Full Time
6:15pm Sun March 22, 2020
Round 2 - Cbus Super Stadium, Robina / Yugambeh

Match Overview

The Titans beat themselves as the Eels stormed home to smash the Gold Coast side 46-6 at Cbus Super Stadium.

In a game that shaped up to be an easy win for the Eels, it ended up being just that.

Early on, it didn't always look as though it was going to be the case and the only thing that really cost the Titans was their own inability to complete sets.

The game was tight for the vast majority of the match and it was only in the last twenty or so minutes that the game started to become out of reach for the Titans. 

Gold Coast were extremely poor with their ball handling and it ultimately cost them to a large degree - completing at an incredibly low rate of just 58 percent.

The game was in the balance right up to the first Dylan Brown try with a bit over twenty minutes to go. The Titans continued to make errors and made multiple straight from scrum wins, putting pressure on themselves consistently and were doing well defensively to hold their line. With that much pressure though, they were bound to crack sooner or later and once Brown went over, the flood gates opened and the Eels ran rampant. 

Parramatta too were guilty of making a fair few errors of their own in the first half and wasted a few opportunities that they had. In the second half however, they were much better with their ball handling and due to this were able to finish the game with an 85 percent completion rate.

Gold Coast kept gifting the Eels possession, as the visitors finished the match with an astonishing 23 more sets in total in comparison to the Titans. They were much more patient than what they were in the first half, as they waited until almost half way through the second half to finally make their breakthrough through that first Brown try. After that, the game was really out of the Titans' reach as the Eels went up 20-6.

From there, it was all down hill for Parramatta - who ran in another four tries in the twenty minutes after that. The Eels had a late chance to notch up 50 points after a late successful captain's challenge, but opted to take the two points instead, which ultimately had them finishing the game with a 46-6 win.

Assuming the competition continues into Round 3, the Eels will face the Cowboys in Townsville on Saturday evening, while the Titans remain at Cbus - they host Brisbane on Sunday night.

3. Dylan Brown

Dylan Brown was fantastic in this game. He was able to score two tries, make two line-breaks and ten tackle breaks. He also forced two drop outs. He was everywhere for the Eels and was a big reason for the large scoreline in the end.

2. Michael Jennings

Jennings was very dangerous in this game and finished with a try assist, a line break assist and three tackle breaks. He looked likely all night and was very good all-round.

1. Mitchell Moses

Moses was perfect with the boot tonight, kicking 9 goals from 9 attempts. He also scored a terrific long range try and showcased his speed. His kicking game was also good in general play, as well as forcing one drop out.