Full Time
6:00pm Fri July 3, 2020
Round 8 - GIO Stadium Canberra - Crowd: 2500

Well, the Raiders looked far from premiership contenders in that one. They just hold on though.


Euan Aitken almost breaks through again and the Dragons are 30 out on the last. They put it into the air but the ball spills into touch and the Raiders hold on just.


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Lomax kicks it.

Raiders lead Raiders 22 - 16 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Matthew Dufty. Kick to come.

Euan Aitken bursts through and Matthew Dufty scores. 1.15 to go!

Raiders lead Raiders 22 - 14 Dragons

Raiders with a chance to put the icing on the victory but Jack Wighton drops it near the line.


That may be it. It looked promising for the Dragons as Adam Clune took it right up to the line and sent it wide to Euan Aitken but he drops the ball. Confusion reigns supreme as Dragons challenge, comes back successful but then they confirm it is unsuccessful.


Great kick Corey Norman and great chase. Repeat set Dragons.


Knock on ruled against Raiders after a strip and Dragons have a full set to come on their own 40.


Emre Guler now being carried off for the Raiders.


They can't break them as the Dragons stand up in defence.


Raiders with a chance to put it away after earning a full set on the Dragons' line.


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Lomax kicks it.

Raiders lead Raiders 22 - 10 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Zac Lomax. Kick to come.

Big kick coming up as the Red V burst down the sideline. Lomax with a brilliant flick to Mikaele Ravalawa who finds his centre backing up in support.

Raiders lead Raiders 22 - 8 Dragons

Canberra spread it right and come up with a mistake.


Elliott Whitehead off as the Dragons drop it on their own 40.


Conversion: Dragons
Attempted by Zac Lomax.

Lomax misses.

Raiders lead Raiders 22 - 4 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Matthew Dufty. Kick to come.

Well, I'm eating some humble pie then. A lovely kick back inside from Norman and Dufty makes up for the poor effort before.

Raiders lead Raiders 22 - 4 Dragons

Jarrod Croker not square at marker and Dragons get a six-again call, not that it'll help their cause much. Their attack has been listless tonight.


Conversion: Raiders
Attempted by Jarrod Croker.

Croker can't get this one.

Raiders lead Raiders 22 - 0 Dragons

Try: Raiders
Scored by Jarrod Croker. Kick to come.

Croker far hungrier for the ball than Dufty and he pounces on the kick from Jack Wighton.

Raiders lead Raiders 22 - 0 Dragons

But Mikaele Ravalawa comes up with a terrible drop off the restart.


Ben Hunt with a lovely grubber to force a dropout and more pressure on Canberra.


Cameron McInnes with a strong run and then he picks up a penalty. If the Dragons are any hope of salvaging a result they need to capitalise on this momentum.


Ben Hunt! His running game sparks them. Hunt goes out of dummy-half and takes on the line then spots a hole and goes through. He kicks inside with Matthew Dufty looming but the bounce denies him and Canberra survive.


High bomb from Jack Wighton, the Dragons seemingly have no idea where it is and watch it bounce but fortunately for them the bounce is kind for Matthew Dufty.


Dragons with an early chance to stage a fightback as a six-again call gets them into the Raiders 20. But again the execution is well off as the cut-out pass is too high and takes too long to get to Mikaele Ravalawa who is taken into touch.


Back underway for the second half.


HALF TIME - Canberra haven't been near their best, sloppy at times but they still lead the Dragons 18-0.


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Jarrod Croker.

Croker slots it.

Raiders lead Raiders 18 - 0 Dragons

Try: Raiders
Scored by George Williams. Kick to come.

Shocking defence as Williams parts the Red V to put the dagger through the Dragons with the half-time break looming.

Raiders lead Raiders 16 - 0 Dragons

Both sides making errors now with just under three minutes remaining.


Fears of a facial fracture below the left eye for Iosia Soliola according to Fox League.


Canberra really lacking the killer punch though as Josh Hodgson comes up with a simple error out of dummy-half.


Corey Norman with a big mistake as he kicks out on the full. Dragons just hanging on here. Canberra inside the Dragons 40.


Canberra's potent left edge strikes again as Jarrod Croker streaks down the touchline and kicks inside but Jack Wighton can't recollect it after starting the overlap and the Dragons survive.


The Dragons have done very well to weather the early storm of points and fight their way back into the contest. Their attack is leaving a lot to be desired though with both sides currently trading sets.


Confirmation Iosia Soliola is out of the game after failing his concussion test.


Canberra come up with a mistake inside the Dragons half.


Some promising signs in attack from the Dragons with Euan Aitken threatening but the execution is terrible and Canberra survive.


Dragons with a big chance here. Michael Oldfield knocks down the attempted pass from Corey Norman. Full set 10 out.


The towering Jason Saab takes the bomb to relieve pressure for the Dragons who now earn a much-needed penalty.


Jarrod Croker lets the bomb on the last bounce and fortunately for him the bounce is kind for Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad who has it. Raiders again making strong metres through the middle. They explore the left edge now as Elliott Whitehead breaks through, finds Nick Cotric and the Raiders are 20 out.


Josh Papalii earns a six-again and the Raiders are looming but they don't really threaten in that set and the Dragons defence are up to the task. Good signs for Paul McGregor's men there.


Jack Wighton's kick looked a touch too big off the boot but Matthew Dufty doesn't risk it and takes the ball dead.


Corey Norman goes high on the last, the Dragons play for it but a Raider is taken out and the home side earn a relieving penalty to get out of their own end and on the attack again.


Jack Wighton clears it from inside the 40 on the last. Mikaele Ravalawa has it and brings the ball back to the 30 for the Red V.


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Jarrod Croker.

That's 12-0 after 16 minutes.

Raiders lead Raiders 12 - 0 Dragons

Try: Raiders
Scored by Bailey Simonsson. Kick to come.

Raiders looking ominous early. The other wing gets into the action as Simonsson flies above to score.

Raiders lead Raiders 10 - 0 Dragons

Dragons with another error and they hand the Raiders the ball in prime field position inside their own half. Big chance here for the Raiders to push further ahead.


Mikaele Ravalawa back to field the clearing kick on the last from the Raiders and then he earns a six-again for the Dragons who are on their own 20.


The Dragons run it on the last but the ball spills into the sideline. To their credit they are staying in this game for now after a concerning start.


Shaky moment for the home side who let the kick bounce but they have it and are again getting massive metres from their back five. Jack Wighton with a great kick off the boot on the last - it has plenty to it but goes dead.


George Williams puts it in the air but it is too deep and taken by Matthew Dufty in goal.


Red V on halfway and they run it initially before Corey Norman kicks for Nick Cotric who breaks tackles before being taken just over the 20. Raiders getting big metres early through their outside backs.


Big run by Elliott Whitehead brings the Raiders into Dragons half. The kick on the last is taken, not convincingly though, by Mikaele Ravalawa. Dragons working it out from inside their own 20.


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Jarrod Croker.

Croker sneaks it in.

Raiders lead Raiders 6 - 0 Dragons

Try: Raiders
Scored by Nick Cotric. Kick to come.

Way too easy there. Dragons non-committal in defence as Cotric powers over.

Raiders lead Raiders 4 - 0 Dragons

Canberra gets easy passage out of its own end through a penalty for a high shot. Raiders on halfway.


A dangerous bomb on the last towards Jason Saab is taken by Nick Cotric and Canberra survives.


Six-again for the first time tonight in favour of the Dragons.


George Williams now with a clearing kick of his own for Matthew Dufty who has it on the full and the Dragons are already up to the 30 on the second.


Adam Clune completes with a clearing kick on the last as the Raiders work it out from inside their own 20.

Kick off and we are underway.

Kick-off in five minutes. I'm personally expecting a statement performance from the Raiders - who are looking to avoid three-straight losses. They need one too although flying under the radar despite being last year's runners up isn't such a bad thing.

A late change for the home side. Josh Papalii back to the bench and replaced in the starting side by Emre Guler. No late switches for the Dragons.

Good evening and welcome to the blog of tonight's game between the Raiders and Dragons.

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Matt Cecchin

Touch Judges: Henry Perenara, Drew Oultram

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy, Ben Lowe

Tries: Nick Cotric, Jarrod Croker, Bailey Simonsson, George Williams
Field Goals:
Conversions: Jarrod Croker (3/4)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Matthew Dufty (2), Zac Lomax
Field Goals:
Conversions: Zac Lomax (2/3)
Penalty Goals: