Full Time
7:50pm Thu September 5, 2019
Round 25 - ANZ Stadium - Crowd: 20093

That is exactly what you need heading into the finals - an inspirational Souths outfit win 16-10 despite finishing with 12 men.


Inside to Billy Smith who is crunched by Cameron Murray and he drops it. That should be it.


Adam Reynolds also off for a H.I.A and Souths are down to 12.


Roosters 20 out with a chance to send this to golden point.


John Sutton off for a concussion test.


Angus Crichton with a big hit on John Sutton, who is gone and drops the ball.


Adam Reynolds down in the back as Drew Hutchison runs it on the last, finds space and links with Victor Radley in the middle but he drops it under pressure.


Adam Reynolds to the air on the last, Billy Smith takes it and the Roosters are inside their own 10.


Campbell Graham has it off the short restart for Souths.


Penalty Goal: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Six points the difference.

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 16 - 10 Roosters

Cameron Murray taken high right near the posts. Adam Reynolds shoots for the two.


Jared Waerea-Hargreaves put on report. Penalty to Souths.


Souths, already without Tevita Tatola and Dane Gagai, now are down to one man on the bench with Knight to go off.


Lots of concern shown for Liam Knight who is hit hard in the head by Jared Waerea-Hargreaves coming in to tackle and his head then collides with that of Lindsay Collins. Knight is back up. What will happen to JWH?


South Sydney - they've been under all sorts of pressure but they force a mistake with tough defence and survive.


Drew Hutchison with a well-weighted kick. Corey Allan takes it dead.


Cody Walker - an absolute try-saver on Angus Crichton off a lovely pass from Cooper Cronk. Damien Cook then after being down injured looks certain to be trapped in-goal but muscles his way out with Lindsay Collins onto him. Incredible. Ball cleared on the last and James Tedesco takes it over the 30.


Damien Cook down receiving treatment for a potential knee injury but he is alright. Play resumes.


Liam Knight with an error - Roosters with the ball back again right near the South Sydney line.


Lindsay Collins - he charges up and breaks through, dragging defenders with him as he takes it up to the 10. Roosters go to Joseph Manu's edge but Cameron Murray, defending in the centres with Dane Gagai off, takes him into touch.


James Tedesco lovely kick and John Sutton bats it dead. More pressure coming.


Mark Nicholls with another error bringing it up and the Roosters get another chance.


To the air on the last and Daniel Tupou flies above again, bats it to Latrell Mitchell who does well to stay in the field of play and flick it to Drew Hutchison who throws it forward. Handover.


Damien Cook's early-tackle kick can't get through and Easts have it back.


Latrell Mitchell with an error as the Roosters spread it left. Bunnies with it 30 out and another chance to hit further ahead.


Drew Hutchison takes it up to the line and goes short to Latrell Mitchell who powers to the line and reaches out but drops it.


Rabbitohs penalised for breaking from the scrum early. Big penalty to help the Roosters out of their own end. Cooper Cronk finds touch on the Bunnies' 40.


Roosters with a mistake - Souths 40 out - but they drop it too.


Adam Reynolds - he finds space out of nowhere and bursts through! The Roosters looking tired and lacking motivation in defence. They shift it right and Corey Allan has a chance but drops it.


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds now puts them in front by four.

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 14 - 10 Roosters

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Cody Walker. Kick to come.

Damien Cook scoots out of dummy-half and finds Tevita Tatola steaming through the middle and he links with Alex Johnston who offloads for Walker - Souths are alive!

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 12 - 10 Roosters

Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds reduces the difference to two points.

Roosters lead Rabbitohs 8 - 10 Roosters

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Campbell Graham. Kick to come.

Surprisingly soft there from the Roosters - Graham gets on the outside of Mitchell and slices back inside. Noe one committed to him.

Roosters lead Rabbitohs 6 - 10 Roosters

The new set will start over halfway.


Souths with a relieving penalty inside their own half.


Sam Verrills takes advantage of a quick play-the-ball from Victor Radley and darts up the field, kicks ahead and Adam Doueihi fields it under pressure.


John Sutton with a bomb that floats right near the touchline. Billy Smith takes it and makes sure he isn't at risk of being taken out. Smart play. Roosters inside their own 40.


Boyd Cordner with a big run over the 40. Cooper Cronk to Angus Crichton now who is tackled on halfway. Drew Hutchison clears it on the last for Adam Doueihi who takes it under little pressure.


Adam Reynolds to the air for Billy Smith who has it and is taken straight down by Dane Gagai.


Souths, to their credit, show grit to hold the Roosters out and then Adam Doueihi breaks away after taking the grubber, earning a penalty. Souths over halfway.


Mark Nicholls with an error off the second play of the half. Roosters to go on the attack straight away - a try here would be massive in putting a dent in South Sydney's confidence.


Back underway at ANZ Stadium.


HALF TIME - The Roosters only lead by eight despite being far superior in that half. Souths were clunky in attack and fortunate that the Tricolours bombed a couple of key opportunities.


Cooper Cronk bombs to Daniel Tupou who was checked in the lead-up but no penalty. Half-time.


James Tedesco and Billy Smith with strong runs in the set but nothing comes of it for the Roosters who run it before tking the tackle on the last. Campbell Graham then drops it as Souths spread it inside their own half, one last chance Tricolours.


Souths with an error of their own. Roosters with it inside their own half. Time stopped with blood coming from Angus Crichton's head after colliding with Cooper Cronk.


Cooper Cronk kicks towards Latrell Mitchell who throws his body at it but drops the ball. Roosters dominant in the last 20 minutes but only up by eight points.


Cooper Cronk puts it in the air once more and Adam Doueihi takes it in spectacular fashion as he falls to the ground.


Daniel Tupou soars above on the last to take the bomb but drops it. Souths survive - just.


Rabbitohs go nowhere in that set and now come up with an error. Roosters to get it 40 out.


The Roosters butcher another one. Victor Radley with a great pass to Joey Manu who steps on the outside of Dane Gagai and kicks ahead for Radley but he drops it with the line open.


Adam Reynolds tries for a 40-20 but James Tedesco gets there quickly to take it for the Roosters.


Joseph Manu threatening once more on the right edge as he tries to link with Billy Smith but the Rabbitohs wrap him up this time and force an error.


Sam Burgess with a lazy high tackle. Penalty Roosters on halfway.


Conversion: Roosters
Attempted by Latrell Mitchell.

Mitchell can't land this one.

Roosters lead Rabbitohs 2 - 10 Roosters

Try: Roosters
Scored by Billy Smith. Kick to come.

Incredible - Joey Manu reaches around the corner and flicks it to Smith who goes over untouched.

Roosters lead Rabbitohs 2 - 10 Roosters

Cooper Cronk kicks through and Corey Allan has to take it dead.


John Sutton with an error and the Roosters have it on halfway.


Latrell Mitchell - that's uncharacteristic of him - he reaches out to ground it but drops the ball in the tackle of Corey Allan.


Billy Smith taken by Sam Burgess in a strong tackle. Penalty for grabbing the hair according to Ashley Klein.


Adam Reynolds with a fantastic kick inside his own 40 which pulls up in-goal but James Tedesco has time with the chase not strong enough and he takes it up past the 20.


Cody Walker with a testing kick for Billy Smith who is under it for the Roosters. Easts not as slick as normal, not getting the same domination up front it seems early. But they are finding space on the right edge and are just 30 out now. Cooper Cronk goes high and Adam Doueihi takes it under pressure.


Roosters going nowhere in this set - inside their own 40 as Drew Hutchison clears it on the last, it's a good one, finding the ground as Corey Allan brings it up towards the 20 for Souths.


Boyd Cordner ends up with the Adam Reynolds kick on the last as the Roosters survive.


Roosters with an error after points and Souths get it back close to the opposition line.


Conversion: Roosters
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Mitchell puts it through.

Roosters lead Rabbitohs 2 - 6 Roosters

Try: Roosters
Scored by Cooper Cronk. Kick to come.

James Tedesco with great footwork and he hands it inside to Cronk who is pushing up in support. Great lead-up work from Manu.

Roosters lead Rabbitohs 2 - 4 Roosters

Boyd Cordner with a strong run to the 40 though. Latrell Mitchell drifts across the field, finds Angus Crichton who gives it to Joey Manu. He fends off defenders and is away, Roosters 30 out.


Damien Cook given space and time to run and he does before being taken 40 out from the Roosters' line. Adam Reynolds to the air and Daniel Tupou is under it. Roosters still well inside their own half.


Souths with just under 70% of possession so far - they're getting out of their own end with more ease.


Penalty Goal: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds slots it.

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 2 - 0 Roosters

Penalty Souths - they'll shoot for two.


Try-saver. Cameron Murray pops the offload and Cody Walker gets through close to the line, he looks to link with his outside men - a massive overlap. Billy Smith hits it back to James Tedesco who is trapped in-goal.


Liam Knight loses the ball but it is ruled to have been stripped out, with the Roosters worried about his second-phase play.


Drew Hutchison with a towering bomb on the last, Adam Doueihi under it for Souths who work it out from inside their own half.


Sam Burgess with a costly error in the play the ball.


Souths over halfway through Jaydn Su'A. Liam Knight pops and offload for Damien Cook. He finds Su'A in support - Souths 10 out. Adam Reynolds caught on the last, rushes a kick and Cameron Murray forces a dropout.


Jared Waerea-Hargreaves and Billy Smith with the first runs of the night. Up to the 10 before Nat Butcher does well to barge over the 20. Isaac Liu up the middle now. Boyd Cordner with a strong carry to the 40. Cooper Cronk to the air on the last, Alex Johnston under it and up to the 30 for Souths.

Underway at ANZ Stadium.

A fair few changes for the Roosters - Luke Keary is out after his partner gave birth yesterday. Drew Hutchison replaces him. Angus Crichton starts for Mitch Aubusson who is out. Billy Smith is in for Brett Morris who is also rested. Souths are 1-17.

Victory for Souths will guarantee them a top-four spot while the Roosters have already locked up a home final.

Good evening and welcome to the live update of tonight's grudge match between the Rabbitohs and Roosters.

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Ashley Klein, Chris Sutton

Touch Judges: Belinda Sharpe, Chris Butler

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy, Bryan Norrie

Tries: Campbell Graham, Cody Walker
Field Goals:
Conversions: Adam Reynolds (2/2)
Penalty Goals: Adam Reynolds (2/2)

Tries: Cooper Cronk, Billy Smith
Field Goals:
Conversions: Latrell Mitchell (1/2)
Penalty Goals: