Full Time
4:05pm Sun September 20, 2020
Round 19 - McDonald Jones Stadium - Crowd: 6659

Blake Lawrie drops the ball and that should see us through to full time


Ponga kicks it out on the full


Set restart for NEW


From hero to zero, Dufty knocks on on play 1


Matthew Dufty is on the end of an outside inside play and looked certain to put the support player Williame over, but Kalyn Ponga was able to knock down the last pass. Dragons ball


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Lomax converts his own try for the second time today

Knights lead Knights 42 - 18 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Zac Lomax. Kick to come.

Zac Lomax chases Corey Norman's kick through and completely out-leaps Kalyn Ponga for it on his way to the try line. He's been by far the Dragons best today

Knights lead Knights 42 - 16 Dragons

Gehamat Shibasaki had it served on a platter courtesy of a Mason Lino kick but he made a meal of it and knocked on. 7 tackle set for Dragons


Set restart for NEW


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Mason Lino.

Lino makes it 7/7. Ben Hun has gone off with a suspected calf injury

Knights lead Knights 42 - 12 Dragons

Try: Knights
Scored by Enari Tuala. Kick to come.

Enari Tuala is on the end of another slick backline movement and goes straight through the line to score his second of the afternoon

Knights lead Knights 40 - 12 Dragons

Dragons make a mistake on the last, the pass from McInnes was forward and it'll be a changeover


Dufty covers Ponga's chip in behind the line well


No try, Dufty knocked on before grounding. 7 tackle set for NEW


Going upstairs for a Dragons try, referee thinks Dufty has scored


Dufty kicks on the 4th and will get a result as Starford To'a is dragged into the in goal area


Hymel Hunt's pass on the inside is forward; Dragons survive


Josh Kerr's attempted offload goes wrong. Knights will have the ball in good field position again


Penalty to the Dragons as Corey Norman is tackled in the air


No try


Tuala goes very close but I don't think he got there but we'll check with the bunker anyway


Jordan Pereira knocks on in trying to clean up the Knights kick and they will have another attacking set


Dragons don't complete, Brayden Wiliame again comes up with the mistake


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Zac Lomax converts the try

Knights lead Knights 36 - 12 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Corey Norman. Kick to come.

And out of nowhere, the Dragons are in. Zac Lomax did well to create space for Ramsey on the outside who then turned on the afterburners to get away from the Knights defence. He found Norman on the inside who scored the try

Knights lead Knights 36 - 10 Dragons

Ramsey makes a great defensive play, at first reading the Newcastle attack and then forcing the mistake from Gehamat Shibasaki


Sione Mata'utia gets a kick in that rebounds off Lomax and goes into touch. Lomax played at it s it'll still be Newcastle ball


Knights complete the set after points and Dufty drops the bomb into a teammate standing in front of him, meaning Newcastle get a penalty for accidental offside


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Mason Lino.

Lino makes no mistake with the kick

Knights lead Knights 36 - 6 Dragons

Try: Knights
Scored by Jacob Saifiti. Kick to come.

Try confirmed, it was a basic barge-over try for Saifiti who puts this one officially out of the Dragons' reach

Knights lead Knights 34 - 6 Dragons

Going upstairs and the referee's opinion is that Jacob Saifiti has scored for Newcastle


Knights get a penalty and are on the attack again


Ponga's offload was knocked on by Mitchell Barnett so it will not be a try. Dragons ball


Going upstairs for a possible Knights try but the referee's opinion is no try


Jacob Saifiti went straight through but Dufty makes the try saver


Kalyn Ponga's ball is touched by Ramsey and it goes over the touchline. Knights will have a fresh set starting from their own 30


Dragons struggling for metres, they'll kick on the last from behind they're own 40 metre line


Starford To'a was completely oblivious to where the ball was, it bounced about a metre in front of him and the Knights survive and have some momentum


Kalyn Ponga's cutout to Starford To'a is decent but the winger looks to have been bundled into touch. The bunker confirms he has and the Dragons will have a 7 tackle set


Hymel Hunt forces the mistake from Brayden Wiliame and the Knights will be on the attack


Cody Ramsey catches the bomb and the Dragons are working it out of their own end


Knights return the kick through Hymel Hunt as Lachlan Fitzgibbon is leaving the field due to injury


We're back underway and Newcastle have first use of the ball


Daniel Saifiti's hit up is the last of the half as the siren sounds


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Mason Lino.

Lino makes it a perfect first half with the boot

Knights lead Knights 30 - 6 Dragons

Try: Knights
Scored by Enari Tuala. Kick to come.

The Knights take full advantage, with Mitchell Pearce putting his centre Enari Tuala through a gaping hole in the defence. Just as the Dragons were looking to get back into this, the Knights hit back

Knights lead Knights 28 - 6 Dragons

The Dragons fall at the first hurdle in completing the set after points, with Cody Ramsey knocking on from the kickoff and Ben Hunt looks to be giving him an empathetic cuddle of sorts


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Lomax converts his own try

Knights lead Knights 24 - 6 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Zac Lomax. Kick to come.

In a play that sums up the Dragons attack in 2020, Matthew Dufty and Zac Lomax are each heavily involved the Saints first try of the afternoon. Dufty swept across from the scum win and linked up with Lomax, who beat a few defenders on his way to the line

Knights lead Knights 24 - 4 Dragons

Gehamat Shibasaki drops it cold this time and the Dragons will have another prime opportunity to get back into this one


Kalyn Ponga cleans up Dufty's kick and the Knights are working it out from their own end


Hymel Hunt is dragged over the dead ball line, Corey Norman's kick gets a result for the Dragons.


Knights complete and Matthew Dufty will play the ball 35 metres away from his own line


Enari Tuala comes up with a good take and the Knights survive


Challenge successful, penalty to the Dragons


Corey Norman loses the ball in the tackle however the Dragons will challenge it


Penalty to STI for the Knights being offside


Matthew Dufty's kick is cleaned up by Gehamat Shibasaki, who is caught in goal. Repeat set for the Dragons coming up


Knights kick from inside their own half and the Dragons will have it all to do


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Mason Lino.

Lino extends the lead to 24

Knights lead Knights 24 - 0 Dragons

Try: Knights
Scored by Daniel Saifiti. Kick to come.

The Knights are slaughtering them. Daniel Saifiti was in a tackle with 3 Dragon defenders but they didn't wrap up the ball and the big fella just reached out and planted it on the tryline.

Knights lead Knights 22 - 0 Dragons

There's no almost about this one, Corey Norman sends the kickoff wayyyyyyy too deep and the Knights will have a penalty from halfway


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Mason Lino.

Mason Lino makes no mistake with his toughest assignment of the afternoon so far

Knights lead Knights 18 - 0 Dragons

Try: Knights
Scored by Aidan Guerra. Kick to come.

Kalyn Ponga drifts across field, engaging the St George defensive line and plays short for Aidan Guerra who strolls through the gap created and scores the try

Knights lead Knights 16 - 0 Dragons

Set restart for NEW


Cody Ramsey is taken over the dead ball line and the Knights will have a repeat set off the back of Ponga's kick


Zac Lomax makes a good defensive read on Lino to shut down the overlap


Knights get a penalty for a late hit on the kicker Mason Lino


Corey Norman drops it cold for the Dragons. There's already been 6 errors in this match


Mitchell Pearce's kick is taken well by Dufty on the full in goal. Dragons now with the 7 tackle set


Ben Hunt's kick is carried by the breeze to go out on the full. Knights start a set in enemy territory


Jordan Pereira taps the kick back but Mitchell Pearce is there and cleans up for Newcastle


Mitchell Barnett drops it on the third after bouncing off some contact


Matthew Dufty grubbers after seeing Ponga in the line but it is again too big and goes dead. Knights have a 7 tackle set


Mitchell Pearce drops the ball cold and the Dragons hang on and get a penalty a tackle later


Enari Tuala hogs the ball and robs Starford To'a of a certain try but not passing when the overlap was clearly on


Knights kick from the 40 metre line on the 5th but any pressure is relieved when Jordan Pereira makes a meal of the bouncing ball. Knights will be on the attack again


Dragons kickoff almost goes out on the full but eases up at the last second. Klemmer makes the return hit up


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Mason Lino.

Lino shaves the left upright and converts again

Knights lead Knights 12 - 0 Dragons

Try: Knights
Scored by Gehamat Shibasaki. Kick to come.

Try confirmed, Gehamat Shibasaki was able to fly above the pack and ground the ball with no issue. Knights in control

Knights lead Knights 10 - 0 Dragons

Referee has a try, confirming whether or not there's a double movement


Going upstairs for a possible Knights try


Dragons complete with Hymel Hunt making the kick return for Newcastle, Hymel Hunt currently down with a neck problem and Ben Hunt will go on report. Penalty Newcastle


Newcastle make 50 metres off the return set and Pearce's kick goes straight down Dufty's throat


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Mason Lino.

Lino converts the try

Knights lead Knights 6 - 0 Dragons

Try: Knights
Scored by Kalyn Ponga. Kick to come.

Chris Randall goes straight through the middle, showing good speed and is able to link up with Ponga who scores under the posts

Knights lead Knights 4 - 0 Dragons

Ben Hunt's kick is too heavy and the Knights will have 7 tackles. Brayden Wiliame is back for the Dragons, playing his first game since Round 4


Mason Lino passes it forward


Dragons complete their first set, Knights are beyond the halfway line on the 4th

Hello and welcome to LeagueUnlimited's coverage of the final game of the penultimate round in the 2020 regular season and it's the Knights looking to move a step closer to a home elimination final against the Dragons playing for pride. Edrick Lee drops out for Newcastle replaced by Gehamat Shibasaki while Mason Lino gets a reprieve at 5/8 with Tex Hoy succumbing to injury mid week. For the Dragons, Hunt is the halfback due to an Adam Clune injury and Cameron McInnes moves to hooker, with Tariq Sims promoted to the starting second row position and Tyrell Fuimaono coming onto the bench. We're underway and the Dragons have first use of the ball

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Grant Atkins

Touch Judges: David Munro, Jon Stone

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy

Tries: Kalyn Ponga, Gehamat Shibasaki, Aidan Guerra, Daniel Saifiti, Enari Tuala (2), Jacob Saifiti
Conversions: Mason Lino (7/7)

Tries: Zac Lomax (2), Corey Norman
Conversions: Zac Lomax (3/3)