Full Time
7:50pm Sat September 14, 2019
Finals Week 1 - Lottoland - Crowd: 15495

FULL TIME - Manly are through to the second week of the finals after upsetting Cronulla 28-16.


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Shaun Johnson.

Johnson quickly puts it through.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 28 - 16 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Josh Morris. Kick to come.

Cronulla turn it on late but it's little too late as Josh Morris takes a chip kick, passes inside to Shaun Johnson who then finds Morris backing up in support.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 28 - 14 Sharks

Cronulla drop it and Manly get it back. They eventually put it into touch but this game is well and truly done.


Andrew Fifita with a nice kick and Jorge Taufua bats it dead but it means little now.


Conversion: Sea Eagles
Attempted by Reuben Garrick.

Garrick misses.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 28 - 10 Sharks

Try: Sea Eagles
Scored by Brendan Elliot. Kick to come.

Daly Cherry-Evans to Jack Gosiewski who quickly shoves it back for Elliot who crashes through a strong attempt of tackle from Josh Dugan to seal the win.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 28 - 10 Sharks

Kurt Capewell to Chad Townsend who slices through and Cronulla are away but it's called back for a forward pass.


Jake Trbojevic with an error now - a pretty scrappy second half this one - Cronulla back with it again.


Shaun Johnson with a nice play kicking ahead for Aaron Gray, the bounce isn't the best and he drops it into touch.


Josh Dugan again is in the right place to take the Manase Fainu kick on the last and Cronulla survive but they are deep inside their own half in need of something spectacular.


Daly Cherry-Evans paces through the line after beating Wade Graham, to Jack Gosiewski but Josh Dugan does brilliantly to take him down. He then gets across the bat a dangerous DCE kick dead. Brave effort from him.


Cronulla drop it as they go on the attack inside the Manly half and they can't build any fluency.


Haumole Olakauatu - the man on debut - slices straight through but Matt Cecchin straight away calls an obstruction.


Penalty Manly and they have the chance to put this to bed.


Aaron Woods now drops it and Cronulla don't look like mounting a comeback at this rate.


15,495 at Lottoland tonight.


Daly Cherry-Evans shows great game sense to kick the ball into touch 10 out from the line. Cronulla to work it out from deep inside their own end.


Braden Hamlin-Uele with an error off the opening hit-up and Cronulla hand it straight back.


Jayden Brailey with a smart kick and he forces a dropout.


Manly threatening to go through as Sean Keppie steams through the middle but his next offload is dropped and Cronulla have it back on halfway.


Conversion: Sea Eagles
Kicked by Reuben Garrick.

Garrick continues his perfect day with the boot.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 24 - 10 Sharks

Try: Sea Eagles
Scored by Addin Fonua-Blake. Kick to come.

Addin Fonua-Blake beats both Jack Williams and Braden Hamlin-Uele and Cronulla pay for that untimely error.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 22 - 10 Sharks

Ball in the in-goal - dangerous for the Sharks - but Wade Graham scrambles to bat it dead.


Sosaia Feki drops it soon after though - a poor error given Cronulla were dominating.


Daly Cherry-Evans rushes a kick on the last from inside his own 40, towards Josh Dugan who brings it up to the 40.


Nice early kick and Cronulla trap Brendan Elliot on his own 10-metre line.


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Shaun Johnson.

Eight-point game now.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 18 - 10 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Aaron Gray. Kick to come.

Cronulla slowly but surely working their way back into it. Jorge Taufua rushes in and Shaun Johnson sends it long to Gray who scores.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 18 - 8 Sharks

Shaun Johnson with a well-weighted grubber this time around and he forces a dropout.


Cronulla with the first penalty of the second half, starting their new set on the second half.


Chad Townsend currently off, he passed a H.I.A test but has to wait five minutes before returning.


Back underway for the final 40 minutes of the season for one of these clubs.


HALF TIME - Manly started strong and lead 18-4 at the break.


Drama late for the Sharks as Moses Suli breaks away down the right edge yet fortunately for them the ball spills out eventually.


Chad Townsend to Shaun Johnson who drops it, thinking too far ahead of what he was going to do.


Brad Parker with an error as Manly shift it left and Cronulla pack the scrum with 1 minute and 15 seconds left. They will have it 40 out.


Cronulla put it up in the air, Brendan Elliot jumps up but doesn't even attempt to catch it. Fortunately for him it trickles into touch.


Cronulla breathes a massive sigh of relief. Lloyd Perrett charges up towards the posts, Jayden Brailey desperately hangs on then rakes it out backwards and Perrett has it back. Daly Cherry-Evans to Moses Suli but he drops it.


Cronulla their own worst enemies at the moment as they come up with an error inside their own half. Manly with a chance to push further ahead.


Manly again to kick from inside their own half as Aaron Gray now brings it up to the 30 with Cronulla winning the territorial battle.


Chad Townsend puts it into the air on the last and Jorge Taufua is under it. Manly survive but Cronulla are starting to get into the groove in attack, just need to make sure they stay just as alert in defence.


Daly Cherry-Evans clears it on the last towards Josh Dugan who brings it up to the 40 and Cronulla are back in the grind.


Brendan Elliot trapped five out from his in-goal area on the first play for Manly and this is better from Cronulla. They need to stiffen up in defence though and build on the try.


Conversion: Sharks
Attempted by Shaun Johnson.

Johnson can't land it from near the sideline.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 18 - 4 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Bronson Xerri. Kick to come.

Wade Graham with an absolutely lovely ball that sees Xerri on the outside of Reuben Garrick and Cronulla strike.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 18 - 4 Sharks

Cronulla in a fair bit of a hole at the moment but they get a relieving penalty. 40 out to start this set.


DCE - just perfect - finds touch just metres short of the corner.


Conversion: Sea Eagles
Kicked by Reuben Garrick.

Garrick makes it 18.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 18 - 0 Sharks

Try: Sea Eagles
Scored by Brad Parker. Kick to come.

DCE has it on a string right now - the kick sits up perfectly for Parker. The grounding was a bit dodgy but they give it with it sent up a try.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 16 - 0 Sharks

Jack Gosiewski with a third-tackle kick and Josh Dugan has to take it dead. More pressure coming for Cronulla.


Shaun Johnson's kick is too heavy again and Manly get a seven-tackle set.


More concerning sides for Cronulla. Brendan Elliot has it back for them after fielding the kick, drifts across the field and passes to Jorge Taufua who goes straight through to haflway but drops it luckily for the Sharks.


Dylan Walker with great footwork and he's over halfway. Addin Fonua-Blake then charges up and Manly are 30 out. Daly Cherry-Evans to the air and Josh Dugan fields it - Cronulla finally have it back.


Conversion: Sea Eagles
Kicked by Reuben Garrick.

Garrick slots it.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 12 - 0 Sharks

Try: Sea Eagles
Scored by Moses Suli. Kick to come.

DCE perfect ball to Suli and Manly are playing with real purpose right now.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 10 - 0 Sharks

Daly Cherry-Evans takes it up to the line and holds it up perfectly for Jack Gosiewski who is just taken down by desperate Sharks defenders.


Penalty Manly to help them out of their own end. Could be a perfect chance to build off the points.


Conversion: Sea Eagles
Kicked by Reuben Garrick.

Garrick converts.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 6 - 0 Sharks

Try: Sea Eagles
Scored by Apisai Koroisau. Kick to come.

Addin Fonua-Blake - he has been massive early - plays it quickly for Korosiau who takes advantage to score!

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 4 - 0 Sharks

Now Andrew Fifita drops it. Manly to get it back around halfway.


Manly up towards the 40 as Addin Fonua-Blake takes it up - he's been big early and shoves Paul Gallen over but then drops it.


Speaking of execution - Shaun Johnson kicks it dead. Maybe I should take that back?


Manly playing with plenty of heart early but looks like execution may cost them in this one off early signs in attack.


Brendan Elliot does very well to get out of the in-goal area after a great kick from Cronulla, he runs sideways and is then almost dragged back in there. But he gets out... just. Manly inside their own 30 on the last as DCE kicks it long to Josh Dugan who takes it up to the 40.


30 out on the last here Manly. They run it and Brad Parker is trapped. Changeover.


Aaron Gray and Sosaia Feki help out their big men with solid runs to start their first set. Andrew Fifita with a good run and quick play the ball before the clearing kick on the last is taken by Brendan Elliot who brings it to the 30.


Addin Fonua-Blake with a great run up to the 30. Jake Trbojevic then to the 40. Inside their own half still on the last though as Dylan Walker kicks ahead for Josh Dugan who is taken hard past his own 10.


Underway here at Brookvale. Manly with first use of it.

Kick-off in a few minutes.

It's do-or-die with Manly unchanged while Andrew Fifita starts for Cronulla with Aaron Woods back to the bench.

After that thrilling last-gasp win for Canberra, we are now off to Brookie where Manly play Cronulla.

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Matt Cecchin, Henry Perenara

Touch Judges: Chris Butler, Rickey McFarlane

Video Referee: Jared Maxwell, Ben Galea

Tries: Apisai Koroisau, Moses Suli, Brad Parker, Addin Fonua-Blake, Brendan Elliot
Field Goals:
Conversions: Reuben Garrick (4/5)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Bronson Xerri, Aaron Gray, Josh Morris
Field Goals:
Conversions: Shaun Johnson (2/3)
Penalty Goals: