Full Time
6:30pm Sun July 12, 2020
Round 9 - Netstrata Jubilee Stadium - Crowd: 1571

Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Zac Lomax nails it. Next week the Dragons take on the Bulldogs in Wollongong, while Manly will look to get back on track against the high flying Eels

Dragons lead Dragons 34 - 4 Sea Eagles

Try: Dragons
Scored by Euan Aitken. Kick to come.

This is just embarrassing now. Zac Lomax tapped the ball back in a contest and the Dragons spread it to Euan Aitken who dives over with mere seconds remaining

Dragons lead Dragons 32 - 4 Sea Eagles

Stat from Fox that this is the first time since 2010 that Manly have lost 3 straight under Des Hasler. That year Manly just scraped in in 8th position courtesy of the Storm salary cap scandal, Manly fans would probably take that considering what we've seen tonight


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Zac Lomax makes the lead 24. This game has really dampened Manly's credentials without Tom Trbojevic

Dragons lead Dragons 28 - 4 Sea Eagles

Try: Dragons
Scored by Corey Norman. Kick to come.

Adam Clune puts a great stab kick infield and the bounce is good for Corey Norman to score his 2nd try of the year

Dragons lead Dragons 26 - 4 Sea Eagles

Ben Hunt tries a chip 'n' chase but Manly are there to gather it in


Conversion: Dragons
Attempted by Zac Lomax.

Zac Lomax sprays this one wide

Dragons lead Dragons 22 - 4 Sea Eagles

Try: Dragons
Scored by Zac Lomax. Kick to come.

Zac Lomax intercepts the ball and runs away to seal this one for the Red V

Dragons lead Dragons 22 - 4 Sea Eagles

Bizarre - the on field ref has just told the bunker to have another look and it's been overturned. Manly will have a 7 tackle set


No knock on from Mikaele Ravalawa, Brendan Elliot had a second grab and another repeat set for the Dragons will be coming up


Brendan Elliot made a mess of batting the ball dead and we are going upstairs, however it looked like Mikaele Ravalawa bounced it


Jorge Taufua is caught in goal and the Dragons will get another repeat set


Brad Parker just makes a meal of it. He had an overlap and in trying to pass just dropped it cold. It sums up Manly's night so far


Mikaele Ravalawa has absolutely hammered Brad Parker, who was on the end of a hospital pass


Matthew Dufty grubbers but Cade Cust is there, he drops it but drops it backwards


Joel Thompson tries to bat the bouncing ball forward but knocks on. The Saints will start the set on the 40 metre line


Jorge Taufua is about to return to the field


Manly currently haven't made 10 metres off 3 plays.


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Zac Lomax puts it out beyond two converted tries. It'll be tough for Manly to run them down from here

Dragons lead Dragons 18 - 4 Sea Eagles

Try: Dragons
Scored by Mikaele Ravalawa. Kick to come.

Zac Lomax does very well to create an overlap and flicks it to Mikaele Ravalawa, who strolls over untouched

Dragons lead Dragons 16 - 4 Sea Eagles

Jake Trbojevic bats the ball dead giving the Dragons another repeat set


Just as Manly looked like having a good set for once, Lachlan Croker kicks it out on the full while looking for a 40/20


Zac Lomax can't hold on to a poor pass from Matthew Dufty. If the ball was better the Saints had an overlap


Brad Parker spills it and Mikaele Ravalawa runs away to score, however the ref rules double knock on


Penalty Goal: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

The Dragons opt for the 2 points and Lomax extends the lead to 8

Dragons lead Dragons 12 - 4 Sea Eagles

Matthew Dufty collected the ricochet and gubbered through for himself, but was taken out by Jorge Taufua off the ball and he will go to the sin bin


Jordan Pereira juggles it but holds on and the Dragons have the ball now


Brendan Elliot plucks the cross field kick out of the air and gets his side on the attack


No try confirmed, Tyson Frizell was held up and will play it 10 metres out


Going upstairs to check a possible try for Tyson Frizell, the on field call is no try though


Brad Parker knocks the Corey Norman grubber dead and the Dragons will get a repeat set


Loose carry from Jorge Taufua on the 1st play and the Dragons with a great opportunity to extend their lead


Brendan Elliot decides he wants nothing to do with Corey Norman's bomb and lets it bounce over the sideline


Not the play. Lachlan Croker tried to barge over from dummy half but it was never on and the Dragons survive but are under pressure bringing it out from their own end


Cade Cust takes the line on and goes very close but the Dragons hold him out


He hasn't initially knocked on, and the ruling is that the ball was then stripped from him. Challenge successful, Manly get the penalty


This is phenomenal, Daly Cherry-Evans has dropped ANOTHER one. But he's challenging it to avoid embarrassment more than anything


A late call from the bunker rules that Jordan Pereira shoulder charged Garrick, and rightly so. Manly will retain possession


Moses Suli is on the end of a good outside inside play however the ball from Reuben Garrick to Moses Suli is ruled forward


Ben Hunt again kicks on the third and again Brendan Elliot is there to retrieve it


Daly Cherry-Evans puts up a spiral and Dufty takes it cleanly, albeit unconvincingly


Euan Aitken is caught with it on the last. Manly hang on


Adam Clune with a good run and he very nearly sets up Jordan Pereira for a try


Taniela Paseka poked his nose through and pushed an offload that Lachlan Croker couldn't handle. Manly fail to complete their opening set of the half


Back underway and Taniela Paseka will take the opening run of the half


Daly Cherry-Evans makes an identical mistake to the one earlier, dropping it cold to end a pretty average half for his side


Manly get a penalty with just over a minute to go and will look to even things up going into half time


Matthew Dufty drops the ball while taking it to the line. Manly hold on


Ben Hunt grubbers for himself and almost wins the race, however Brendan Elliot is there and kicks it dead


Daly Cherry-Evans just drops a pass cold, handing possession back to the Dragons pretty much on halfway


Daly Cherry-Evans looked for sure to have kicked a 40/20 out of dummy half however the ball sat up at the last second


Adam Clune kicks low and it is fielded by Brendan Elliot


Conversion: Dragons
Attempted by Zac Lomax.

Zac Lomax makes a mess of the conversion, the Dragons will remain ahead by 6

Dragons lead Dragons 10 - 4 Sea Eagles

Try: Dragons
Scored by Matthew Dufty. Kick to come.

What a passage of play! Daly Cherry-Evans cut through the line and looked to be on his way to setting up a Manly try, but he looked to his left and found Zac Lomax! He was able to link up with Matthew Dufty and from there it was shut the gate! Dragons score back to back tries

Dragons lead Dragons 10 - 4 Sea Eagles

Josh Kerr brings it back and is hit hard by the Manly defence


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Zac Lomax makes no mistake from beside the uprights

Dragons lead Dragons 6 - 4 Sea Eagles

Try: Dragons
Scored by Josh Kerr. Kick to come.

Josh Kerr scores with his first touch of the footy. Ben Hunt skipped out from dummy half and did well to isolate the big man with Brendan Elliot. Dragons should take the lead with the conversion

Tied up at Dragons 4 - 4 Sea Eagles

The Dragons will start the set in Manly territory


Mikaele Ravalawa has just put on his 3rd hit of the night - and the 2nd one that was legal


Corey Norman again kicks towards Pereira but Reuben Garrick leaps above the pack and takes a good catch


Penalty to the Dragons for offside on the 2nd tackle


Cust is putting the bomb in this time and Dufty handles it well


Ben Hunt gives both sides a breather by grubbering into touch on the last this time


Daly Cherry-Evans puts up a spiralling ball that is allowed to bounce however the Dragons clean up the loose ball. Dufty is looking a little worse for wear but is rejoining the attack


The set from Manly doesn't amount to much with Corey Norman easily defusing a chip in behind from Daly Cherry-Evans


Manly receive a set restart on the last tackle right on the Dragons line


The replay shows it wasn't as bad as first thought. Don't expect to hear about that tackle much going forward


Mikaele Ravalawa with a tackle on Brad Parker that goes horribly wrong above the horizontal. The ref only awards a penalty with no further sanction at this stage


Corey Norman puts up a very high bomb but it is well handled by Jorge Taufua


Cherry-Evans kicks low and Mikaele Ravalawa will play it on the 20


Jordan Pereira knocks on while contesting with Reuben Garrick and Manly hang on


Mikaele Ravalawa goes very close to scoring off the back of a Dufty cut out ball


Morgan Boyle coughs it up early in the count handing possession right back to the Dragons


Ben Hunt grubbers on the third but can't get it through the defensive line, Manly come away with the loose ball and get a penalty 2 tackles later


Adam Clune puts in a grubber and Brendan Elliot is taking no risks. He knocks it dead and gives the Dragons a repeat set


This time it's Danny Levi kicking out of dummy half and the angle was right for a 40/20 but Dufty was there. Jake Trbojevic gives away a penalty to piggy-back the Dragons out of their own end


Daly Cherry-Evans kicks towards touch and Matthew Dufty decides against letting it run out of play. Hunt again kicks early out of dummy half and Brendan Elliot is there


The Dragons restart play and Martin Taupau brings it back


Conversion: Sea Eagles
Attempted by Reuben Garrick.

Reuben Garrick misses his first attempt, score remains 4-0.

Sea Eagles lead Dragons 0 - 4 Sea Eagles

Try: Sea Eagles
Scored by Joel Thompson. Kick to come.

Joel Thompson is on the end of a good short ball from Daly Cherry-Evans and was too strong for Corey Norman.

Sea Eagles lead Dragons 0 - 4 Sea Eagles

Cade Cust with a well weighted grubber and Matthew Dufty is forced to make a play at it and is shepherded by Cherry-Evans over the dead ball line. Repeat set for Manly


The bomb from Adam Clune is too deep and Brendan Elliot takes the ball in goal giving his side 7 tackles


Daly Cherry-Evans kicks across field and the ref spots a Manly knock on in the contest. Dragons with possession now


Ben Hunt let's Manly off the hook with a forward pass out of dummy half


Cade Cust makes half a break but spills it while being pulled down. Dragons with the best field position of the match so far


Ben Hunt kicks on the 3rd and the angle isn't quite right for the 40/20 - the ball stays in play


Taniela Paseka pulls up a bit ginger and is getting attention in back play


Brendan Elliot makes his first kick return as a fullback in 2020


We're underway, Blake Lawrie takes the opening hit-up

Dragons fans on the hill holding banners - the ones that say "Fail Mary" and "Step Down McGregor" are nowhere to be seen though

Hello and welcome to LeagueUnlimited's coverage of the final match of Round 9, with the Dragons returning home to Kogarah to take on the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles. The home side is 1-17, however Des Hasler has rung in the late changes. Brendan Elliot comes into the side to start at fullback, pushing Reuben Garrick to the wing, and Tevita Funa out of the side. Cade Cust will start at five-eighth, with Lachlan Croker moving back to the bench. Morgan Boyle has also swapped into the starting side, pushing Taniela Paseka to the bench. Just over 5 minutes until kickoff now

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Matt Cecchin

Touch Judges: Belinda Sharpe, Liam Kennedy

Video Referee: Steve Clark, Bryan Norrie

Tries: Josh Kerr, Zac Lomax, Matthew Dufty, Mikaele Ravalawa, Corey Norman, Euan Aitken
Field Goals:
Conversions: Zac Lomax (4/6)
Penalty Goals: Zac Lomax (1/1)

Tries: Joel Thompson
Field Goals:
Conversions: Reuben Garrick (0/1)
Penalty Goals: