Full Time
4:05pm Sun March 14, 2021
Round 1 - GIO Stadium Canberra, Bruce - Crowd: 15680

Not sure what happened but Josh Papali'i has been sent to the sin bin after the siren.


FULL TIME - The Raiders have put in a dominant second half performance to take an impressive 30-12 victory


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by George Williams.

George Williams might give a Jarrod Croker a nervous wait for his kicking job; As the Englishman slots the conversion from the touchline.

Raiders lead Raiders 30 - 12 Wests Tigers

Try: Raiders
Scored by Jordan Rapana. Kick to come.

Jordan Rapana gets across after Joseph Tapine breaks away from 2 tackles before getting the ball out to Rapana who scores in the corner

Raiders lead Raiders 28 - 12 Wests Tigers

Conversion: Wests Tigers
Kicked by Luke Brooks.

Luke Brooks puts plenty of hook on the conversion attempt and after looking like it was missing by miles before it went through the uprights

Raiders lead Raiders 24 - 12 Wests Tigers

Try: Wests Tigers
Scored by David Nofoaluma. Kick to come.

Only took some magic from James Roberts to actually get the Tigers a halfway decent attacking chance; He gets a miracle flick pass out to an unmarked David Nofoaluma to score.

Raiders lead Raiders 24 - 10 Wests Tigers

Conversion: Raiders
Attempted by Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad.

George Williams conversion attempt stays to the left of the uprights and the touch judges wave it away.

Raiders lead Raiders 24 - 6 Wests Tigers

Try: Raiders
Scored by Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad. Kick to come.

Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad goes the other way after Asu Kepaoa throws the ball back inside with a one-handed offload which was initially picked up by Curtis Scott

Raiders lead Raiders 24 - 6 Wests Tigers

Tigers attack is flat and looks pressured every play and on the last tackle Daine Laurie has nowhere to go


CAPTAINS CHALLENGE SUCCESS - Gerard Sutton rules Jacob Liddle had knocked on; Bunker overrules on the challenge with the the ball going backwards


Tigers force a repeat set then in the ensuing set the Tigers flat play is rubbish and Jacob Liddle has to pass forward to Brooks


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by George Williams.

George Williams converts the try from closish range yet again

Raiders lead Raiders 20 - 6 Wests Tigers

Try: Raiders
Scored by Hudson Young. Kick to come.

Bailey Simonsson flies high and takes a great leap before a good offload back inside to Hudson Young who scores

Raiders lead Raiders 18 - 6 Wests Tigers

Abhorrent last tackle play from the Tigers that do nothing on the play and in the whole set


OVERTURNED AGAIN - Daine Laurie has his protest upheld by the Bunker after Ryan Sutton took him before he took the pass;


Penalty Goal: Raiders
Kicked by George Williams.

George Williams converts the penalty goal for the Raiders to push the lead out to 8

Raiders lead Raiders 14 - 6 Wests Tigers

PENALTY RAIDERS: Jack Wighton loses the ball but Gerard Sutton says it was helped out - Replays show it wasn't


James Roberts stands there not expecting an offload from Joey Leilua that didn't need to happen


Last tackle, Ryan Sutton tries to spin his way over the line but some strong defence stops him from being able to get to the line


PENALTY RAIDERS: Jordan Rapana puts his foot over the sideline taking the kick-off; Penalty puts Canberra into attacking position


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by George Williams.

George Williams converts from close range

Raiders lead Raiders 12 - 6 Wests Tigers

Try: Raiders
Scored by Ryan James. Kick to come.

Ryan James back on the inside charges at the line and his size is too much for Daine Laurie in the defensive line to score

Raiders lead Raiders 10 - 6 Wests Tigers

PENALTY RAIDERS: Jack Wighton exacerbates a grab from Luke Garner and earns the penalty for being taken without the ball.


SECOND HALF IS GO! Raiders using the ball for the first time in the second half


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by George Williams.

George Williams with the left to right fade on the conversion is successful

Tied up at Raiders 6 - 6 Wests Tigers

Try: Raiders
Scored by Jordan Rapana. Kick to come.

The Raiders have been battering on the door of the Tigers defence - It ends up taking a lucky deflection for Canberra to get the ball into the in goal and Jordan Rapana scores

Wests Tigers lead Raiders 4 - 6 Wests Tigers

Joey Leilua knocks down a pass and the Tigers have to defend their own line again


PENALTY RAIDERS: Joey Leilua penalised for an off the ball hit on Hudson Young - Raiders on the attack again


David Nofoaluma loses the ball in the air and the Raiders have a half chance to score before Kris gets taken out; Referee Sutton rules no advantage for the Raiders though


Conversion: Wests Tigers
Kicked by Luke Brooks.

Luke Brooks converts from close range for the Tigers

Wests Tigers lead Raiders 0 - 6 Wests Tigers

Try: Wests Tigers
Scored by Jacob Liddle. Kick to come.

Luke Brooks runs to the line steps through finds some space from Jacob Liddle to bounce free of the tackle and get over.

Wests Tigers lead Raiders 0 - 4 Wests Tigers

SET RESTART - Raiders fans not happy as referee Sutton pings the home side for a slow ruck


Bailey Simonsson takes a 10/10 catch but then with a 0/10 play to pass the ball straight to the Tigers


New Tigers captain James Tamou off for a HIA after copping friendly fire from Joey Leilua


Raiders with a bit of luck as Moses Mbye's pass goes into touch after Jordan Rapana caught out


REPEAT SET: Tigers travel near enough to 100m in the set and force the repeat set.


Neither side able to make the killer blow at the moment with pressure on their opponents line. Raiders testing the Tigers the most but errors becoming costly


PENALTY RAIDERS: The Tigers penalised as the Raiders lose it right on the Tigers line


The Tigers cough up the ball in their own half as Moses Mbye throws an intercept


Asu Kepaoa with a smart bit of play trying to get his foot onto the sideline to make the ball out on the full but doesn't quite get there.


Tigers almost create something as Kepaoa leaps high but offloads to a Raiders player


SET RESTART - Slow play the ball and Gerard Sutton gives the first set restart of the afternoon to the Raiders on the Tigers line


PENALTY RAIDERS: The Tigers put themselves under pressure as Luke Brooks kicks out on the full then at the end of the next set, Brooks is penalised for being offside


OVERTURNED - The live decision of Gerard Sutton gets overturned with the bunker ruling there was a knock-on in the lead up to the play from Elliott Whitehead.


George Williams kicks low on the last tackle but it's read well by Daine Laurie to pick it up before it gets to the ingoal


James Roberts with a good run but the contact from Canberra force an error


Luciano Leilua clutching a jaw - Brother Joey wants a penalty but Gerard Sutton says play on


Asu Kepaoa loses the ball on his way towards the try line


PENALTY TIGERS: Josh Hodgson penalised for some ruck interference after the ball came from Joey Leilua's grasp


Both sides get through their first set without issue


GAME ON! Gerard Sutton calls time on and new Tigers captain James Tamou has the first hit up

The Wests Tigers in a predominantly Orange jersey on the field and followed by the Raiders

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Gerard Sutton

Touch Judges: Dave Munro, Drew Oultram

Video Referee: Ashley Klein

Tries: Jordan Rapana (2), Ryan James, Hudson Young, Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad
Conversions: George Williams (4/4), Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad (0/1)
Penalty Goals: George Williams (1/1)

Tries: Jacob Liddle, David Nofoaluma
Conversions: Luke Brooks (2/2)