance from Tedesco, who sent an unbelievable lofted pass while falling forward and almost on one knee, with a defender about to tackle him. The ball was caught by Tupou who scored an easy try out wide. Mitchell was unable to convert from out wide.

In the 64th minute, the Raiders scored after Josh Hodgson's grubber was pounced on by Elliott Whitehead for a try. Croker's conversion reduced the deficit to just 4 points.

Canberra had plenty of options close to the Roosters line over the final 14 minutes of the game, but try as they might, they could not crack the stoic Roosters defence, as the tricolours hung on for another victory.

3. James Tedesco

Tedesco had a brilliant game, setting up two tries and running for another massive haul of metres. Was a constant threat all game.

2. John Bateman

The Raiders back rower had a big game for the Green machine, made a 1-on-1 strip and was troubling the Roosters edge defence regularly.

1. Luke Keary

Keary controlled the pace of the game brilliant and his kicking game was on point.